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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/23/2016 6:06:48 AM
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Poems From The North (From, Poems Of Papa Due)

Poems from the north,
Are frozen on the ground;
Winter's songs going forth,
Like wild wolves hound.
Dewdrops grain of light,
Instant moment’s blackbird;
Ravens on their flight,
Thoughts in snow anchored.

Poems of my deep heart,
Flying in a winter's frost;
Blooming roses impart,
Some are now there lost.
Murmurs of the wild sky,
Dreams I had for a winking;
And the words will calcify,
If some will there bethinking.

Poems unraveled rivers,
Falling in enormous neem;
Songs that with cold shivers,
A frost rose’s night dream.
All is within me there alive,
And giving the wind a gust;
Longings into my archive,
All what I need and trust.
Peter S. Quinn



Poems Of Summer

Poems of summer
Growly going by
Breezy on strummer
Blue open sky

All in feelings softly
Dreams to meet a day
Weightless and lofty
In its earthly play

Rise rise your wings
To the sun and flowers
Summer now eternally sings
From the inside hours

Days are gone to night
Flying with the stars
Summer full of bright
Now with tones in bars

Green growing spring
Beauty of the wild
Eternally on to sing
In its dancing mild

Yesterdays of frost
Gone into the past
Icy fervor lost
Nothing's there to last
Peter S. Quinn



Promises Of Love

Promises of love
They come and go on by
Like sun and cloud above
Until again they’ll die
Feelings best for you and me
Turning our hearts around
Making our promises free
In their compartments pleasurably

So much of love has gone
Into the emission of time
And never provided then one
But only been in their rime
Nothing that was for real
Or touched the way to give
In each their different feel
That I through them did live

Promises not lies
Those never come near enough
Are lost in time that dies
Or sometimes act like bluff
The heart therefore reveals
Each its way and possibilities
How a day to day it feels
In all its many capabilities
Peter S. Quinn



Purple Flowers (From New Waves To The Shore)

Dreams are sometimes like sea waves
Coming forward and gazing the time through
To each new longing their footsteps paves
With every wishing that's up to you
Pure and working each their fortune are drawn
From old melancholy approach of heart
Purple flowers and afternoons dark eyed swans
In every frail minute dream shall start

Thoughts that are drifting will come to the hour
And give of their poems some happiness born
Old to new like crystals constellations
Every tincture and hidden flower
With thoughts of many ways always fresh worn
In each their adornment new formations
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn