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Poems By Poet Sam Campbell  11/20/2014 4:40:25 PM
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  Best Poems From
  SAM CAMPBELL (May 19,1993)

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I feel like I'm drowning
As the paranoia sets in
Darkness is the cause of my frowning
Its as if angels of death are out to get me

Running from something I can't see
All this horribly beautiful paranoia
The blackness of night blinds me
Just then I fall to the floor

My dreams are always filled with gore
The paranoia taints my mind's eye
In my nightmares of hell I try to find the door
I am always lost in my sleep of hell

It racks my brain
Tears at my face
Nothing but the pain
Sleep vanishes without a trace
Sam Campbell



Moon's Power

The moonlight dances on the water
How much power is
inside it?
Sam Campbell



Angel or Demon

I have waited
Hating the Sun
Stealing lives
Living in the dark
Stopping hearts
From beating
Seeing you
So beautiful
My kisses
Turn angels
Into demons
You will be
Forever embraced
In my arms
No longer
An angel
Of the Sun
Now & forever
A demon of
The moon
We will love
Till we part
One is slane
Till then
My Dear
We are
Forever embraced
In pleasure
Dancing with
The Devil
In the dark
Sam Campbell



Because of You

There are times
I weap.
Missing you
Is more than I keep.
The locket from you
Without I suffer restless sleep.
Cluching it
I am filled
With peace.
For your image
Inside heals
My heart
When it aches.

This poem is for my father, David Clide August Campbell.
Sam Campbell

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Poems By Poet Sam Campbell