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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  10/31/2014 3:21:14 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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Trusting in YESHUA day by day
Trusting in God, the only way;
Trusting the Saviour every hour
Trusting in the Spirit's power.
For trusting means a rest in God
For those that have believed;
And precious was the gift of faith -
When God caused me to believe.

Trusting in the grace of Him
Trusting that the race I'll win
Trusting now and evermore
Trusting God's Son? for sure!

'By so much was Yeshua made a surety of a better testament.'

Hebrews 7: 22
Richard Merrell



The Clique

'Lord, we forbade that fellow
he was not one of us
how dare he cast out devils
and cause a lot of fuss.'

Now Yeshua did rebuke them
Said, 'Forbid him not.'
This was the first instance of
Party spirit rot!

'I am of Paul;
Apollos for me
I follow after Barnabas
or any of these three'

But if the truth be known
It's Yeshua that I pick
For the Holy Spirit said to me
'Be careful of the clique.'

Mark 9: 38-40; 1 Corinthians 3: 1-6
Richard Merrell



The Faithful Husband

The faithful husband loves as the Christ
The wife he has been given;
He must be as Yeshua to her
And make her life as heaven.
He must bear her up always
Present her unto himself;
As a pure and chasted bride
His wife is his true wealth.

Submitting unto Yeshua as Lord
He is given authority;
To take the things of the Christ above
And teach his family.
The faithful husband is as theChrist
Who died upon that ROD -
And loved His bride unto the end
He submitted unto God.
Richard Merrell

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The Servant of the Lord

The servant of the Lord
Must be gentle to all men
Avoiding foolish questions
The unlearned do ever yen.

The servant of the Lord
Must be apt to teach God's truth;
Being always patient -
But instructing with reproof.

The servant of the Lord
Must walk in meekness all the way;
So that God might grant repentance
To the opposer and gainsay.

The servant of the Lord
Must speak evil of no man
For a good man cannot insult him;
And no other can!

2 Timothy 2: 19-26
Richard Merrell
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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell