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Poems By Poet Ratnakar Rout  10/20/2014 5:48:51 PM
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  Best Poems From
  RATNAKAR ROUT (28th August 1961)

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They were bought from the market
Like cattle, dogs, horses, cats
And other domesticated animals
But unlike them they were not the pets
But used like commodities
They were caged, used, exploited, and tortured brutally
And cautioned not to react but to remain mute all the time
As if they were born to serve and tolerate all oppressions
They did the same as asked for the ages
And lived the lives not better than any prisoner
In any of the erstwhile concentration camps
Raised by the dictatorial rulers
They were the slaves, the aborigines of Africa
The land of God, heaven of the primitive and undeveloped people
They were the tool of mockery and caricature
And used for ape-dancing in elite parties
And were dieing uncared, unnourished, half fed
With fatal ailments in unhygienic dungeons
Even worse than the cowsheds
And were perishing like worms and insects
But the time is not cruel as human beings
It behaves fare with everyone
Before the volcano erupts it gathers mass
And momentum underneath
They were bearing all heinous atrocities on them
And grounded themselves firmly on the alien land at the same time
Like the uprooted seedlings planted elsewhere
Encounters the initial hiccups to get acclimatized
Adapting to the foreign soil
The seeds sown over the years, appeared to be lost in the oblivion
Sprouted proudly on the passage of time
The germination conveyed a message to the world
That a transformation is up-coming
It signaled the change of the world order
The order set by a few and thought of as sacrosanct
From which they derive perennial source of power
And rule over the under privileged and impoverished people across the globe
Gone are those days when upsurges here there
Protest and revolt were the order of the day
The unbending incessant struggle
Of the oppressed against the protagonists of racial discrimination
Have shaken their backbone and what ever as relics are left
Become the breeding ground for the reactionaries
In over coming all challenges the changes have occurred
And the torch bearer of the change has become
The symbol of emancipation of millions and millions
He is the hope of new age of the mankind
And the messenger of peace and non violence
He is one of the fortunate ancestors of countless
Un-fortunate aborigines who had toiled hard over the years
To root into the strange land
He ascended to the throne and lit an indomitable candle
To bring about a change for the humanity
With olive branches in his hand
And two doves one each on his right and left shoulders
He is moving towards the sun rise chanting “Chareibati Chareibati”
Still miles and miles of wild path is ahead of him to cover
And to see the age old darkness is wiped out at the new dawn.
Ratnakar Rout




We were together for some time
He was a good friend but a bad family man
He had his own rules in life. Thus,
did not care to take up anyone's advice
As a result, developed many bad habits in the long run
And his vices got him trapped now and then
Neither his wife nor children could persuade him
to give up his undesirable habits
All efforts of near and dear ones went in vain
to dissuade him from wrong doings
Day by day the situation went out of control
Eventually the unwanted that was to happen
as the consequence of the misdeeds happened
He was declared bankrupt by his bankers
The sudden blow of this unanticipated occurrence shattered him
He became emotionally devastated and suffered a massive brain stroke
And ultimately succumbed to that fatal mishap
His bereaved family members had no words to mourn the untimely demise
On the other hand they all were cursing their fate
As no alternate source of livelihood was available at hand
They worriedly started looking immediately for a makeshift dwelling place
I witnessed as a mute spectator to all such incidents
those so fast happened to the family of an errant friend
Who was so reckless in life and never careful
The misfortune that befell distressed the family entirely
could have been eschewed effectively with self restraint
and self realisation of only one man
That has been perturbing me again and again since then.
Ratnakar Rout




He had not seen him nor with him
there was any interaction
But the tabloid editor went on
publishing malicious articles
against him, even delved in to his
personal life twisting the truth
He tolerated patiently and did not
feel in haste to react or comment
The news spread like wild fire and gossip
against the innocent person
started in the locality by the people
who relied on the aborted news?
And dared to ridicule him
Gradually people came to know the fact
They were taken aback and pondered as to how
a person who lives on pride and self esteem be bad
The integrity of the editor
was questioned almost by every one
He realised the blunder committed by him
Some people who were disgruntled on the person
for his bold official action had
approached the editor to malign
the image of the person for petty obligation
He succumbed to the allurement and could not
with stand the temptation but became
a victim of their malafide intention
He did not care for the public opinion
But could not answer to his own conscience
As he caused damage to a righteous person
He repented and decided to end the relation embittered
One day landed up gracefully in the chamber
of the person and begged to forget
what has happened for his misconception?
The remorse did not end there
more he met the person, more he became
apologetic and solicited pardon
In the mean while the tenure of the person
in that place in question came to an end
While winding up the establishment
the editor reached the place after a long interval
and requested the person to join a dinner
tonight hosted in his honour
The person who was almost grieved
amazed for the relationship with the editor
that once again established afresh
And immersed in himself with the realisation
that ultimately the truth triumphs.
Ratnakar Rout




I suspect whether I am alive or dead
At times, I feel, I am dead, at times alive
I live alike the three monkeys of Mahatma
Since long, I have closed my eyes
I have willfully made myself deaf and dumb too
At present, I don’t see, I don’t listen and I don’t speak
But I live and move as usual but don’t react
To the incidents happening around me
I watch, even immovable plants react to the external stimuli
But I don’t since; I have lost my will to react,
To show interest in things
And differentiate between good or bad
As I am almost compelled to look after my own affairs only
By no one in particular but the prevailing social condition
Wherein I live presently has made me confined
Like a tortoise, I am very calculative in my own movement
I crawl when I find a pasture land
And withdraw me at once when I encounter danger
On the face of an obstacle which puts hindrance ahead
I hide me in my own shell and snore calmly
As long as the impediments appear insurmountable
I am not bothered if my fellow citizens are in deep trouble
Over the years, I have withdrawn myself to my own domain
Every one should know that I am a lonesome, isolated
Detached and highly self-centered modern man Living
With you all in this first decade of the twenty first century
When everything mundane is available
At my door step to cater to my avid needs
Still, I am shivering in fear,
Shedding my tear now and then in seclusion
I have many unfulfilled desire to run after
In spite of that I have absolutely have no reaction
In any matter what so ever the situation becomes
Hue and cry, outside of me in the world,
Has almost restrained me in a self designed shield
Wherein, though I am visible alive clinically
But I am almost dead mentally, you can find me
Only my mortal body moves
From one end of the armor to the other
But it behaves mechanically as a robot
Being completely empty and vacuum
In absence of any consciousness
And in lacking the power of consideration
Now I live in it and move
Like a dead man walking in an abandoned castle.
Ratnakar Rout

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Poems By Poet Ratnakar Rout