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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  11/23/2014 3:42:51 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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I Really Am A Heretic

I really am a heretic
Because I always preach -
We must ever walk by faith
None other will I teach.

I really am a heretic
Because I love the Lord -
And would understand his teachings
In God's Holy Word.

I really am a heretic
Accursed is my gospel way -
Which tells that Yeshua came and died
And rose again the third day.

I really am a heretic
'cause I stand on God's proof -
That Yeshua died for my sins
My faith assures this truth.

I really am a heretic
And I must confess to you -
That the Yeshua whom I love;
They called him heretic too.
Richard Merrell

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I Shall Behold Thy Face O Lord

My body is now still
No movement does it make
Cold from head to feet
Takes no sleep nor wakes.
There is no breath left in it
Quiet in death it be
The final place for man
Corruption it will see.
The worms shall devour my body
When my skin is past
This rotting, stinking body
Goes to the grave at last.

For whilst I lived, I spoke
To my body oftentimes
Saying, 'You cannot enter heaven
God's kingdom is divine.'
For my redeemer lives -
gave me a second birth
and in the latter day
He shall stand upon the earth!
Now body, you shall perish
and shall no longer be
for I shall get a new one
and have no need of thee.'

I shall behold Thy face O Lord
As your righteousness I see;
Be satisfied when I awake
And in your likeness be.
Richard Merrell

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I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder why it is
That I am on this Earth,
My life has not been easy
Nor is it full of mirth.

I sometimes wonder why it is
That things do no go right;
Why the many hardships
That seem to be my plight?

I sometimes wonder at my thoughts
And this is what I see;
Those things that come throughout my life -
Are but God's plan for me.

So now I do not wonder
About what my life does bring
I think about God's blessings
Then, I start a-wondering! ! !
Richard Merrell



I Would

Would you be a pillar in the temple?

Would you be made a living stone?

Would you wear the righteous garment?

Would you sit next to God's throne?

Would you love the Lord's appearing?

Would you get the righteous crown?

Would you seek to serve and suffer?

Richard Merrell
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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell