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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  12/20/2014 3:35:24 AM
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Around, and around the go cart track
pedal to the floor, never looking back
Daughter in the front, gotta squeeze by
Spun her out...IT'S LIVE OR DIE
My oldest son is now in the lead
Doing anything I can to get more speed
Yellow Light on, one more lap
I got to catch him in my trap
Coming on the inside on the last turn in
I slip by... It's over... I WIN!
Rhonda Baker



January-IS COLD!

January, how you make me shiver
My teeth chatter with every snowflake you deliver
Snow piled high on my doorstep
You’ve taken all of my pep
With a cold that is felt to the core
Snow so deep your can’t ignore
Summer seems so far away
But I must embrace the day
A snow flocked forest now me surround
With diamond crystals upon the ground
A beauty so breathe taking to the eye
But the COLD of you…..makes me sigh….

Rhonda Baker




There’s a stark, bare tree that stands near my home
Except for one leaf that remains all alone
It once was a lush green, that turned a vibrant gold
But now it’s all brown… crinkled and old
It’s very determined! As it stays through the wind and rain
Hanging and twisting…everyday it still remains
I wonder what makes it want to hold on so tight?
To survive the daily assaults through the day and the night
To have that perseverance; to stand against it all
To always hang on tight and never take a fall

Rhonda Baker



A Baker Christmas

Twas just before Christmas in our family home
The pets were all restless and wanted to roam
The kids were upstairs, doing there own thing
Wondering this year what Christmas would bring
Chuck in his sweats, and me ready for bed
Were snuggled on the couch with sleep in our head
When out in the yard, with all the junk and the clutter
This seasons snowflakes started to flutter
And we laid there in our fire lite room
Smelling fresh pine like natures perfume
With it warm inside, we all settled in
Listening outside to the winters harsh wind
Feeling all safe, warm and content
Feeling the love that God here has sent
Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker