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Poems By Poet Richard Betts  9/20/2014 10:57:49 AM
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  Best Poems From
  RICHARD BETTS (December 8,1964)
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Your most loyal lovers seem to
Loathe your most basic commands.
Your most faithful followers
Fail to meet your simplest demands.

Those who profess to love you
Fail to love thy neighbor.
While those who live 'a good life, '
Fail to find your favor.

Your many followers complain
Humankind may have failed you.
While others explain,
You fail to award virtue.

Those who say they know you
Use your words like a razor.
While those who still seek you,
Pray to find their savior.

The answers may not
Be impossible to find.
They may not lie above,
But more appropriately inside.

For if I do not love
And protect my brother,
Then it is he and I
That have failed one another.
Richard Betts




If you have money,
Spend it.

If you share love,
Defend it.

If your friendship is failing,
Mend it.

If you keep a kind word,
Send it.

If you hold a grudge,
End it.

If you have a helping hand,
Lend it.

If there is one thing I have learned,
It is that life is fleeting.

You never know when you and God
Will have an untimely meeting.
Richard Betts




Years ago, when I was young,
I often dreamed I possessed the power to fly.
At night, I would shed the weight of my fears
And slip into the wonderful sky.

As I grew older, I discovered my ability to dream
Had been secretly stolen or snipped.
Like a bird denied his right to soar,
Time had found me and my wings were clipped.

Life succeeded in sneaking up on me,
And, over time, my heart succumbed to the pounding.
The lightness of the sky withdrew from me
And the evenings became heavy and grounded.

Still, I smile when I recall my dreams
And marvel at the magic of my childhood nights.
For now my sleep is grueling,
And my soul is too heavy to take flight.

I remember when I used to fly and soar,
My greatest fear was that I might fall.
Today, I have no such trepidation,
Because now I never dream at all.
Richard Betts




I wish my old friends were truer,
And I wish I were truer to them.
Everything I know now,
I wish I knew way back then.

I've learned some friends will disappoint you,
Other times, it's you who will fail.
Some friends will move to other cities,
Others will walk the Appalachian Trail.

As time rushes by quickly,
And our memories fade and soften.
I remember those days,
And think of you often.

And if I seldom see you,
Or our paths never cross again.
I will count myself lucky
To have had you as my friend.

As days turn to years,
And years pass in a blink,
No matter what we do or who we become,
Our lives are forever linked.
Richard Betts
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Poems By Poet Richard Betts