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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya  1/25/2015 10:20:29 PM
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  Best Poems From
  SAMBIDHAN ACHARYA (1986-12-21)
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When you depart with me for a day

Just we departed to respective home,
But, still I feel the departure for a long time,
I don’t know why the flower withered
And the cloud are blocking the sun to raise

Even I can see the moon clear in day time
Has the system changed due to thinking you?
Has the nature been annoyed not seeing you?
Might because it’s sending warm air to me

I feel tons of iron has poured to me
Like all the sorrow has landed to my lap
And all the stars angry with your departure
Does it mean you’re princess of my heart?

Yes, I will be a king without the queen
As, when she leaves I become lifeless
Sambidhan Acharya




When I was young
And use to quarrel for petty things
My mother use to solve my problem
If mother was absent then my father was there to solve

When I became adult
And see my parents quarreling
I used to make them go for settlement
When they refuse, then, I being mediator
Use to make them get to an end of quarrel
That was it and we were happy forever

Today I see my country situation
Each big parties are quarreling with other
Every political power are colliding with each other
Can they not come to an agreement?
Can’t anyone solve our problem?
Like I had done for my parents
Someone might do it let us hope
Hope is only there remaining
So I am still hoping for some ray of hope
But I don’t know who will do it
Sambidhan Acharya

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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya