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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/25/2014 3:46:03 PM
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The Old Curtains Tumble (From, Poet on WWW)

Days are returning to night,
All the dreams are showing;
Give some stories futures bright,
While our minutes are going.
Up up and down the same hill,
Grossing though and turning;
What will every future fulfill,
When it's managing and learning.

We are becoming each other,
Close from the light and within;
Dampened fires do smother,
Ways have their end and begin.
Lighter and lighter pairs flit by,
Closing the moments spilled;
You have visitation to amplify
Whatever your thoughts instilled.

Going to find some transparency,
An letting the old curtains tumble;
Everything begins inside of me,
Forward to learning and stumble.
When easy it comes easy it goes,
Like the sky gathers in window;
Life is an avenue with all its credos,
Experience found or lost a while ago.
Peter S. Quinn



The One Who I Am

The one who I am
I often doubt
For outside is something
Often about
To fill in the blanket
Of what I see
To let me understand
It’s only me
The mirror has a mirror
Of more to show
It flickers in its answers
Until it’s time to go

I am only me
To give a word or two
And trying to hold back
What comes with light through?
The hours are measured
Of what its beat must give
In each their tick tick on
As I try on to live
Though nothing is the same
In pathways to my heart
I know I must be true
To make the truthful
Take its part
Peter S. Quinn



The Pen Is Never Alone

If you're thought is paper worth
With words from inside grown
That your heart gave birth
Like seagulls in the sky
They fly along to sea
And every wings way try
To reach out far and be

Precious is every stone
That on your road lies
Like every true players tone
That your harp tries
There is so much that lingers
If feelings are the same
With inside touching fingers
To give your hope a flame

Oh take your height to hold
To mount the highest hill
And each experience unfold
So those steps will fulfill
Peter S. Quinn



The Poorest Of the Poor...

The poorest of the poor...
They say that we are
But we can smile for sure
And wish upon a falling star
We have our love to give
And anything worth to share
Go on the earth to live
And just by being here

The richness is inside
Of feelings to stir awake
Some hope may well collide
In what there is at stake
But still we have our own
That money cannot gain
More glittery than gemstone
- Our heart and our brain

The poorest of the poor...
We haven't notice this
For we’re just as you’re
When everything's amiss
So richness we have as much
As anyone else on Earth
We have our heart and touch
It must be of gold its worth
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn