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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  1/27/2015 10:12:16 PM
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  Best Poems From
  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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The Beginning Of The Creation Of God

Beginning of the creation of God
Means that 'He was made'
Also Messiah Yeshua was the first
God resurrected from the grave!

Begotten Son of God
He is the church's head;
Raised by the power of the Spirit
First begotten from the dead!

So when others speak this lie
Saying, 'Logos was not the first made'
Rebuke them in the Lord
And do not be afraid!

For Yeshua is the Lord
So tell a witness true;
He is firstborn from the dead of all creation;
And that God will raise you too!
Richard Merrell

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The Devil's Tree

Christmas came the other day
And sat down next to me
Saying, 'Come on son, have some fun
make an idol of a tree.

'Don't worry about what God might say,
enjoy yourself, have a laugh
be like that fool called Aaron -
who built that golden calf.

'After all the Christian Church
has been cutting trees for years;
and putting up the mistletoe -
those silly little dears.

'So don't worry about what God might say
for I've deceived them all you know;
so come along and do the same -
why don't you have a go? '

I replied to Christmas in this way
'I will not heed your Bell;
I have no idol; Yeshua is Lord -
of Him I love to tell.

'So you can burn your Christmas trees
in that lake's eternal fire;
for I perceive by God's Logos -
you are Satan and you're a liar.'

'The customs of the people are vain'

Jeremiah 10: 1-5
Richard Merrell



The Preacher

The preacher was the one who said,
That, 'All men do end up dead'
Another thing he did say
Was, 'Life's just vanity anyway.'

The Preacher was an old, old man
And from his years did understand
What was in life that could be won?
For, 'There's nothing new under the Sun.'

The Preacher knew that all men die
So spoke the truth he did not lie;
'With nothing is every man born;
so too in death with nothing, gone.'

The Preacher taught that life is short
And all OUR efforts come to nought;
He did not say this in despair
For, 'Life is like a breath of air.'

The Preacher finished and concluded
And his words were not deluded,
The end of the whole matter he did say;
Was, 'Keep the commandments and God obey.'

The Preacher in wisdom did understand
For what he taught came from God's hand
Who moulds a gold or clay pitcher;
The Preacher was Solomon from Holy Scripture.

Richard Merrell

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The Suffering Church

Those rats, they came again last night
I could not sleep at all;
It's very hard to move you see
When you're chained to the wall.

The welts upon my back sure hurt
Men kicked me in the face;
I'm despised and rejected
By most of the human race.

'Curse Jesus Christ' was their command
But silent I did keep,
So now, where I once had fingers;
Those stumps, they just seep.

Yesterday the guards took me
And burned my feet with fire;
Tried to force me to reject the Lord
And make Him out a liar.

The beloved in the cell next door
He went home today
I watched them as they passed my door;
Dragging his corpse away.

The sun now sets, those rats I hear
As they crawl up to me;
Tonight I go home to my Lord,
For all eternity.

One thing I say before I die
It's you I long to find;
Please, do not say I don't exist
For Jesus heals the blind.

Now you may ask, 'Who are you? '
And, 'Why for you I search? '
How dare you ask me, who I am

'Let brotherly love continue. Remember them that are in bonds,
as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity,
as being also yourselves in the body.'

Hebrews 13: 1,3
Richard Merrell

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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell