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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/1/2014 3:10:49 AM
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Segu mr sgur (from, Nokkur n slensk smlj)

Segu mr sgur
morgunn slskyni
egar stundin er n

Fegurin fersk
r dggvotu grasi

Og birtan
er enn lttkltt
ferskri fjarlg
heiblrra fjalla

ert sem brur
hinna hvthvu skja

*Soon to be translated to English, and put in lines here below.
Peter S. Quinn



Sensual Love Sonnet

Oh love song of my heart come in here still
And fill your richness in all its time's glow
My dreams are there to come around to fill
And every morning is new on its go

Ocean is as wide apart as love is vast
And bringing feeling on to its rising shore
With lofty towers buried in to its cast
And always pleasures for some more and more

I've seen increase in every state going
With all this passion that comes to give
And on to time my heart's therefore flowing
To bring new experience and more to live

Oh love adore that we cannot be without
You fly my wings with pleasures first - then doubt
Peter S. Quinn



She's the One (From, Poems of Papa Due)

She's the one,
With her many ways;
Into the sun,
All of her past days.
Dreams are flowing,
From star to star;
All too much glowing,
Seen from afar.

She's of mine,
I love her just;
Like the sunshine,
My love to trust.
Feelings are pure,
All from within;
Adonis will allure,
Same to same akin.

She's the one,
Fresh like a rose;
Nothing can be done,
With feelings that grows.
Dream just and dream,
For a closeness of her;
We together seem,
Our yearnings to steer.
Peter S. Quinn



So Good To Me

So good to me
You let my heart flow
So good to be
In its beating glow
So fine to me
All the things you do
Sunshine and free
Its all to you

So love and fine
My dreams are calling on
Onto days silver line
My hours are gone
And its touches are everywhere
With its love to give
Footsteps here and there
For its efforts to live

So good this day
And I feel its touch
As the hours come away
For giving as much
Love is on the road
Torching my easy beat
Carrying of heavy load
Away from tomorrows street
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn