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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/30/2016 10:56:14 PM
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Sonnet 102, Love Is Ageless

Love is ageless and so is each of thee,
Who design is to find life's direction;
As world is here to come and look, or see,
Each of one will make a perfect connection.
To dreams and hopes which lie in futures still,
Fulfillment of each so they may come true;
Each by your mettle or through owns will,
A fancy is the utmost part in you.
Undress your reason for expect therein,
And it will continue into summer's height;
Thy aspires are where your heart has been,
In guiding your way of what is there right.
To take correct viewpoint is hard to find,
As every is of accomplishments combined.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 103, Love Makes A Difference

Love makes a difference to those who aid,
Like a river running forward to sea;
Any human who has love comes again free,
With greatest of power one can't evade.
To give by oneself, later is all paid,
It is the true goal inside you and me;
To win one with care and love without plea,
Sword of your willingness - two folded blade.
Precious small charity you are to give,
Shall live in loved ones after you are gone;
Growing the roots, that demolishes the stone.
What then remains, is what you raised to live,
Generates love, memories carries on;
Beginning as whisper, end as high tone.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 104, Love May Be...

Love may be sweet or bitter in its taste,
With assortments in every bouquet blooms;
Some may fall dead and others time will waste,
For so many are the brides and the grooms.
If you don't try to find your love in life,
There will be none colours there to blossom;
So for the sweetness to someday arrive,
For love to come to your heart and bosom.
You first must pick flowers that you adore,
Give your feelings the flight for which they need;
So you will get when touched a little more,
And this will be your love in life indeed.
To be in love, and loved in another heart,
You first must love deeply before you start.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 106, Love Song To Earth

The time's clatter has all our worthless frauds,
And what they are worthy to worldly gods;
We build our hearts from a stone or a tree,
Though further on we perhaps begin to see:
All earthly sufferings are made by hands,
Of thoughtless pleasures at men own commands;
He makes all earth's wars and builds each new statue,
Believing he's making this for me and you.
We can begin freshly on mountains high,
To build our world on peace of lasting ways;
For there is still the time to change and learn,
Before we return to earth and again die.
We could thus next generation amaze,
By saying: all is better, it's your turn.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn