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Poems By Poet salma. torrez  11/27/2014 6:08:40 PM
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21st century cries.

21st century cries.

World has advanced in many ways, yet poverty still cries.
Looking at this old man with tears in his eyes.
Desperately searching for food love and clothes.
We all know what it clearly indicates and shows.

I see poverty in a rich man trying to break the law.
I see poverty in a well-educated man who thinks the subject is a bore.
I see poverty in a literate man who lacks respect for poor.
I see poverty in you yes you who wants more and more.

Written by salma torrez.
salma. torrez



What can i do his my Son

What can i do his my Son
Son I can't believe it's true you don't want me in your life
Son it's like you chewed me spat me out and ripped my heart out with a knife
Son I trusted you like I have trusted no other
Son i thought you are my best friend my brother my father
Son because of you i cried oceans of tears
Son you hurt me and wasted me so many years
Son I'm writing you this hoping you'll read it telling you how I feel
Son i'm tired of you abuse me I wish it was just a dream and wasn't real
Son Sometimes when I'm alone
Son I cry because i sacrificed my life for you now I'm on my own
Son the tears I cry are bitter and warm
Son they flow with life but take no form
Son i could of got married again i chose not to i showed you with love gave all i had
Son you grow older abused me spat on my face and said i was mad
Son i'm nervous and my hands are shaking i got to dry my tears
Son i looked into the mirror and had to face my scary fears
Son i pray when you have children they wouldn't do what you done to me
Son i rather be deaf and blind so i don't hear or see
Son i forgive you i'm so lucky god blessed me with a forgiving heart
Son it's my mistake, your abusing me i should've put a stop to it right from the start.
Poem written by
Salma Torrez
salma. torrez



Lost identity.

Lost identity.

My dream as a child.
Became a passion in my youth.
To search for my identity.
And search for the truth.
I differentiated myself from every other mortal.
I differentiated myself for a subtle known cause.
To be the best amongst all of them.
And to prevent them not to know of my identity loss

The good that I achieved
Doesn’t seem to be no more
Or probably it wasn’t good enough
For my conscience to be sure
I was probably the most competitive
In an effort to establish my superiority
I’m still to reach that ultimate position
To re-establish my lost identity.
written by salma torrez. copyright
salma. torrez



Arabian Nights

There love for each other is beyond imagination,
I want to dance with you for a life time
Hold you close to my heart
Stop the hands of time
Make the world give us a little more time (habibi)

To feel our bodies close swaying together
To music that only we can hear
Letting it sweep us into Heaven
Come, dance with me there.

We'll dance forever; never let go
Hearts in tune hand to hand
Building love between us
That we barely can stand (habibi)

Candles low no bright lights,
Our love will light the way,
Come hold me close; dance with me habibi
Til the night breaks to day

Feel our bodies pressed close,
As close as skin to skin,
Open your heart to me (habibi)
Come on, let me in.

Fill my senses with your rush,
Let me taste your deep kiss, (habibi)
Hold me tightly to your heart

Never have I felt like this,
Never will I feel it again
For within your arms I've died,
I've gone to heaven in your love
These are happy tears I've cried (habibi)

Never have I been so loved,
Or felt so much love for anyone
Dance with me habibi (habibi)
Until the night is done please (habibi)

Dance with me until the world is done,
I can't resist your charms
Dance with me and hold me close
Let me die within your arms (habibi)

Don't ever let me go,
Dancing together is so right,
I will never let you
Dance with me (habibi) .
salma torrez.
salma. torrez

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Poems By Poet salma. torrez