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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/7/2015 6:02:50 AM
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Sonnet 89, It's A Great Day Today

It's a great day today for feeling fine,
Moments come so full in the autumn wind;
With sun that glisten with its brownish shine,
So all the sightings are kind of tin-skinned.
The pearls of water fall down from the sky,
Trying to make dry soil again revive;
These are the tides and minutes that standby,
For winter and frost again comes to live.
September is the month of yellow mood,
It's a transform time then - with freshness too;
As earth in tintings and life is reviewed,
Before again it becomes born quite new.
Both land and time aging steadfastly run,
And both continuing making things done.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 9, All The Colors

All the colours will be coming in soon,
After winter lays down its cold and frost;
First there is April then May, and then June,
Greyness of earth completely gone and lost.
The redness of a rose I forward do look,
For long in the dark did seedling lie still;
Even more alive's the flow of a brook,
When it flows again and falls from a hill.
When greenery comes with pleasures foretold,
There is no way the winter could survive;
Colourful summer its delight times unfold,
And bring back again every joy to live.
Colours and blooming how lovely you are
Now that you are close in time - not too far...
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 91, Let Love Be Love

Let love be love, in mostly everything,
And all newborn dreams - come true in every way;
Let earth's hearts for each loving always sing,
Let burning night lights become the new day.
You are to me - the one, who gives so much,
When my heart's quite absent and out alone;
Love and feelings: affection to a touch,
You will give to love and the rightful tone.
Let love be love, so full of harmony,
It has its wishes to accomplish now;
Bringing in these feelings, to you and me,
Knowing there is a way, there in, somehow.
Though summer is gone in a winter's sung,
A heart with these feelings - is always young.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 92, Let Me Dream

Let me dream away my heart, oh my heart,
For I know I love too much and burn thus up;
All my days, filled with love that can't depart,
I must thus this sweetness drink from my fate's cup.
For I know no way to stop or give aside,
This pleasure, that is from my soul and burns;
And thus my feelings to and fro thus glide,
Like a merry-go round it forever turns.
Love is like day and night, in contrasts ways,
Each my feeling arouses another flame;
Thus is my life, a war between two plays,
Though I change moods, this world stays all the same.
So let me dream, for I may be just on:
A dream of dreams, that into a dream is gone.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn