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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/11/2014 9:47:43 AM
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So Much Sweetness

So much sweetness is now flowing
On to the everlasting deep
Like heartbeat that is going
And not for my love to keep
Every dream is like a desire
Always in its days reality
When moments keep the fire
For thoughts to come and be

So much is still in its crusade
With its useful on day dreaming
Never thoroughly done or made
In its steady going scheming
Like yesterdays were once new
With so much still to say
They are now all old in do
With coming of another day

So much tender in its while
In all the footsteps that passed
What is love without its style?
Which songs will forever last?
Deep inside I still try to find
What this life is all here for
And why so much is left behind
When we open up tomorrow’s door
Peter S. Quinn



So Much There Invisible - Sonnet

Remember some the days that have gone by
With sweet aroma of roses in shade
Those gifts from the softly earth that love made
And were carried through drifts, for our inside try
These flowers of notions, as blue as the sky
With feelings of pleasure in passion's grade
So much there invisible for its debate
That sometimes we ask questions why

Those scents of old distances from the past
Like silent water of flow reflections
That gives us memories bouquets from dust
With time to go there to find some connections
Its waiting where reality - to nothing seem
In the ongoing life of times river stream
Peter S. Quinn



So Much to Give And Take ((from, Lead Sheets in July 2008)

So much to give and take
Everywhere one goes
Feelings that always up wake
And give of its inside flows
A dream within a dream
Like a buttercup sweet
Something of expectation esteem
Show you life's worthy treat

So much to open and live
Right from the first start
The ways of the moments give
Some from everyone's heart
Hope is as clear as sky
If you will know its road
Let every depression die
Throw away its heavy load

Song is a song to share
Life is so many true ways
You have always something dear
Those inside your heart play
Let it come shining out
With every aspiring height
That's what life's about
To find ways those are in sight
Peter S. Quinn



So Much to Say

The spring is coming
In colors play
The seeds are blooming

The days are new
On the roads ahead
And so are you
My sweet rose’s red

So much to give
The joys of awaking
In day‘s light live
The moments are making

Those feelings are fine
In the day of light
Plenty of sunshine
After darkish night

So much to feel
In April’s fresh touch
Before spring comes real
In flowers hue torch

The days are new
So freshly prepared
Each moment is true
And beautifully cared
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn