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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/11/2016 10:55:12 AM
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Please Be In My Heart

Please be in my heart,
While the stars will adjust;
Rise and never depart,
Let no glowing, become rust.

Beaming light in space,
Is our love eternally;
With its touching grace,
That inside souls are free.

Please be guiding on,
Raise these wings and fly;
Till the dark is gone,
Wherever shadows lie.

Find the way to hope,
With our future dreams;
Hold on to that rope,
However hopeless it seems.

Please be a freedom beacon,
For strong light we need now;
Love can be like the sun,
If love seeds are there to sow.
Peter S. Quinn



Please Bring Me To Your Other Side

Please bring me to your other side of the heart
The darker side that is much like dark moon
Where your feelings - in first steps flowing start
And where you fly out in your red balloon
The dreams to faraway islands in between
Of closeness and love that touches the day
The roots of the growing of passion not seen
That comes like ivies in their steeping way

That’s inside from here to the corners outside
Your silky smooth skin of caressing love
The surface of your beat in each their abide
Like castles in clouds faraway and above
Go carry my heart to your pound of throbbing
With each its fine-drawn softness bobbing
Peter S. Quinn



Please Come

Please come be my friend
Everyone is invited
The world is a colorful blend
Makes us together excited
There isn’t enough money
To travel around worlds road
But baby together makes honey
Sugar sweet on the load

Please come and make me stronger
Be as sister, brother
We together will last longer
Could take care of each other
Be just as you are
Showing me all I’m missing
A traveler from the far
Peace of our own accomplishing

Day by day is a walk
To the further unknown distance
Let’s have some serious talk
Be a friend, take a chance
Everyone has something to say
Give of their hope and try
Road of many is coming our way
To knot on its furthers tie
Peter S. Quinn



Please Go Easy

Please go easy with me
Because the day’s still so young
Freedom is to be free
And get in the world along
Rise now from the low light
Into a bright new day
Don’t make a seen or a fight
Everything’s coming your way

Night and day together now
Managing dreams to rise
We will go our ways somehow
Just like this time that flies
All is just merry-go-round
Into the moments we are
Lost won’t probably be found
If it’s gone away too far

Let nothing come between us
If it’s easy and so right
Dreams are sometimes at loss
When they have died with night
You and I dancing to try
Holding on to what we have
Never to this say goodbye
Nearly all’s lost when it’s halve
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn