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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks  9/18/2014 2:43:23 PM
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  RANDY BULLOCKS (02/24/86)
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Fatal Attraction

Beauty's all over her face and eyes. She’s a strong woman but her heart is flooded from tears she cry's. She hides behind a fake smile after the young man asks her to stay for a while.

She says I’m a woman and tries not to show her pain as she looks out the window while the rain hits the frame. She starts to explain why her compassionate soul is stained from his un–satisfied pleasure, love that was coming from him.

She didn’t know how it would feel to be treated like a woman only knew how a man could threaten her because of her beauty he could lose. She was confused between the beauty that she has claim to become a self weapon towards her and from the abuse, so called love he has for her.

Before she could get done speaking about being lied, fucked and made love to and miss-used. I pulled her from the window, wiped the smeared make up from her cheek and kissed her on forehead, told her it's going to be okay.

As she raised her head they caught eye contact while she kisses my lips softly but quickly. She begins to walk fast towards the door. But I had to do something so I ran swiftly behind her grabbing her hand and started my confessions about how I felt for her and those past conversations.

I'm not that love villain he used to be. I got tired of pretending to be something I wasn’t, I’m not here to use you or mislead your heart in the wrong direction. But your beauty isn’t fatal to me, to me it’s poetry in motion like it has its own punch line or even had vision to call a man when he walked pass.

Plus this beauty of hers has inspiration. And this strong attraction he has for her is eating his heart to pieces every moment I have with her, every comment she made about foul trust and un-wanted lust between her thighs.

She gently rubs my face, stares off into space saying thanking me just for listening and not trying to get any action while she was weak. She told me I had an invention to come swim in her but in my mind I'd already was on that mission.

Never did let her know his intentions about what I wanted to do about this attraction that has come upon us. I guess her beauty was fatal.
Randy Bullocks



First Day Of Summer

gotta get right for my first date
go get a fresh fit new kicks
make sure my hair cut straight
go to the bank jus to get some cake
hurry hurry can't make you wait
remember when i use to pray to see
you again cuz i couldn't wait to see
you, you brighten up my day you
get me all hot fresh breeze when
you speak like a sunny day in
the spring comes through my
window so i took a peak there
you where summer nice to see you again...
Randy Bullocks



Forgive Me

Forgive me
I said I was sorry
Like a million times
Do i have to go on Maury
to show this is not a lie
I'm not commiting any crimes
Just for saying I am sorry
Cause I know I messed up
I know I wouldn't again
It really has been
An extremely hard time
Here's some dandelions and roses
I know you'll be fine
So I want worry
Randy Bullocks



Go on Girl

He could handle it just himself being alone but you've been gone for some time now. Everybody thought he was strong but your love made him weak in the heart and mind.

Just thinking about you had him wondering will he every see you again or you lying next to him again. From the beginning to the middle everything was great until the ending you said you’re leaving him for someone better, that you couldn’t be with him because he didn’t get his shit together.

But why did you walk out on him he asked, just graduating from high school give him time. Your new man will never be him. She try and tried to replace him but you made the big mistake you made him feel like he was in a race for first prize place.

He doesn’t want that prize he wants that space he had alone in your heart swimming in that old love lake. But he wanted to start over one more time just to come and find out it wasn't what you thought it would be.

He’s having problems with my heart because he lost a part of it and wants it back to make it whole again.He thought you and him could make it work like moms said it’ll never be the same because the picture in her eyes of him changed.
Randy Bullocks
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Poems By Poet Randy Bullocks