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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  12/20/2014 1:56:59 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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It's True

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother
Maude Constance Gladys Merrell
Though having never met for she died at an early age
I feel I missed the better part.


The Spirit of God has filled me
I can praise Jesus all day;
I praise Him with the spirit
This is the only way.
I thank God for His Spirit
That He has given me;
For by God's Spirit I understand
What happened at Calvary.

God's Spirit is the Comforter
The Spirit of truth indeed,
He is the Spirit of Jesus
By which God meets my need.
God's Spirit dwells within me
Upon Him I do rely
To help me in my praying
Through Him, Christ magnify.
The Spirit glorifies Jesus
I can pray in tongues unknown;
For by the Spirit's acts
The power of God is shown.

I praise the Father and the Son
For Holy Spirit power,
And I have come to understand
I need Him every hour.
So, if you want God's Spirit
To empower you today;
Just ask of God by Faith
Kneel down right now and pray

Acts 8: 14 - 17
Richard Merrell

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I've Often Been Alone

God is always close to me
And speaks words of comfort;

I've often been alone, but never lonely.

The Lord walks with me each day
His footprints next to mine;

I've often been alone, but never lonely.

The Holy Spirit shares my grief
My heart's many pains;

I've often been alone, but never lonely.

When I pass the veil of death
And see my Saviour's face;

I'll no longer be alone, and never lonely.

Galatians 6: 4
Richard Merrell




'Can you stand at my appearing
the coming of my day?
I am the Lord you seek
You, that delight in all my way.

'For as the refiners fire
and as the fullers soap;
judgement begins in my own house
so does the church have hope?

'For I will come to you in judgement
a swift witness I shall be;
against the sorcerers and adulterers
the false swearers that I see.

'I am against the oppressor
that lion amongst my sheep;
those shepherds that compel their life
it's for money they do seek.

'For I AM THE LORD, I change not
and this is what I say;
to the church that is my body
will you stand upon that Day?

Malachi 3: 1-6
Richard Merrell



Just Ask God

Ask God for his Spirit
And you will receive
If you ask believing
For faith does not deceive.
God wants to give you
Riches in the Christ, Jesus
The one who asks of God by faith
Obeys God and God pleases.
God did not leave us
Alone when Christ did rise;
He sent his Holy Spirit
To open our blinded eyes.
The Spirit helps us see the truth
Regarding our salvation;
Take the Word to ourselves
This is, appropriation.

You must believe in every word
The Scripture has to say;
The God spirated writings
Is fulfilled in the Christ today.
You need the Holy Spirit
Know Scripture, not just quote it
You need the Holy Spirit
After all the Spirit wrote it!
So ask God for his Spirit
With Scripture it's in accord
'Not by might, nor by power;
but by my Spirit' saith the Lord.
Richard Merrell

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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell