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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  5/30/2015 5:13:43 PM
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My Life With Oprah

In 1986 I started a new chapter in my life
New town, new job and being a new wife
Just 18, had the world by the tail
Going down a path that nothing in this world could derail
Started watching Oprah, as I took care of my home
The world was a wonderland that I just needed to roam
Family and friends were as close as the air
Naοve and wide eyed, no stress and no care
For 25 years I’ve seen and felt many things
Life isn’t always easy God knows what it brings
Still married with a family of my OWN
My family, my life and I have grown
Something’s in life now conclude
As I stop and reflect in this brief interlude

Rhonda Baker




April lift your dreary head and cease your tears of rain.
The cold winds of winter are gone, and left the birds refrain.
Part the clouds up in the sky, and let the sunshine through.
Flowers budding in the sun, the sky is lapis blue.
Across the fields and through the trees, the world is born again.
Oh its good to see you April! Welcome my good friend.
Rhonda Baker



Inner Struggle

Deep dark red and silver blue
The color so dense you can't see through
Blowing and shaping to make it sleek
A strong thick figure that isn't weak
Blowing and shaping an elegant piece
Not knowing there in, lives a beast!
Another heat to work with the tools
Not knowing this shape, you will soon lose
The sides now begin to collapse
And on its self it begins to wrap
You try to RECAPTURE the way it use to be
But it will have NONE of it! ... It wants to be free
Now all lumpy, and twisted inside and out
Your heart sinks and begins to pout
You finally surrender, to this work of art
And quit working with your mind, but instead with your heart
There's something there, not a bowl or a vase
But an emotion captured without a face
You put the lip wrap on and reduce the color
The piece you have now is like none other
In the heart of the piece a thin thread resides
A symbol of how our life abides

(I am a glass blower, and this was one of the first pieces I ever worked on. At the Fireworks Glass Studios, in Williamston MI)
Rhonda Baker



Golden Wheat

Remember me when the South wind blow
Golden wheat, where the waves dance in row
Forget the emptiness and cold
Embrace love and the memories you hold

Remember me solemnly gazing for doe
Golden wheat, where waves dance in row
Entwined together on the greens we rolled
Embrace love and the memories you hold

Will you stay with me, as old we grow
Golden wheat, where the wave dance in row
Together we'll erase the world's toll
Embrace love and the memories you hold

South wind lover always know
Golden wheat, where waves dance in row
Bodies come together as if made in a mold
Embrace love and the memories you hold

My pledge to you from Heaven and below
Golden wheat, where waves dance in row
With my last breath our love will still unfold
Embrace love and the memories you hold

When we're gone I hope our descendants know
Golden Wheat, where waves dance in row
Feel the south wind, be it warm or cold
Embrace love and the memories you hold
Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker