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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya  3/1/2015 9:06:37 AM
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  Best Poems From
  SAMBIDHAN ACHARYA (1986-12-21)
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There were two person playing chess
Chess of life I mean to say
First the black seemed very powerful
It got the white bishop pawn and right
But the white only was looking helplessly revolves
He knew nothing to do
Then few checks come in
But the white eluded to met
Then black got mistake it left its queen open
The brightness was showing to engulf the queen
The white started to quest the game
One after another it started to grab the pieces
But another then both bishop and queen were gone
Once again black over took the game
White flattered once again
But it had powers to move it moved and reached the end
Got all the power back
Tricking, Tackling all the stages
It finally gave a single check
That was mate
There lies black player vanishes and goes
to play with other people's fate
So today I have mate the struggle
Now its your turn to mate it.
Sambidhan Acharya



The Casino

Casino is the place when one is robbed the other celebrates,
Money and money is seen everywhere,
Cards smoke and alcohol can be named casino,
Which is lightened everyday.
Is it like life?
One day we are also happy the other day gloominess surrounds us,
We are also running after money, same as casino,
Betrayal, deceive is what life nowadays is named,
Due to which no light is left.
But, the truth remains the same,
Like in casino, the owner, the creator never loses they always win.
Sambidhan Acharya



The Last Kiss

Love is what I want at the end,
It’s my only want at this nearing end,
I want at least some one love me for a moment now,
So, I can die peacefully.

Once a girl said me, she loves me,
I slept her a night and threw her out,
Then I was never loved by anyone else,
From that day the thirst of love have come in my way.

I had heard that she gave birth to my girl,
But never did I met her in my short verve,
Once in a life time, I want to be kissed purely,
That’s my last wish which I yearn for.

A small girl came to me today from nowhere,
I could see the resemble of me in her face,
She hugged me kissed in pure sense,
Sambidhan Acharya




When I was young
And use to quarrel for petty things
My mother use to solve my problem
If mother was absent then my father was there to solve

When I became adult
And see my parents quarreling
I used to make them go for settlement
When they refuse, then, I being mediator
Use to make them get to an end of quarrel
That was it and we were happy forever

Today I see my country situation
Each big parties are quarreling with other
Every political power are colliding with each other
Can they not come to an agreement?
Can’t anyone solve our problem?
Like I had done for my parents
Someone might do it let us hope
Hope is only there remaining
So I am still hoping for some ray of hope
But I don’t know who will do it
Sambidhan Acharya
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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya