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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/28/2015 5:48:19 PM
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Sunshine New Blossom

My flame is burning
Restful colors on
Love is always learning
Things that could be done

Heart in a happy hour
Fields of sand΄s time
A wild little flower
In its morn spring prime

All the easy to know
Falling footsteps on
As their seeds grow
Onto the shining sun

Day by day I pounder
Where my futures lie
As beats inside wonder
Tides of low and high

My flame is on fire
Glowing treads of being
Each and every desire
Into memories freeing

Where is hope from?
Pleasures in their awaking
Sunshine new blossom
Away dimness taking
Peter S. Quinn



Sunshine Summer Day

Sunshine summer day
Everything is glowing
Life seems so okay
In every footstep on going

Dreams of your heart
In a breathtaking singing
From fresh morning start
That now daybreak’s bringing

Have a wonderful day
In your way and time
As the hours on play
One by one to their prime
There is nothing wrong
When thoughts are freshly new
In a summer time song
When I΄m in love with you

Sunshine summer day
As my feeling are burning
In a wonderful way
With a heart that΄s yearning
Peter S. Quinn



Support, Or Don'T Bother

Now time is changing my way,
There comes a song in a burning flight;
For love has risen today,
And brought me further into its light.
I have the time - hope and try,
To give of my nature from within;
For all my life will say goodbye,
And take another lightless spin.

Rise high rise low become accomplish,
With things you like to do;
Now love is hope and some say a wish,
To become something that's true.
Fires ignite into the deep yonder,
Find your ways through to bloom;
Differences may keep ourselves asunder,
Make to noting and set to doom.

Now time is changing like dawn fore day,
And morning that comes waves;
There is hope in the falling dime ray,
As your ship sails on and raves.
Home is where friends - live and stay,
There's no passing other;
Either you give or be like a stray,
Support with hope or don't bother.
Peter S. Quinn



Surrounded (To Be Published At Sheetmusic Publishing)

Surrounded and coming
Phantoms of the future
Weathered eaten pillars
The undulating sutra
Jasmine of the wind
Fever of its forms
Blossoms deep and twinned
Concubines of the storms

Other eyes reflections
Closed within the same
Somewhere their directions
Amid to their name
Heart is full of cleft stone
Formless grasped feeling
So much all alone
Through the deep reeling

Never anytime same
Through the whole being
Burning grasping flame
Movement canal seeing
Diligent in the taking
Across the lucid sky
Other moods awaking
From cloud of dust they fly
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn