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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell  11/29/2014 2:27:01 AM
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  RICHARD MERRELL (17/07/1949)
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Ye of Little Faith

I want to say, there's hope in God
To ye of little faith
Now little faith beats none at all
For little faith means safe.
But ye of little faith can grow
Into a mustard tree
When exchanged for the faith of God
Little faith shall no longer be.
So, the little faith you have
You can exchange for greater worth;
And you shall speak as Yeshua did
When He created Earth.
Richard Merrell



A Child's Death

God the Lord has taken
Though He has given too;
For in your times of sorrow
God shows His love for you.
God's love will bring you joy
God's joy will never cease
'cause when you know the love of God
You then know inward peace.
These words I speak to you dear friends
To quieten all your fears;
For by God's Spirit your sorrow I share
I've prayed for you with tears.

And as I prayed God's Spirit groaned
Within my troubled breast,
God told me it was 'by His love
that he would give you rest.'
Your sorrow will be turned to joy
You shall find peace I know
'cause when you seek the risen Christ
His love constrains you so.
Let us praise God for His giving
And for His taking too;
For in your times of sorrow -
God makes known His love for you.

2 Samuel 12: 19-23; Luke 4: 18,19

(written for a couple whose infant died)
Richard Merrell



Declaring Yeshua

The Spirit of God is Holy
Come to declare Yeshua's name;
To speak NOT of his own self
But to glorify Messiah who came.

The Spirit of God has come
To guide us in things of the Lord;
Reminds us of the words of Yeshua
That we might be in one accord.

The Spirit of God does not boast
Of Himself in any wise;
But declares that, 'YESHUA IS LORD! '
Anything else, is but lies.

John 16: 13-15
Richard Merrell



Diag - Nose

If I look down my nose
I find a sickness I can't hide
For when I look down my nose -
I'm sufffering from pride.
And when I point the finger
It's then I start to harp
And complain about the brethren
My finger's getting sharp!

So I think I will repent
Let others do the hunt
I shall not look down my nose
My finger I'll keep blunt.

For the ones who point the finger
And like looking down their nose;
Are the ones that God doth hate -
And the Scripture doth oppose.

The Bible tells us this,
'Then shalt thou call,
the Lord shall say, here I am.
If you stop pointing the finger.'
That's all! ! !

read Isaiah 58
Richard Merrell
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Poems By Poet Richard Merrell