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Poems By Poet Richard Betts  12/21/2014 6:42:25 AM
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  Best Poems From
  RICHARD BETTS (December 8,1964)
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What do you see when
The demons come calling?
What do your dream
When night has fallen?

What do you see when
You close your eyes?
Do you scream when your
Demons come inside?

Are you haunted by
Your hidden fears?
Are you paralyzed by
Your passing years?

Have you spent your
Life running, too?
And, in turn, has
Life run from you?

Musical chairs,
Hide and seek,
Do you run and jump,
Or are you afraid to peek?
Richard Betts




As I stand here in the chapel
Praying for God to grant you His peace,
A deluge of questions rains down,
But the answers provide no relief.

Was there something we should have said
Or anything we could have done?
By some tragic twist of fate,
Did you not feel the resiliency of our love?

Did the world's injustice haunt you?
Did the joy in your life erode?
As you walked among the masses,
Did you somehow feel alone?

Did the world lie to you?
And in return did you mistrust it?
Did life's absurdity,
Leave you feeling dirty and disgusted?

I recall your constant companions -
Your strength and a face that was brave.
Were you beseiged and overwhelmed
By some imperceptible wave?

Did you enjoy your time in our company?
Did you revel in your life's travels?
Where along the way
Did the world suddenly unravel?

Did life become so insufferable?
When did it become more than you could bear?
In the night, when you looked skyward,
When did faith finally fail?

I stand before you - empty and confused.
My strength is about to falter.
With shaking hands, I touch a smiling picture of you
And reset it gently on the altar.

As I wade through the emotions,
I am engulfed in a flood of grief.
As I bury my face into my hands,
I am overcome with disbelief.
Richard Betts




I know you are holding back,
I just can't understand why.
Are you afraid to search yourself,
Fearful of what you might find?

Do you not wish to be free,
To release yourself from your inhibitions?
Wouldn't you like to know for sure,
Rather than decide from suppositions?

Perhaps if you break loose,
You will discover liberation,
And instead of guilt and shame,
Maybe you will feel exoneration?

Aren't you tired of being shackled
By thoughts that pinch and bind?
Would you like to experience freedon
And not feel so confined?

Do you think in your exploration
You will end up lost and all alone?
Do you fear you might lose yourself
And never find your way home?

Face down your fears,
For there are wondrous things to uncover.
There are so many details about you
That have yet to be discovered.
Richard Betts




As a child, I always felt so close to heaven,
And my soul always felt so light and clean.
But as a man, the sky retreated from me,
And the world turned dirty and mean.

As a boy, I would playfully wrestle
The cottony clouds in the skies above.
But now when I grapple with the clouds,
I try to trample them into the mud.

As a boy, I was always faithful,
And my faith kept me pure and free.
Now, I am unsure. For truth
And falsehood look the same to me.

I have grown to become a man,
But I possess more doubt than faith.
I feel as if I'm covered in filth,
So, driven Earthbound, I wait.
Richard Betts
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Poems By Poet Richard Betts