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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya  9/19/2014 2:49:58 PM
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  Best Poems From
  SAMBIDHAN ACHARYA (1986-12-21)
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Is my love blind?

Her eyes, lips, legs and arm I had seen all
Aphrodite’s beauty seemed fade in front of her
Even Helen’s grace had to compare with her
And, that clear face is even clearer then moon

Must I complete formality before loving?
Should I need to ask what has background?
And also the aim she has taken to succeed
But, I had asked nothing at this case

Does that mean I had infatuation with her?
I was taken by her conduct not by beauty
Her, words that should how practical she was
I became Adonis due to her truth in speech

Has these things got no suspense then question
If it’s yes then my love is undoubtly blind
Sambidhan Acharya




I asked God, “Do you respect someone”,
He nodded his head and yes, it’s with you was his reply,
I asked even the devils, “Do they fear from some one”,
He too nodded his head and said, yes, it’s with you was his reply.

I went further, and asked to a murderer,
Do you have faith on someone?
Do you speak truth to someone?
He said yes, it’s with you was his reply.

I asked to myself that how the thing that every one respects is with me,
I thought for a while and thought about anyone who have protected me so far,
Only the one who can create and has habit to give,
I got an answer from the inner core of heart, mother is her name

She is the only creator even the creator of god too,
She is the one with who even the devil fear,
Even the most treacherous in the world speaks truth to her,
She has only one habit it is to protect if other external tries to affect her child.

She is the only one who makes her son to play life safely,
She knows only to give not to take,
She is also with me with you and everyone around,
She is a word which describes her feature,
She is a mother.
Sambidhan Acharya



The Casino

Casino is the place when one is robbed the other celebrates,
Money and money is seen everywhere,
Cards smoke and alcohol can be named casino,
Which is lightened everyday.
Is it like life?
One day we are also happy the other day gloominess surrounds us,
We are also running after money, same as casino,
Betrayal, deceive is what life nowadays is named,
Due to which no light is left.
But, the truth remains the same,
Like in casino, the owner, the creator never loses they always win.
Sambidhan Acharya



The Westerners 2

Gone are days when you use to catch horses from gaucho,
Gone are the days when all the westerners meant gun followers,
Gone are those days when you had only denim to wear,
And gone are those days when your house was mere stables.

Today, your description has been changed,
You are symbol of hardworking individuals,
All the guns are dumped and technology are being hugged,
And, all those stables have been transformed into arm chair well equipped office.

But, still the profession your ancestor landed the farming is being embraced by you,
Still those plains are grazed by horses, cows and ships,
Still the Appalachian and Andes does not miss you,
Still you are the source of style for the commons.

Yes, you still farm raring cattle and horses,
But the change has been you have used well the resources available,
The grazing lands are well maintained so that all can graze without being watched,
All the cows are still fed but the style has been machinery.

All those crops are still cultivated and reaped,
But the difference is it's done by flying saucer discovered by man,
You have started working in offices instead of working in stables,
The rage inside you has given the hardworking people to the country.

In the past people wanted to be you due to elegant style,
The way they see driving horses and carrying gaucho in hand,
But even today you have gone through modernization,
All of us want you to be the person like you as per your, pleasant change in behaviour,
The way you have made use of the modern techniques,
Yes, even today all the children want to be westerns.
Sambidhan Acharya
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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya