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Poems By Poet sabrina seriva  7/23/2016 8:05:12 AM
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Mirror Image.

i've met my mirror image,
lost in his hazel eyes,
loved my mirror image,
till my heart exploded with colors,
hated my mirror image,
with a fury even satan would cringe,

I've met my complete opposite,
lost in his inner beauty,
love my complete opposite,
my heart burst with colors every secong in his arms,
want my complete opposite,
till our souls leave for somewhere better.
sabrina seriva



My Life Is Complete

my life was empty,
and bitter,
until one night,
when we met,
he stole my heart at first glance,
i thought id never have a chance,
we talked for hours on end,
and danced the night away,
the next week after,
we went out to the movies,
we stood outside and talked,
then he kissed me,
he held me,
i never wanted it to end,
he makes my life complete,
within these three months,
ive never been happier,
his smile brightens my day,
his voice is so sweet,
hes everything icould ever ask for,
hes my world and i need nothing more,
my life is no longer empty,
he was my missing peice,
and now my hearts complete,
my life is wondeful,
because he is my life,
i love him,
i love Mattia Chang.
sabrina seriva



My Lovely Aunt

I want to drown my sorrows in alcohol,
Drown all of my memories,
Shoot through the images in my mind with pills,
Pop as many as I can,
Cut the words with simple slashes,
Watch the blood run,
I want to drink till I get the warmth back,
Her warmth,
Alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel close to her,
I want to take these pills to erase all the devastating images,
Images of her beauty,
I want to slide this blade across my arms and legs to make me numb,
Make me numb and cold,
Like she was when I saw her in that coffin,
It can't be.
I don't want to accept it.
I can't accept it.
I can't accept her death,
How could I?
I miss her so much,
I hear her voice as I pop the pills,
Hit the bottle, and move the thin sharp steel across my worthless skin.
She doesn't deserve to be gone,
I want to take her place.
sabrina seriva




feeling like being torn apart! !
pain inside burrowing into the heart,
so much screaming
all in my head
cutting wont help
feels like i should be dead
scared of the fighting
who knows where it will lead
misery is ahead
so close your eyes and they wont bleed
the man is back
the one you despise
sabrina seriva

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Poems By Poet sabrina seriva