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Poems By Poet Sam Campbell  5/29/2016 6:05:33 PM
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  Best Poems From
  SAM CAMPBELL (May 19,1993)

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I feel like I'm drowning
As the paranoia sets in
Darkness is the cause of my frowning
Its as if angels of death are out to get me

Running from something I can't see
All this horribly beautiful paranoia
The blackness of night blinds me
Just then I fall to the floor

My dreams are always filled with gore
The paranoia taints my mind's eye
In my nightmares of hell I try to find the door
I am always lost in my sleep of hell

It racks my brain
Tears at my face
Nothing but the pain
Sleep vanishes without a trace
Sam Campbell



Vampires Vs. Werewolves

Villainous Vampires Vow Vengeance
against Wicked Wailing Werewolves
Sam Campbell



Chased Morning

I hope you
Go to
All your ment to
Never fail to.
Let your life be a dream.
Its too late
Don't look back
Yield for nothing
Chase the morning.
Remember the
Sheltered rose
That needs room
To bloom
Outside the bedroom
Don't settle for less
Hope for your happiness
Shun the night
Stay in the light
And chase the morning

This poem is for my sister Justina in Washington.
Sam Campbell




What is on the other side?
Heaven or
Why do we feel
Inferior when we gaze?
Who is that staring at me?
That stranger?
What is on the other side?
If I could see the other side,
I would stay.
With beautiful people.
Sam Campbell

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Poems By Poet Sam Campbell