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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  7/14/2014 8:04:10 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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The Mother

'Mother of all churches'
Is a term applied to Rome
This means that other churches
Will own her as their own.
Her children are the offspring
Born of her fornications,
And to build the Godless church
'She' will need denominations.

So, when the truth appears in time
That 'her' children be but varlets
'Her' true name will be manifest
'Mother of all harlots'

'Nevertheless what saith the Scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son; for the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.'

Galatians 4: 30

please note: Rome is a type of bondwoman
Richard Merrell



The Overcomer

Are you an Overcomer
Walking in victory?

Are you an Overcomer
Have you been set free?

Are you an Overcomer
When the world does prod?

Are you an Overcomer?
One who's born of God?

Are you an Overcomer
Sealed by God and safe?

Are you an Overcomer
Standing firm by faith?

Are you and Overcomer
With victories to be won?

Are you an Overcomer
Believing Yeshua is God's Son?
Richard Merrell

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The Tabernacle Of David

The tabernacle of Moses
Has passed away in time;
But not so David's tent
Where I partake of bread and wine.

The tabernacle of David
True building of the Lord
With the power of God's presence
According to God's Word.

The tabernacle of David
Where I can worship free,
Before the throne of God
Because this truth I see.

The tabernnacle of David
Is where I'll always dwell
But to live in Moses' tabernacle
Is but religious hell.

Now, you must make a choice
Between religion and the truth;
And leave the outer court
Let me give you this reproof.

When in David's tabernacle
You will see God face to face
For by another name -
It's called Most Holy Place!
Richard Merrell

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The Ten Percent Gospel or Malachi Syndrome

Tithe, Tithe, Tithe!
Your money give to God
Tithe, Tithe, Tithe!
Will your God you rob?

Mix LAW and FAITH together
And set a precedent,
Mix LAW and FAITH together
But start at ten percent!

For me to tithe? it's not of faith
It's like - not eating ham,
For me to tithe? it's not of faith
Don't make the gospel a sham!

Give Freely, Freely, Freely
For, in the Christ you are made alive,
Give Freely, Freely, Freely
And make His ROOD your tithe! ! !

'Freely you have received, freely give.'

Matthew 10: 7-16; Acts 4: 36,37

(The tithe in Malachi was food, somewhere along the line it's been changed to money, most likely
by 'money hungry' pastors who see themselves a as type of Levitical Priesthood, and live like
parasites off the sheep, the 34th of Ezekiel says it all.)
Richard Merrell
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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell