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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/1/2015 2:53:08 PM
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Sonnet, The Day's Now Turning (From, The Lost Sonnets)

The day's now turning to flickering dark
To wings of light that go from window to room,
Like the leaves of darkish unknown dream bloom
That into the twilight again will spark;
When sunshine sleeps in the red light of arc
And drowsy dream thoughts to the chamber come,
With shadows of deep dim that dance in gloom
And leaves behind thoughts that are full of cark.

The bemuse flowers where distortion's on,
The kingdom of dusk with radiant glare
Beneath a mask of an unborn first blush;
The night of wreath clouds and dimension rone,
Where battlefields of somber will abear
Till light arise new in sunrise fire rush.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, The Dusky Sea (From, The Lost Sonnets)

The dusky sea that lives to be master
Targets ahead in to the new future,
Morrows fate with roaring alastor
And spoon filling hours in transferred suture;
Symphonic song that sway on the ocean
Scurry and pan with the unknown of deep,
Contrast in ways distress through commotion
What lies there hidden and still is asleep.

Wonders of thought that comes to consign
Imminent about nut in a new hull,
Dancing in waves to each other align;
The world of the profound raging to lull,
What is a future without any name?
Days to be found with hours ahead to tame.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, The Ebbing Wave (From, The Lost Sonnets)

The ebbing wave of man's love's like a well
Or marvel of feelings that inside him grows,
It's like wind outside the window which blows
What lies inside a heart you can't foretell;
For love is a way unbound or in spell
Touches and moods and in eyes then glows,
Never complete of what one surely knows
Ebb and the flow of his sensory cell.

Where's this hope which in a heart beats and flies?
Will it be like a wingless songbird that sings
In a cage forever not being free;
All like a dream which then wakes up and dies
To reality that this world only brings,
What those feelings are inside you and me.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, The Edge of Time (From, The Lost Sonnets)

The edge of time that washed ashore
All the pitiful things that the world bought near,
Those withering feelings that gave afear
And to assured affair like rust will abhor;
There is no thing like this or that before
Or what has happened in this of past year,
For memories are like a running tear
That dries away and is therefrom no more.

We must come to terms with dark that watches
The tears flowing from the sorrow faces,
When things are done that drag a soul more down;
When a night of foes the body touches
And a glinting war to the suffer gazes,
When peace has come and made the unrest lown.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn