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Poems By Poet Ratnakar Rout  3/5/2015 12:41:11 PM
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  Best Poems From
  RATNAKAR ROUT (28th August 1961)

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When an untouched is touched
By the sound of words
A volcano erupts
A flash flood overflows
Submerging all bits and bounds
Dreams conquer to the state of mind unilaterally.

The emotions are shared
Through the chord of sound
When words fixate in penance
To exchange the motions of emotion
The words are not words then.

Impotent words dearth in feeling
Find shelter in hibernation
And are lost indigently in the oblivion
Amidst of absolute silence for a moment.

Feelings over power words
And reign over mind and heart
Words fail to react
And lament in the loneliness.

Time never waits
And waits for none
It goes out of hand
Questions remain as questions
Answers are still in the
Form of seed
Hidden in the womb
Of mother earth passionately
Longing for germination.

The telephonic contact ends
Though the chord of sound is
Disconnected visibly
Next moment thousand
Lights illuminate
And the exchange of sound perpetuates
Till flash flood reappears.
Ratnakar Rout




I suspect whether I am alive or dead
At times, I feel, I am dead, at times alive
I live alike the three monkeys of Mahatma
Since long, I have closed my eyes
I have willfully made myself deaf and dumb too
At present, I don’t see, I don’t listen and I don’t speak
But I live and move as usual but don’t react
To the incidents happening around me
I watch, even immovable plants react to the external stimuli
But I don’t since; I have lost my will to react,
To show interest in things
And differentiate between good or bad
As I am almost compelled to look after my own affairs only
By no one in particular but the prevailing social condition
Wherein I live presently has made me confined
Like a tortoise, I am very calculative in my own movement
I crawl when I find a pasture land
And withdraw me at once when I encounter danger
On the face of an obstacle which puts hindrance ahead
I hide me in my own shell and snore calmly
As long as the impediments appear insurmountable
I am not bothered if my fellow citizens are in deep trouble
Over the years, I have withdrawn myself to my own domain
Every one should know that I am a lonesome, isolated
Detached and highly self-centered modern man Living
With you all in this first decade of the twenty first century
When everything mundane is available
At my door step to cater to my avid needs
Still, I am shivering in fear,
Shedding my tear now and then in seclusion
I have many unfulfilled desire to run after
In spite of that I have absolutely have no reaction
In any matter what so ever the situation becomes
Hue and cry, outside of me in the world,
Has almost restrained me in a self designed shield
Wherein, though I am visible alive clinically
But I am almost dead mentally, you can find me
Only my mortal body moves
From one end of the armor to the other
But it behaves mechanically as a robot
Being completely empty and vacuum
In absence of any consciousness
And in lacking the power of consideration
Now I live in it and move
Like a dead man walking in an abandoned castle.
Ratnakar Rout




She was like a serene blooming flower
When misfortune befell on her
Now she is dwindling in confusion to know
What is her identity? A Cambodian or Indian
Or she is a part of this humankind, a human being
A homosapien, a kid, belongs to the entire humanity
What is her fault? Was it a curse to be born in this world?
A child to the couple of Cambodian and Indian origin
How could the mother send a three year old child to India?
After the father deserted the mother
And left for his country leaving Cambodia, the native land of her
Neither the father nor the grand parents accepted the kid
On her arrival on whom she would have depended
The kid lived on begging finding no alternate living.
She grew up and became a prey of the intemperate father
And got physically exploited by the man & his friends
When she was six year old only and quite ignorant
Of the complexity of the mundane world
How could she unravel the knavery of the deceitful persons?
A victim of lust and passion of her father for two years
Which she finally divulged before the grand mother in an occasion
Where she met her in seclusion
Thank to her courage and temerity that she could dare
To disclose her ordeal before the grand mother
Who could at last realize the misery of the child?
At least good sense prevailed on grand parents after that occasion
The victim was saved from the atrocity
And brutality of the dreaded man thereafter
Law has taken care of the oppressor
At present who is languishing in jail
But what does the child get for her persecution
Would she get back her childhood and innocence?
Has the God closed his eyes or gone blind?
Or preferred to eschew witnessing the heinous crime
After all, what is her fault?
For what blunder she is subjected to such oppression
Mental trauma and physical torture?
Could she ever believe the human beings on earth?
When father tormented her on whom
She would have relied on for safety and security
When God is dead and nonexistent here, who else will come forward?
Extending support and security to her in future
Could she forget this misfortune as a nightmare?
Could any one erase the scars of despair engraved in her mind?
I am speechless, I can only lament quietly for the misfortune
And express my heartfelt love and affect ion
In such a critical juncture of her life
Can this short of atrocious act be prevented on earth?
Ratnakar Rout




I see in her a laughing doll
Her confident gaze
And ever-charming smile
Enthralls me as if two soft
Petals are tossing their head in the sweet breeze.

Many envy for her happiness and charm
As she is bestowed with good fortune
But I read often her very delicate to handle with
As she is drowned in her feelings
And like to sink into her breath.

A few nights intimacy
A few days roaming around hand in hand
And a few cups of tea shared together
Are not enough to study someone’s mind?
Which remains unfeasible for thousand of years.

The beauty of the sea mesmerizes the sight
But it is almost difficult to predict
What are inside?
When it blows
And crosses the shore
Endangers the lives of the millions
And submerges the adjoining civilization at times
When wakes up from its deep slumber violently.
But I see in it a benevolent creator
It helps in building the exquisite landmass like the offspring’s
And serves many generations.

But my perception varies
In spite of all her virtues
As an epitome of destruction
Can I unilaterally construe her?
My mind hunts to unearth the mystery.
How many mammoth seas are stored in her mind?
How many suns illumine her?
How many nights’ sleep is required for all the dreams?
And how many moons are needed to enlighten her with the beams of bliss?
A simple arithmetical sum or calculation
Is not enough to ease out the issue?
Thousand of inquisitive minds have searched
For the ages to uncover the treasure in the passage of time
And not succeeded yet to collect the marvel.

She is absorbed in her thoughts
When she smiles lovably
A mellifluous tune emanates
When she sinks in ecstasy in a heartfelt union
She is she for me, an untold story
But that is the clichés I listen always
She is she, an unread palm
Which I try to read all the time
But fail to understand the delicacy engraved
She remains as such having the cool and deciduous look
I am not really able to glance or mingle my sight
When my loneliness speaks to me
I listen the voice of my won in silence
I listen the songs of my breath
She laughs and laughs and narrates
How she consumes her sufferings
And rests them in her cap?

She is a difficult calculus, thus
Needs my deep attention and care
To work out and guess
I am not the lone one who transpires this view
There are many others
Desire to work over time whole life
To conquer the truth and ascertain the precision
And the endeavor still goes on
But what is the outcome?
What is the truth they intend to ascertain?
Is there any magician’s magic stick to do the wonder?

The nectar of smiles and the pain in weeping
When both appear similar on introspection
For which the Legendary Ram ran after
The golden deer knowing fully well
That he was running after a mirage
Does it bother someone who’s in a different mission?

Together staying full life under one roof
Having one hearth and one kitchen
Embracing each other during the days of
Sorrows and sufferings
Eating out each others’
Sweet, salt and sour
Though reminiscences remain at the last breath
Do the couples understand one another fully?

What is stored in side her?
What are her feelings?
Those let her free or bind her
What are her confusions?
What are her realizations and emotions?
Those engulf her completely the entire life
Not able to find out them
I am baffled and in a serious fix
Who can honestly tell that he has discovered the mystery?
Ratnakar Rout

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Poems By Poet Ratnakar Rout