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Poems By Poet sabrina seriva  3/6/2015 3:35:03 PM
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his kiss

standing there looking at his beautiful blue eyes
his arms around my waist
his face drawing near
and i begin to fear
in a split second i begin to think
'what if he turns out to be like the rest? '
but before i could speak
his lips were against mine
the feeling just so divine
the feeling fading as he pulled away
just to look me in the eyes and smile
and when i went to speak i found
i had grown rather speechless
and in no time i had the feeling of completeness
in a matter of seconds
his sweet curve of his lips completeing mine
we stand the in the cold hands intertwined
no matter how cold it was
he made me feel so warm inside
and so this is the story of our first kiss
i had, had many before but his was the only one
that made me feel complete
and now everytime his arms are around me
i see that very moment flash before my eyes
thinking to my self ' Should i give my heart away so soon? ? '
i finally know the answer....
i shouldnt have....
sabrina seriva



life is sorrow

as i search and cry looking for the slick silver blade tears falling from my eyes leaving sparkling streams down my cheeks i find the shining blade and slash it against my wrist black blood pours down my arm as i scream at the top of my lungs (why do i do this u may ask? ? because of people, people who will kick the living hell out of you or make fun of you coz of the way you dress or the things u like and that is y i slit my wrist everyday) 'FC*K ALL OF YOU BITchE*S' i slide the smooth blade against my arm again my life going blank my vision going black my life finnaly over blood gushing, heart stoping good bye cruel and devastating world.
sabrina seriva



My lovely aunt

I want to drown my sorrows in alcohol,  
Drown all of my memories,
Shoot through the images in my mind with pills,
Pop as many as I can,
Cut the words with simple slashes,
Watch the blood run,  
I want to drink till I get the warmth back,
Her warmth,
Alcohol is the only thing that makes me feel close to her,
I want to take these pills to erase all the devastating images,
Images of her beauty,
I want to slide this blade across my arms and legs to make me numb,
Make me numb and cold,  
Like she was when I saw her in that coffin,
It can't be.
I don't want to accept it.
I can't accept it.
I can't accept her death,
How could I?
I miss her so much,
I hear her voice as I pop the pills,
Hit the bottle, and move the thin sharp steel across my worthless skin.
She doesn't deserve to be gone,
I want to take her place.
sabrina seriva



I Miss You

I miss sleeping with him, ?Just laying next to him, ?watching him fall asleep, ?Listening to his heart beat, ?Watching his chest rise and fall, ?Kisses his cheek, ?Him putting his arm around me, ?Like if he didn’t id disappear.?I miss kissing him to wake him up, ?Then lying there just staring, ?And saying good morning, ?Even if it was noon, ?Just laying there and cuddling, ?Until we woke up completely, ?I miss playing video games with him, ?and pausing just to kiss him, ?I miss him holding me, ?Rubbing my tummy, ?Kissing my cheek, ?Holding my hand, ?Saying..?“I love you” ?I miss going through my tumblr, ?And how he got mad at my post, ?About “I hate being fat”, ?And tons of trigger posts, ?I miss how he got mad, ?And grabbed me and said…?” you are beautiful, ?I don’t care that your chubby, ?And you aren’t worthless You're my everything' I miss him so much
sabrina seriva

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Poems By Poet sabrina seriva