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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  10/31/2014 5:05:35 PM
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Heart of Glass

Heart of glass, heart of glass beating in my chest
This world is bumpy place, will you pass the test?
A kaleidoscope of color is coursing through my veins
The world is my chariot, just hold onto it’s reins
Oh fragile heart of glass, you’re a beauty through and through
You could last forever if I take care of you
I’ll protect you from the arrows that sail through the night
And let your beauty shine in the brilliance of daylight

Rhonda Baker



The Pumpkin Patch

The garden is fading, it's work is nearly done
Vegetables sparse, except for the orange globes that bask in the sun
It's been a good year for pumpkins, they've grown quite large and round
Some deep orange, others mixed with green, are scattered on the ground
Now images of designs jump into my head
Happy jack-o-lanterns, or goblins, with eyes of crimson red
Maybe pumpkins make you think of pumpkin rice or pumpkin pie
Right now they are just beautiful... as the autumn days pass by

Rhonda Baker



Family Picnic

One last picnic, before fall sets in
Having burgers and hotdogs, with family and friend
Sharing stories of our summer escapades
Laughing and joking over lemonades
The children anxious about going back to school
A forlorn mother feeling blue
A day filled with games and fun
It didn't matter who lost or won
Having time together, was the only goal
A sense of family and minds to lull

Rhonda Baker



My Family Tree

Tracing back my family tree
To find the people who make up me
Across the ocean to the mother land
Where half of me originally began
Lost in records of World War II
Tracing them nearly impossible to do
My mothers side from southern states
Robbing banks and trains are some of my traits?
Farmers, miners, Blackfeet and more
These shadows of ancestors who’ve come before
Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker