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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  7/22/2014 6:21:17 AM
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Summer is here
with tank tops, shorts and a tall cold beer
Days at the beach filled with water and sun
Smells of suntan lotion, jet ski's, boats and fun
Hamburgs and hot dogs cooked out on the grill
Mud bogs, carnivals and fairs to give us thrills
Long summer days that merge with the night
Snuggled up with your loved one, by a campfires light
Life is sweet, so make lots of memories and lock them away
to bring out again on a winters day
Rhonda Baker



Summer Daze

On vacation up at the lake, with long time friends
We’ve made so many memories. Turned so many bends
Remember when the kids would ride bikes all day
The dogs would wrestle and just want to play
Cooking out on the grill every night of the week
Fixing that pipe that wanted to leak
Going on boat rides out on the lake
To ride on a tube, out on the wake
Just talking and catching up on days gone by
Oh, how the summers always seem to fly

Rhonda Baker



Summer time

Summer times upon us and life is sweet
I wake in the morning to gleeful birds tweet
The sun is shining and warm breezes blow
Crops are growing and there’s grass to mow
Children are happy and excited with each new day
With school behind them, their only mission, to play
The sparkle of water entices you in
Loving summer from beginning to end
Rhonda Baker



Sweetest Day

Sweet a gentle kiss as I awake
Sweet, breakfast I didn’t have to make
Sweet, the song on the radio that is yours and mine
Sweet, a walk in the woods when we finally have the time
Sweet, a cup of hot chocolate as we sit by the shore
Sweet, the warmth of a blanket. Who could ask for more?
Sweet, the look in your eyes as the sun starts to set
The sweetest day I’ve ever know, without one ounce of fret.
Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker