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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/1/2014 9:26:04 PM
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Bluebirds (to be published at sheetmusic publishing)

Through the days and night
Drifting low and high
With their longings in flight
Through the blue summer sky
Anything can be done
And every dream be handled
With wings carried on
From a tree to tree dandled

Love is sweetly in the air
With flowers on earth so hue
Summer bird's charming affair
Always come by changes true
Rain will cease clouds dry
But your dreams you'll carry on
In these moments you'll fly
Through songs to give till gone

Every moment you have near
With its occasion still and deep
Is in the singing we hold so dear
And that day on forever to keep
With a desire for songs to give
Bluebirds around these hill heights
During sunlight hours they’ll live
Till love closes down its lights
Peter S. Quinn



Born From Earth (from, The Complete Collected Poems of Strains)

A land is not forgotten
That is born from earth
And with life feet's trotten’
Of every time's worth

The metaphors of playing
In roots of dream revive
Though nothing is staying
That’s of growing live

The supplication’s finding
In twilight’s final meeting
And stone to stone minding
There from past its reading

The twinkling of each fading
In mirror glass water glow
Through wearing cascading
In time that comes slow

This kingdom’s walking alone
In boondocks crossing land
With every meeting stone
Life’s thought can understand

A glow with its tenderness
Lips of ocean’s salty kiss
Narrow through slenderness
Of every reflection reminisce
Peter S. Quinn



Breeze Breeze You Blow (…soon to be published at sheetmusic publishing)

Breeze breeze you blow
Around minutes and hours
From the clouds you flow
Down to the small flowers
Freshly each new morning
To and fro you're kissing
Ever eager in turning
Corners you were missing

Breeze breeze I know you
From last years passing
Always coming quite new
Between plants and grassing
Bouquets of roses there too
Color assortments so fine
Reddish red to heavenly blue
All with summer sunshine

Breeze breeze you blow
Around the new leaved trees
Whispers that come and go
In tune with the bumble bees
You bring here Eros desires
In beautiful swinging motions
Each of ardent love’s fires
The streams from its oceans
Peter S. Quinn



Briefly Moment

I am stuck here in this briefly moment
In the midst of the summertime soon going
With a strumming breezy accompaniment
Onto the freshly red autumn glowing

As the summer imaginings collide
Into engaging night of memory
For a short instant the shades abide
Before they forever again are free

Each time of year is like a turning wheel
Forever it goes on in its season
Like each beauty and love is what you feel
Without giving any further reason

These minutes are for us all to share
The flowers of earth and its woodenware
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn