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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/23/2014 11:23:25 PM
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Breeze in the Forest (from 'Meet the Moments')

There are different times to ride the road
Fill the moments of any given load
Let your dreams come true and be
For anything inside this world to see
Never let truth and great hope go away
Fill every thought with its truest play
For the days are to dream and go on and on
Never to lose to those drifts that is gone

Breeze in the forest to find summer new
Let every aspiring come clearly through
The dust of the past now got to leave
Bring in the gladness for winter's old grieve
Love is a feeling that will come and glow
Rain water rippling away the old snow
Okay to you all know what you need
In thoughts and how fulfillments you read

Isn't any one crossing into something alone
The shifts of each bearing are cold as a stone
The need of life's drifting has come to an end
These wings out of darkness to you were lend
Fly on to the frosty low fly on to spring high
Meet the distances of faraway in the open sky
That lets you drift along to the remote horizon
Feelings of my heart to the lonesome ways gone
Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me To

Bring me to the wisdom song
Of something good and good

Paint my heart in the colors
Of true freedom along

Yesterdays are gone to the beginning
And the free of free are now singing

Bring me forward to the new day
Take me to its liberty

(… after reading Dr. Maya Angelou poem, Passing Time)

Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me Your Peace and Hope

Bring me your peace and hope
In to the palm of your hand
Let me hold on to love's robe
And bring forward to understand
The morning has come in love
And peaceful celebrating beauty
Like open sky in blue above
So flowing on in endless fluty

And with this day night arrives
With purple flowers reality
Many thoughts of deeper archives
Of simple ways and complexity
Transcended by in rays of light
Those many understanding ways
Like something comes to flight
That experience pounder plays
Peter S. Quinn



Bring On the Music

Bring on the music now
From the song that's flowing
Live and be true somehow
Inside your heart and knowing

Give each day what is true
And let it all last for long
Be always whatever is you
In each your beat and song

The love is coming from in
To give more to its out
And every closeness to win
If you are in your doubt

Let’s give what we can make
Of love that is at stake
Each hour more up wake
Then we can reach or take
For love is all to give
So feeling still may live
And reach out to us all

Your heart may be slipping
From every beat that's true
If sorrow is there gripping
In turns of what is blue
So bring in brighter morning
If there is darkness warning
In each its heartfelt call
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn