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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/2/2014 11:34:38 PM
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Summertime Delights

All summertime delights,
I remember them well;
The brightly warm nights,
With their enchanting spell.
And the beautiful gardens,
With the coloring flowers;
Earth's pleasurable wardens,
Which my soul endowers.

The footsteps I've stepped,
In moments of earnestness;
Each weighing I've kept,
In true colored augustness.
All summertime delights,
That autumn shades change;
Their moments in heights,
And the future will rearrange.

I remember those days,
That are forever leaving;
In the tiding's turning ways,
Which are now interweaving.
Peter S. Quinn



Sunset, Sunrise

It's sunset, sunrise,
Life's an eternal surprise,
And yellow dark skies!

God is here dwelling,
Like the Gospels are telling,
Dark oceans felling!

You, beautiful sky,
Enchanting afar and high,
As the time flows by!

Golden Heaven gates,
Distant between nights and dates,
Sun behind clouds waits!

Moments in twilight,
Still between dark and bright,
Showing strength and might!

Each song is singing,
All the glory in bringing,
Before it's springing!

Where will moments go,
After they stop its day glow,
Abide night will grow!

Let there be light more,
Step into the sky parlor,
Daybreak's open door!

There's no end to this,
Space is unknown abysses,
Life a breathing kiss!

Nothing new or old,
Every has been before told,
In clay it is mold!
Peter S. Quinn



Surprises, Surprises

Evoke your heart with
Surprises, surprises,
Because in a poem
There are a lot of disguises.

Where they start
Is up to you,
Do your part
And read what's true.

For the truth is in
Every lyrical line,
And only you can begin
To make those words shine.

Evoke your heart with
Surprises, surprises,
And all those rimes
Shall throw your dices.

For what is not seen
Should also be there,
So it has been
For what you read here.
Peter S. Quinn



Sweet As the Rose Is

Sweet as the rose is
So should your summer be
A breeze with flickering kiss
For you and for me

Our dreams coming again true
And holding over its love
In everything that's new
Like a cloudless sky above

A day of morning's blessing
New in its daybreak
Without the gloomy stressing
That winter once did wake

Much sweet in greenery leaves
Hours of summer thought
Our longings for new believes
That kindness has taught

What into the stars has gone
With nightly skies in dream
And summer of worth has won
That nowhere sometimes seem

Oh garden of hope is blooming
In stress less ways complying
Each color in bleach resuming
And the morning of wish dyeing
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn