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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  10/31/2014 5:35:53 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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He Made All Things

The Earth is the Lord's, the fulness thereof
And all they that dwell therein,
Man, beasts and all creatures
All is a revelation of Him.
Now Yeshua created all things
At the right time and the precise hours;
Visible, invisible, whether thrones
Principalities, dominions or powers.
All things consist in Him
He is the Head of the Church;
Who is the beginning, firstborn from the dead
As to His preeminence we need not make search.

For I have received from the blessed Father
By whose Spirit I fain would but tell;
That it is the Lord God's good pleasure
'In Yeshua should all fulness dwell'

Colossians 1: 16-19
Richard Merrell



It Is Finished

God's love goes out to comfort
To save and justify
But only through blood of the Christ
On that flow I do rely.
For Yeshua is my Saviour
His blood he gave for me
This love of God is shown
Through the Rood at Calvary.
Forbid it Lord indeed that I should be
Conscious of one thing but
Your wondrous love to me.

And may I never, ever
Put a value on that blood,
For I could never really know
The price of that dear flood.

Because I do remember
And may this always be
Those words that Jesus spoke
When he cried out at Calvary.
For while hanging on that Cross
We can hear God's decree;
'My Father, Oh my Father
this completes my destiny! ' *
And those other words he cried
As his life deminished
Before they pierced his precious side
But three words, 'It is finished'
Richard Merrell

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Life's Hill

I was climbing up life's hill
On a steep and crooked track,
But for every two steps taken
It seemed three I would slip back.
I tried to hang on with my hands
And dug my heels in too;
But in the end I'd slide back down
Injured and feeling through.
So, up again I'd push
But that hill it seemed to grow
Into a mountain fortified
With a precipice below.

The load I bore was heavy
It would force me to the ground
But as I struggled to my feet,
I heard a little sound.
A voice upon my ear did ask
'Why is it you delay
if you wish to climb this mountain
why don't you stop to pray? '
It was then that I remembered
Those words I now love best,
'Come to me you heavy laden
and I shall give you rest.'

Matthew 11: 28
Richard Merrell



Love God's Son

Love's obedience vastly earns
Oracles from the Word
Visions of the heavenly throne
Everlasting in the Lord

Goodly things from God will come
Often as we pray;
Daily in the Holy Spirit
Seek God for them today

So come before the Lord, it is the truth I say
Over all life's troubles
Now, Jesus is the way! !

John 14: 21
Richard Merrell
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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell