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Poems By Poet Richard Betts  12/21/2014 1:20:47 PM
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  Best Poems From
  RICHARD BETTS (December 8,1964)
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You lecture about light
And love and Gods and sun.

You speak of saints and haloes
And brilliantly colored rainbows.

You sit there pious and protected,
The world's ills pass undetected.

You speak of calm and clarity,
Yet you remain your favorite charity.

You ensure your interests are represented,
And you care not for the discontented.

Turbulent winds swirl around you,
Yet you stay oblivious to the rage that surrounds you.

You sit in the center of the storm,
Where you remain well fed and warm.

You engorge yourself on grapes and cheese,
While others pick at the pieces of their shredded dreams.
Richard Betts




Your most loyal lovers seem to
Loathe your most basic commands.
Your most faithful followers
Fail to meet your simplest demands.

Those who profess to love you
Fail to love thy neighbor.
While those who live 'a good life, '
Fail to find your favor.

Your many followers complain
Humankind may have failed you.
While others explain,
You fail to award virtue.

Those who say they know you
Use your words like a razor.
While those who still seek you,
Pray to find their savior.

The answers may not
Be impossible to find.
They may not lie above,
But more appropriately inside.

For if I do not love
And protect my brother,
Then it is he and I
That have failed one another.
Richard Betts




In the fields where you used to roam,
You lay tangled up in his chains.
And now when he leads you home,
Your spirit is choked by his reins.

We stood silent as you were led,
To the loneliness of your stable.
The stories and lies you were fed,
Hid the truth behind the fable.

Do you pretend or pray,
Or imagine you're back in the fields?
In your dreams, are you free to stray,
Or do you find that you still yield?

Can you feel the wind caress your face,
And whip through your mane as you run?
Is it raining in your sleeping place,
Or can you still feel the warmth of the sun?

Once you owned a purposeful stride,
But - broken - you pulled up lame.
It's hard to rise upon shattered pride,
And he trained you to be timid and tame.

Is it guilt that weakly guides you,
And forces your head down in shame?
Is it fear that roughly rides you,
And allows him to slip on those reins?

In the places where you once roamed free,
There you will find the liberty you currently lack.
In the face of all that has come to be,
In the fields no one waits for you to come back.
Richard Betts




If you have money,
Spend it.

If you share love,
Defend it.

If your friendship is failing,
Mend it.

If you keep a kind word,
Send it.

If you hold a grudge,
End it.

If you have a helping hand,
Lend it.

If there is one thing I have learned,
It is that life is fleeting.

You never know when you and God
Will have an untimely meeting.
Richard Betts
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Poems By Poet Richard Betts