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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  4/25/2015 4:44:54 PM
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Sonnet, Conquer Deep Sky With True Wings (From, Poet On Www)

Conquer deep sky with true wings of the fire,
Love is the turning and forth - from within;
My heart is spinning destines full of desire,
With flight from my soul - the half of a twin.
Places to anywhere with treads that I find,
Weeds that are secrets - air to river edge;
Ground that is not rooted - freedom that is blind,
Each what's not of this world - iris bloom sedge.
Pick what is confided in shape and hue,
Threads of casual nothing in its hour and wall;
To the exact center what is tried and true,
For the fog's here to enter mid-air call.
When your ship goes to the dark ocean shore,
You will know times fulfillment ways and score.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Darkness Oh Sweet Fountain (From, The Lost Sonnets)

Darkness oh sweet fountain before this spring
The night that washes ashore new delight,
Hours in winter that still have more to sing
In step by step lightless until all is bright;
The unlock of tide's edge that depth will show
Alone and between me and the darkness,
The morning that comes with first of dawn's glow
From oceans between - always new and fresh.

In mornings to come - the new fragrance fire
With freshness in air through late evenings,
The graceful summer we all must adore
When our hearts fill up with love and desire.
Body and soul together again sings:
How deep we're drowned by wishing for more.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Fine Weaving's Of White

All nature is now in its glistening snow
Stirring the road with fine weaving's of white
Through this moment of blue blackness and night
Whereas moon sketch its light in flickering glow
Dream scape of nature forever will flow
As there are dreams to sing in endless flight
Through every hour of slumbering light
On to the moments that muster here and go

Blooms of tomorrow shall give of their seed
Everything streaming from its hour to hours
Like autumn in colors from yellow red bled
So shall the seeds grow up to be flowers
Oh bloom true life and give your truest of way
So we'll as one walk into coming day
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, For A White Rose (From, The Lost Sonnets)

Enchanting like evening for a white rose
When the darkly days be in the twilight,
Of the first hours of dawn that comes too bright
When face of dark becomes a light that grows;
And all that gave unknown dark power goes
The first of day's fire in new morning flight,
From sky in deep blue horizon its first of sight
When the stage becomes flowing spark that glows.

We are like weak straws in the fields of day
With all our wishes - for some are to die,
Lose into the dark be unborn again;
Like day meets the dark in sunlighting ray
Dawn anew is born in the darkblue sky,
All life is thus two - meet death to begin.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn