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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  10/31/2014 6:33:25 PM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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are the dead who walk
dressed in the burial shroud

are the dead who walk
stinking corpses who are proud

are the dead who walk
They exist in every way

are the dead who walk
I see them every day

are the dead who walk
I heard what Yeshua said

are the dead who walk
'Let the dead bury the dead'

are the dead who walk
but this is what I say

can stop being dead -
believe on Yeshua today! ! !

Matthew 8: 23
Richard Merrell



A Bigot

I know I am a bigot
That's what I want to be
And I will be a bigot
Throughout eternity.

The reason I'm a bigot
And dogmatic too
Is because I will not change
From my point of view.

My point of view is this
From it I cannot sway
Only YESHUA leads to God
There is no other way.

Yeshua said so Himself
I know it does cause strife
But I have claimed His promise
'I am the way, the truth, the life.'

So, I may seem a bigot
Because I'll always say
No man can come to God
Without Yeshua as the way.

Now in my dogmatism
I can be very brave
For I know that Yeshua
Is no longer in the grave.

Now, this does make a difference
'cause in the Christ I'm free
I no longer listen to
This world's philosophy.

Of course I'll be dogmatic
With this point of view
And I may seem a bigot
But I love God, do you?

Upon second thought however
Now, please do not faint
I'm not really a bigot
Just a plain old saint.

John 14: 6
Richard Merrell



A Prophet

A prophet
is the one
Through whom the Lord doth speak
To encourage the house of faith
And comfort all the weak.

A prophet
is the one
Who waits upon God in Church
A spokesman in the Lord's hands
To exhort all those that search.

A prophet
is the one
Who feels the weight of grief
From the Lord's own heart of hearts
When sheep are stolen by the thief.

A prophet
is the one
Who often stands alone
Without honour in the Church
The same as Christ has known.

A prophet
is the one
God allows to see
The needs of other people
A prophet, God made me.
Richard Merrell

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A Touch Of Heaven

All creation is burdened by sin
And softness is really quite hard
What we feel as gentle and light
Heaven reveals all has been marred.
For in heaven flowers are ethereal
With petals like gossamer wings
Their fragrance is as Holy incense
Drifting upward to God it sings.

The gardens of Earth may have beauty
But in heaven they cannot compare
Whose flowers are as jewels within silver
For the river of life doth flow there.
The streets of heaven are golden
Yet a gold that is crystal clear
And a sinner cannot walk upon them
For no footprint can ever come near.

The saints walk in pastures so green
In each bosom there is a white stone;
And they take their repose in the shade
Of the shadow that's cast by God's throne.
Yes, there is nothing on Earth that is soft
To us things just, seem to be;
But in heaven all things are of Spirit
Sometimes those things I can see.
Richard Merrell

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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell