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Poems By Poet Richard Betts  9/20/2014 9:02:24 PM
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  RICHARD BETTS (December 8,1964)
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Do you know what I remember
About that final, fateful day?
I recall how blue the sky was
As I watched you walk away.

It was as if God had taken a brush
And spread paint across the skies.
And when He chose a color,
He picked the pigment of your eyes.

The morning progressed so perfectly,
I thought heaven and earth might collide.
The sky appeared to be so close,
I thought I could touch it if I tried.

I still remember marveling
At the blueness of that day.
Then my world came crashing down,
And the face of heaven turned away.

As that beautiful blue morning
Faded from blue to gray to black,
I never relinquished hope
That you were coming back.

I used to believe in heaven,
And someone who was merciful and strong.
Now it's hard for me to believe
In anything - anything at all.
Richard Betts




He decided to leave her past behind,
And keep her love a little more confined.

So they slipped away with no farewell,
Telling falsehoods they knew would sell.

Desperate to flee those they deceived,
They tried to alter the way they were perceived.

So we watched them build a bridge of lies,
And slink across to the other side.

They cower there with their backs to the crowd,
Hands in their pockets, heads to the ground.

Sometimes we see them and they divert their eyes,
As they gag on the final pieces of their pride.
Richard Betts




We send another dagger deep into its side;
And still we are forgiven.
We crucify and curse it,
If every dropp of blood is not given.

We watch with anticipation,
As it staggers from its wounds.
We clamor for our buckets,
To scope up the oozing crude.

I return to view the violence
And survey the scene of our desecration.
But all that remains
Are the scars of our devastation.

We must change our course,
For if we fail to make the correction,
Finality will fuel the future,
And there will be no resurrection.
Richard Betts




When I was young and brave,
And my world was fun and new,
I'd pick a bunch of dandelions
And offer my flowering hands to you.

Through the eyes of a little boy,
The world is full of wonderment and beauty.
When he grows to be a man,
The wonderment is replaced by duty.

The difference between a boy
And the man he is soon to become,
Can be as different as the dark of night
And the blaze of the noon-day sun.

For when a boy glances at a dandelion,
He sees a flower - beautiful, yellow and sweet.
The man sees nothing but a weed,
Which he crushes under his feet.
Richard Betts
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Poems By Poet Richard Betts