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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks  1/25/2015 6:19:57 PM
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  RANDY BULLOCKS (02/24/86)
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Damage Control

She kidnap my love with no remorse

and for the ransom I paid it off

with pain, tears, headaches and

heart felt questions but yet she

returned my heart with an empty

space where I kept her face to

remind me how far we came

and still I let her come lay next

to me as the night goes on she

whisper someone else's name

but I just laid there and let my

tears run down to my heart like

water just to drain out old thoughts

of her and I. damage

I had to find out whom this other

person was It was crushing all

my wonderful thoughts that could've

been turned into one of those

true love story movies after

a few night of following and tapping

in her phone and asking around

she was cheating with herself, damage
Randy Bullocks



Dancing At the Lake Front

They wanted us to go to the club but we want to party hard tonight
Just you and I partied under the moon light
And no need for loud music and flashing lights that causes no hearing
And blurry visions but you can be my bright
Star for exchange of the flashing lights, the music we could use the
Water that hit against the rocks as drums and the
Sea gulls as the piano while your sweet voice is the lyrics and my heart beat
Could be the bass giving us a new rhythm to dance
To and there was no definition for are actions but the sexual thoughts from our
Matured minds had us on a mission as for thoughts I
Was already sexing you by day dreaming of me between your thighs from just
Looking at you and knowing it was pathetic because
You were only my friend.
Randy Bullocks




She's Telling Her Mama She You Got A
Man That Plays Luv Songs Cause Shawty
Is Da Shit Im Playin' In Her Hair While She's
Throwin' Purple Kisses On Me It Aint No
Reason To B Livin' a Lie Gone Head And
Ditch That Nigga I Told You She Need's My
Love And Yea I Fucked Nikki But I Love Yo
Girl And She's My New Fast Car That Drive's
Me All Night While She's Going Through Falsetto
Randy Bullocks




Forget about your past
ol'd shit can make you sad
but I'm here now to make this
ol'd bad memories good and
ol'd love into new love I'm glad
I've change my ways before
stepping into your pad it seem
this could be a dream because
how real, true I am you didn't
want that kinda love anyway
that love was painful, dry
even when you'd cry
that fatal love got stronger
for a heartbreaker but I'm
the make up lover so erase
him from your past and put me in
the last place you where standing
with him and start over in a better place
Randy Bullocks
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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks