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Poems By Poet salma. torrez  9/1/2014 2:30:38 AM
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What can i do his my Son

What can i do his my Son
Son I can't believe it's true you don't want me in your life
Son it's like you chewed me spat me out and ripped my heart out with a knife
Son I trusted you like I have trusted no other
Son i thought you are my best friend my brother my father
Son because of you i cried oceans of tears
Son you hurt me and wasted me so many years
Son I'm writing you this hoping you'll read it telling you how I feel
Son i'm tired of you abuse me I wish it was just a dream and wasn't real
Son Sometimes when I'm alone
Son I cry because i sacrificed my life for you now I'm on my own
Son the tears I cry are bitter and warm
Son they flow with life but take no form
Son i could of got married again i chose not to i showed you with love gave all i had
Son you grow older abused me spat on my face and said i was mad
Son i'm nervous and my hands are shaking i got to dry my tears
Son i looked into the mirror and had to face my scary fears
Son i pray when you have children they wouldn't do what you done to me
Son i rather be deaf and blind so i don't hear or see
Son i forgive you i'm so lucky god blessed me with a forgiving heart
Son it's my mistake, your abusing me i should've put a stop to it right from the start.
Poem written by
Salma Torrez
salma. torrez



Hello did my tears and cries made you laugh?

</>Hello did my tears and cries
Made you laugh?

Its been a long, long time
I hope that you still know me
Ive been hiding quite awhile
I know that you know all things

Still, I think I should explain
The reason Ive been hiding

Is because of all the pain
I know that I dont look so great
For meeting up with you
But I hope you understand
Ive been alone since I was five

You probably see the dirt marks
And smudges on my face
But it seems no matter how I try
Some things cant be erased

They say that eyes are windows
That peer into the soul.
Im afraid that if you look there
Youll find it dark and cold

Im not sure why it is, god
But you wont see any tears
I guess theyve just been locked up
Inside me all these years

I know that limp and lifeless
Is my unruly hair
I guess thats just what happens
When no one really cares

And if you ask a question
I wont have much to say
Ive found that no one really wants
To hear me anyway

And if you care to listen
Sit quiet and youll hear
How hard my heart is pounding
Thats because of all the fear

Youll notice that I wrap my arms
Around me all the time
I do that for protection
Of the things that should be mine

See, not so very long ago
Without an ounce of care
Someone took away from me
Things I never meant to share

And if you find I tremble
When you come close to me
Its because of all the dreadful things
That someone did to me

God Im so sorry
If these things have saddened you
But when I cried out to you
You never told me what to do

I know that in my mothers womb
You created me
And I cant help but wonder
Is this what I was meant be

They say that you are everywhere
With each and every one,
But it seems that on those dark times
You left me all alone

They tell me that you love me
and I suppose its true
God, show me the way
With out you god i don't know what to do.

Written by Salma torrez.
salma. torrez



Man and Woman.

Man and Woman

When a woman Loves a man it's :)
A (Violin Affair) favorite music to a love song.
With your love beside me, I do nothing wrong.
With your eyes upon me, with your heart in mine,
The cares of this world are left easily behind.
When a man loves a woman, he finds inner peace.
A sense of belonging, a sense of release.
The future looks brighter with each passing day.
A journey together, we'll find our own way.

When a woman loves a man, for him she would do,
Whatever his heart would require her to.
Nothing too simple or hard by request,
Until she accomplishes the task, there's no rest.

When a man loves a woman, no one could divide,
His thoughts and feelings, deep down inside.
He's a little bit crazy, and he acts like a fool,
like a lovesick kid who is still back in school.

Don't under estimate the love of your man or a woman
His her love isn't built on some weak shifting sand.
All that she, he, has unto you he, she, would give,
His, her, life for yours, if it meant you would live.

Salma Torrez
salma. torrez



Rose Petals

He, gave her a Rose
She Drop a tear
her tear releases her fear
he told her that he was near
he whispered in her ears
i promise to love you to the end of our years

She, my darling this Rose is so sweet and so are you
Our love will last forever I knew
Because of memories past and new,
My eyes met yours and you said Hello
Music was playing soft and low
I heard an Angel whisper to me
Take his hand and dance away
My love i love you, im here to stay.

He, Your smile is like a new day
your sense of humor is like no other
The ability you have to make me smile Is all you need
your laugh is so soft and sweet and thats all i need

She. because of you im stronger
stronger each day you're with me
my love without you, I will loose
all those beautiful Rose petals you've given me along the way

He; you are my inspiration
having you in my life
revived my sleeping

He, whenever I'm lonely
You are there for me
keeping my heart alive
with your every smile

She, i never expected someone like you
Someone kind and loving as you
You snuck into my life like a true angel in the night
Loving you is the only thing that i know
this rose will stay in my heart to grow and grow and grow

He, i thank God for sending me someone like you
who is precious and loving.
So I can truly say that you are the Angel of my Life
the one i was seaching for I thank you
and every rose i give you it'l say

Written by Salma Torrez
salma. torrez

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Poems By Poet salma. torrez