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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks  3/4/2015 5:12:46 AM
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  RANDY BULLOCKS (02/24/86)
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A poem without a title

Imagine the music you listen to came from my heart

What If I let you use my shoulder to cry on from the start?

Imagine the clouds in the sky made a portrait of you and I

What If I accepted everything you brought to the table?

Imagine the world was your and we keep everything stable

What If I couldn't lie would you want me to?

Imagine the poems I write you were songs was on MTV

What If I asked you to be mine on youtube?

Imagine the pressure you had was pleasure

What If I just took your hand and took a long walk with you
would trust me or be unsure?

Imagine the nightmares you have had dreams an bewteen everytime
you breath

What If I told you she ain't you and would you be good for my health?

Imagine If you could feel my kisses everytime you sing 'purple kisses
Randy Bullocks



A talk with cupid

Yeah I use to have a babe too
until cupid came along and took
his arrow back cause I was being stupid
geeked about her we had better days too
the nights on water street was sunny
when we was out together n because
your smile was brighter then
every street light n living that
high life commercial n bar louise too
until your face faded away in
the shade cupid why you hit me
with that damn arrow it just stupid
how you sit around looking for a heart
to barrow cupid leave me alone for a while
as I go running to fits my heart in a new style
Randy Bullocks




But if you where music I would play you loud so everyone would know how much I'm feeling you..if you were weed I'd smoke you to kept me high off the ground..if you where cocaine I'd sniff you to be off the earth only with you..even if you were heroin I'd shot you up my arm so you can be closer to my heart..if you were a beat machine I would hook you up to my heart so it can have rythm..if you were poetry I would read you to keep you in my thoughts.. because its you that I want to love and be addicted too..
Randy Bullocks



Bittersweet Poetry

Love is not for me anymore
I open a big door once only
to come to find it was empty
you had my heart skipping
without a beat and then my
happy face expression died
of the false thoughts you gave
me, my sight went blurry after
staring into a faded imagine I
thought I was smart from the
start but my mind went blank
from day dreaming far into outer
space I was like a kid at a concession
stand and you was the candy I was looking
for but this relationship we've started to build
had no definition and the love wasn't your first
occupation you gave another an invitation to your
heart I was only there for comfort when you need
some to speak to when he was sleep I didn't understand
the situation between us cause we had so much in common
but yet different in our own ways you had what I didn't have I
had what you don't it seem to make us equal as one but
at the end things where bittersweet and my heart cried out the pain
Randy Bullocks
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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks