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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker  10/30/2014 12:29:46 PM
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Not Lonesome

Love is always breezing by
There is no rhyme or reason why
With no real beginning and no end
Sometimes tragic, sometimes a friend

Wispy clouds on Heavens door
I've known the pain of love before
But entwined in a love so free and true
My heart truly knows one love, tis you

Thistle flower so tall and rare
Prick you if you dare go there
Scents of roses you might catch
Bring back memories left un-fetched

Past the pines and down to the creek
Love starts so simple, so meek
Wading in, cautious at first
How deep our love we're now immersed

The roads been long with ruts and bumps
We've taken a many a lumps
But the adventures been a scenic trail
Never boring, dull or pale

Sure I've questioned loving so young and fast
Maybe some thought we wouldn't last
With our hearts as a compass could we go wrong?
We've loved this good, for this long

From Fowlerville, to Makawao, to beyond the stars
In a field of clover, or a yard of cars
This life we made, a treasure to the end
For it's permanently bound never to rend

Rho 7/10/12
Rhonda Baker



Not Today

Your a child, and would like to go to the park and play
But your parents say 'oh, not today'
It's the hottest day of summer, you call up your friend to swim
Their busy with another, please call again
Your best friend you haven't seen in a year
You call and say 'let's have a beer'
To busy with work, thanks for the call
Maybe sometime late in the fall
You ask your sister to lend you an ear
She would love too, but first her career
You ask you adult children to go on vacation with you
But that's to boring for them to do
You say to your husband, we have some money; let's get away
He says 'the guys just called, they want to play'
I see a book or a fine CD
And can't believe the words coming out of me
Moneys tight, there are bills to pay
You can't have it now, oh not to day
Once this fair haired beauty is gone away
Will you then still say 'Oh, not today? '
Rhonda Baker



November 16th

The snow falls briskly on the barely frozen ground
And clings to the last leaves that have yet to fall down
Most trees are stripped bare to their core
The field’s lay empty… crops grow there no more
The snow is eager to blanket the earth
Keeping it safe till spring’s new birth
Houses stand F R O Z E N in time
People move slow and fall into l.i.n.e
The seasons just beginning, its going to get worse
What miracle can come and lift this curse?
Rhonda Baker



November 2 2008

November winds begin to blow
Leaves are falling just like snow
Oak leaves crunch beneath my feet
But the Maple ones are soft and meek
The sky is cloudy, and the day is gray
The southbound birds have flown away
Cattails no longer velvet, but woolly and full
And the thistles too have paid a toll
The world stands braced for the days ahead
A long cold winter, which we all dread
Rhonda Baker
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Poems By Poet Rhonda Baker