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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/3/2015 12:09:12 PM
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Sonnet 2, A Kiss From Apple Lips...

A kiss from apple lips under the moonlight,
Streams of feelings that endless heat the hearts;
Eyes, like cherry blossoms, your inner flight:
Collision love that never ends or starts.
You of water and air, and full of care,
Everything of soul and earth, into night:
The freshest of breath that feels close and near,
The grace of a bud into blossoms height.
Together, to be, like trees in the rain
We reach everything, like summer in June.
The fires and the shades of each sparkling accent:
Kiss that suffers no consequence or pain
And never to late and never to soon,
Love of bodies, softness and sweetest scent.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 20, Autumn - A Love Song

Summer dreams, going to fall of the leaves,
Yellow and reddish brown - missing bygones;
Harvesting in thoughts, what loneliness grieves,
For all colors on earth soon in grayness dawns.
The trees are now lonely - branches near bare,
And winter breezes tunes from wintry tales;
Dampness with the dark will soon be aware,
With frosty footsteps, into the snowy trails.
More and more each day, earth's shadow grows high,
And soon silver stars from the sky will fall;
For a moment gentle love songs we sigh,
Before lonely themes from somber thoughts call.
Autumn - lay your roads in golden imbue,
For long still, the summer's green - lives in you.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 21, Autumn Is Coming...

Autumn is coming with moments so fresh,
Gardens once more showing maturing shades;
The colors there are of summer enmesh,
Each has its strength before further it fades.
The air is so sweet with fragrance and highs,
Mornings of colors from brownish to white;
Earth giving pleasures before it again dies,
And dark coming in to put out the light.
These days, to remember, what was once high
Summer pleasures, different from all of this;
What will the autumn of pleasures imply?
Will we summer moments surely then miss?
The hour is coming with dark shadings in,
Rustic to red is the earth colored skin.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 23, Before Winter

I've seen it in my dreams they're yesterdays
Swans of tomorrow that are going deep
Swimming into the darkness which will creep
When moods from forthcoming winter plays
In lifeless colors of languor and grays
This later when life reoccurs will sleep
Though moments of dullness through it will leap
For feelings and falls are swollen with amaze
Undo none work that in faint are now weak
For the shades in the spring will become strong
Once more when the days are filled with light
And of happiness you can again speak
With thoughts which to the summer only belong
When winter's past its inanimate height
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn