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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/30/2014 11:38:24 AM
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Winter Sun

The winter sun΄s now shining
Giving a bright new day
Silver glowing threads lining
On each dark corner΄s way
Summer is now long on past
With blossoms shades bright
Its many bouquets contrast
Have now fallen to night

I remember autumn dance
With its bronze marble leaves
Images in tincture trance
Hours lost in retrieves
Enchanted fancy of beauty
With fragrances in air
Morning minutes carefree
Far away from despair

Now is time for darkish dim
In glimmering star glow
Bare twig of every limb
Mornings in winter snow
Inclement blowing and chill
Thoughts of days in the dark
Coming wishes to fulfill
With holidays joy spark
Peter S. Quinn



Wonderful September

Wonderful September
...My time of year
Rustic layered ember
On leaves everywhere
Thoughts are going by
Breezing for an hour
Dim blue autumn sky
Bleaching dreams empower

Wonderful autumn
Yellow orange night
Song from summer strum
In its shading flight
When a day comes darker
In the garden shine
Brown and earthly marker
Tinctures here assign

Wonderful in shading
Profound reddish red
As time is serenading
For cold winter's bed
Every day is now rosy
In its sunshine dawn
Mornings slow and drowsy
In its twinkling gown
Peter S. Quinn



You Can't Keep Me Away

You can't keep me away
I will be here tomorrow
Lonely as this day
Nothing from gone borrow
Dream that are untold
With every reason why
No one can ever hold
Always you need to say goodbye

Try not to lose their turn
As every hour comes
You will give and learn
What to your reasons sums
Flying from here to there
Strangest things you did
There are some whispers everywhere
With every thought to fit

It’s a time to call it a day
When there is no way out
Let sky glow its way
With every sky drifting doubt
There will be mornings jumpin’
Rising to the new highs
Playfully break and stumpin’
In every breaking tries
Peter S. Quinn



You Didn't Want Me

You didn't want me
I tried much and tried
My love you'd never see
And now at last it's untied
The sky above is clear
In blue and a faraway dream
Because your heart's not near
Everything clearer now seem
You broke my wings true
And made them fall in fly
But now it's not with you
I again am flying high
A dream that couldn't be
Those echoes are of past
And now at last I'm free
To soar the blue so vast
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn