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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks  9/21/2014 7:07:38 AM
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  Best Poems From
  RANDY BULLOCKS (02/24/86)
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Blurry Vision (ending new love)

The time we spent was short and sweet
Yeah a tear came to my eyes when it came
to an end she didn't have to say a thing actions
speaks louder then words the cold tear went down my cheek
but yet you still seem to make my heart smile when we speak
I just want to go and hide in my room under the sheets
alone flat line as I lay there with a died heart without
any thoughts I paid cost for being to smooth loving
nice caring towards a heartbreaker I didn't even know she was
I swear she came out to be good thing for my sight she told
me I was winning I had her falling hard but had me like a fiend
of the real sweet things she said to me while we sit around
Randy Bullocks




He had mint love for you but

it was just a blank mission

or some ill condition he had

in his heart by the pill you planted

with permission. He thought it would

grow out to be something strong

and beautiful, lasting. But the water

was weak the roots were distant

from the soil and left alone in a dark

corner so sun light wouldn't nurture it.

This ish isn’t right he thought he could

when this fight against love but love had a

cheated code to this dirty love game. He was

going for the touchdown until the interception

had played into his action. He was getting hurt

from all the love sacks and tackles. He took start

to take drugs to ease the pain away from his head

and chest, shoulder. Even sniffed a little cocaine to make

the her sweet perfume odder go away. His home team

tried to sign him up for the intervention television show.

He didn’t go just thought it would just be bad publicity.

He screams out; what’s a man to do when he wants to cry.

Just ball up like a fetus and let the ish die out and dry up

inside him, ish it out cause that's what it is what it was a

bunch of bullshit.
Randy Bullocks



Come With Me (wanting you)

Just piano and I playing love ballets
Wishing you where my girlfriend and
Thinking how come you don't call me
Anymore dang you really had me
Fallin for you I'm not trying to be
Romantic or anything like that I just
Want to walk on the beach and have
Fun under the moonlight while I
Rock with you dancing to the sound
Of the ocean waves I swear I want bring
You any troubles down the line I
Understand a woman's worth just
Little simple things make you smile
For awhile I’ll be glad to walk a mile
For your favorite chocolates and more
So why do you fell so sad Jane Doe
I'm not the guy I used to be anymore
Yeah they use to say 'girl he's a big damn hoe
Because of the life I had in the past but
Aren’t you glad that I meet you last?
I never felt this way before for a chick
Got butterflyz in my stomach all
Because I don't what words to sing like
A caged bird trying to fly away looking
For another love bird well that’s
All I have to say today so see you
Later and goodbye.
Randy Bullocks



Damage Control

She kidnap my love with no remorse

and for the ransom I paid it off

with pain, tears, headaches and

heart felt questions but yet she

returned my heart with an empty

space where I kept her face to

remind me how far we came

and still I let her come lay next

to me as the night goes on she

whisper someone else's name

but I just laid there and let my

tears run down to my heart like

water just to drain out old thoughts

of her and I. damage

I had to find out whom this other

person was It was crushing all

my wonderful thoughts that could've

been turned into one of those

true love story movies after

a few night of following and tapping

in her phone and asking around

she was cheating with herself, damage
Randy Bullocks
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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks