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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/1/2014 3:53:50 AM
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4 Short Poems

To straight blade

Kind—but grating
The pleasure

October song
And noise
In me

The now while on


On cloud fire
Each certainty
Of time

Nerves to go
And shock the sun

Tingling drought
To a long life


Some truths
Like crowds
Looked with know-it-all

Dizzying wisdom
In heights—of words

The natural answers
Next to your head


Abounding sweet rose
Strength to silky whole

Unbending passionless ravages
Resilience with broken fall

Uncertain darkness
Comes to life uninvited

Peter S. Quinn



Blue Topaz

Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
The moon glisten
On you so full of mystic
Blue topaz
My daydreams in the ocean
My night ways
And erosion
Each mood that I have
And I have lost to you
Sweet sweet oh sweet
Into the blue
Of blue blue topaz

Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
The waves of your ways
Meet night in the days
Blue topaz
Each feeling and notion
Like sun shining rays
In touching and devotion
That in the heart plays
When it has lost you
And bled oh bled
When all's lost and through
Blue blue blue topaz

If mystic is blue
Then love is all true
And nothing would go
That once did all glow
Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
You should know by now
I still love you
Each mood that's new
May kindly be freed
Again into the blue
So I wouldn't lose you
Blue blue blue topaz

My dearest blue topaz
Peter S. Quinn



Loneliness' Forgotten Town

There are many different occasions
A mood comes in with ever season
Something new in every invasion
Moments you embrace only once
Around empty space that lulls on
There maybe days - even months
Till something new is back drawn
Bringing it back to its new fronts

You have yesterdays forever more
The night that dances in shades by
All that is gained through the lore
Giving its rendezvous and each try
Researching songs of new spring
Inspirations that haven't began
Every emotion on the beating string
With its aching and trying out plan

Still there is time for a turning
That gives me a flame like bliss
Every lost while there yearning
That each sweet oblivion past kiss
You and I have been around
Feeling both high and much lowdown
Now we stand tall on our ground
Inside loneliness’ forgotten town
Peter S. Quinn



Never Give Up

Never give up
It’s too easy to do
Let difficulty be your cup
Integral part of you
The world isn’t always easy
Such moments come and go
Out there it’s breezy
Walking the path on slow

But never surrender
You are not made to rest
Be in life a big spender
Work on becoming your best
It’s never going carefree
Just a difficult life task
But you’ll be rewarded liberty
If your berries and fruit bask

Never give up
Work hard on your doing
Effort is to develop
And each to the world proving
That you are worthy of all
That has been given
In your prosper and call
That you in your life are driven
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn