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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 3:00:35 PM
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Rivers Of Thoughts (from New Waves to the Shore)

We are the dusk of long gone yesterdays
Just like the stars afar burning dim beams
Moods of days that to the evening plays
Rivers of thoughts that to the oceans streams
Lonely sky from the state of insight
Playfully give what we contribute to
The morning that comes is our own light
A circling past to the freshness of new

Every life's path - in forest of being
Emotions of sorrows - gladness to come
What you have done and given to the past
Stars and ways to the futures are seeing
Several started where the bedrock's are from
Laying to the groundwork each their coming cast
Peter S. Quinn



Road to Autumn

Road to autumn
In the shades of yellow
Fallen glowing blooms
Withering and mellow
Every day is burning
Onto white and dark
As life is turning
To its glowing spark

Many days away
Flowing orange shade
As day meets gray
That earth has made
Like burning red
Wither Falling leaves
Summer has bled
Songs of sad and grieves

Hours in spring white
When earth was new
Now hide in night
And our dreams too
Remember all its past
Flowing in shade's burn
In colors withering fast
As autumn takes its turn
Peter S. Quinn




There are roads going everywhere,
They are going inside of you,
Roads of the past that are still dare,
And on others, futures are coming through;
There are roads that shall last a day,
And they shall be forever gone,
There are roads that speak and say,
'That they must go on and on'…

And like everything in life that's real,
A road must conquer its own way,
And you must go just like you feel,
Or you will be forced forever to stay;
Some of the roads go to nowhere,
Though they seem full of traffic and to be true,
It may take a day, a week being there,
Until you see their lifelessness too.

There are roads in every one’s head,
And they are aiming in different directions,
And when you start you’ll find its thread,
All those many varieties of sections;
Roads are in front, as we move apart,
Complexes build and even matured more,
It's up to you to select where to start,
And what road you are best suited for.

I hope you find on the roads everything,
That is needed for survival and good thrive,
And may that purpose hopefully bring,
Opportunities and good luck as they arrive;
People travel many roads the same time,
Some go the same way the road treats,
Others fall out even in their prime,
Or are misguided into side streets…
Peter S. Quinn



Rocking Into The Future

Rocking into the future
With many things aloof,
Time is a true moocher
Idleness is the real proof;
Just like coming rain
Everything is not fair,
You will search in vain
Fore you catch the year.

Forever it is staying
Like a river it flows,
With each mood playing
As each moment goes;
Vanity's the way of life
Step by step likewise,
Hours go as they arrive
Stand still is a disguise.

Like the breezing blows
And rocking to and fro,
The ares of motion rows
Like the air in the aero-;
Arrive to be introduced
What becomes an exercise,
When you are seduced
With much too used advise.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn