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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  9/30/2014 4:54:46 PM
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Around, and around the go cart track
pedal to the floor, never looking back
Daughter in the front, gotta squeeze by
Spun her out...IT'S LIVE OR DIE
My oldest son is now in the lead
Doing anything I can to get more speed
Yellow Light on, one more lap
I got to catch him in my trap
Coming on the inside on the last turn in
I slip by... It's over... I WIN!
Rhonda Baker



October 11 2009

A hard frost upon the ground
The air so still without a sound
Trees donned in autumn hue
Yellows, reds and orange too
The sky’s a shade of pale light blue
The sun rises over the haze
Stirring life, with its warming rays
What will the day hold for us all?
Beneath the frost of this frozen fall

Rhonda Baker



The Pumpkin Patch

The garden is fading, it's work is nearly done
Vegetables sparse, except for the orange globes that bask in the sun
It's been a good year for pumpkins, they've grown quite large and round
Some deep orange, others mixed with green, are scattered on the ground
Now images of designs jump into my head
Happy jack-o-lanterns, or goblins, with eyes of crimson red
Maybe pumpkins make you think of pumpkin rice or pumpkin pie
Right now they are just beautiful... as the autumn days pass by

Rhonda Baker




Angels descend to the ground
Spreading Love all around
Roses, diamonds and a warm embrace
A heart on my palm, you now trace
Candles, candy and a fine wine
To a ballad we sway in time...
Whispering the words, 'I love you.'
Through this world, go we two...

Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker