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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya  7/11/2014 1:10:19 PM
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  Best Poems From
  SAMBIDHAN ACHARYA (1986-12-21)
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My Love

At the time of trouble who will help me,
Not only giving pennies, but also using words of sympathy.
At the time of laughter who will laugh more than me,
Not only sharing laughable word but by also encouraging my happiness.

At the time of sorrow who will console me,
Not only by giving words but also actively involving in it.
At the time of cherish moment who will share cheer with me,
Not only by showing teeth but also teaching not to over do anything in cheer.

At the time of misguidance who will guide me to brightness,
Not only using inspiring words but also pulling out from misdeeds,
At the time of my great heights that will say ‘Don’t get away with it.’
Not only saying it but also sees I don’t misuse it.

At the time of my death who will be holding my hands and consoling,
Not only shading tears but also leading my family after my demise,
At the time of my family’s upbringing that will show them lightening path,
Not only by showing the right path but also guiding me to safety.

That person will be my real supporter, who is my dearest.
And that is the one to whom, I love.
Sambidhan Acharya



Search For Pleasure

I went to the Everest summit,
I went down to the bottom of the sea,
I went even to the extreme end of the Earth,
But could not find the pleasure I desired.

I worked at the administrator in vain,
Working as a slave too went to vain,
Even sailor job didn’t paid me,
I thought of carpenter’s one that too didn’t helped me.

I decided to be gone to extreme cruelty,
But could find no pleasure there too,
I worked for the charity too,
But could not my search pleasure there too.

I went to great persons and also to god,
No one could satisfy me what I was looking for,
Now I have come to you for the same thing,
Will I get pleasure in your home too.
Sambidhan Acharya




She was fast and unthinking
When I saw her, the first sight
She was restless, aimless and silences ness
When I knew her for first time
She was like free floating fish, ready to go anywhere
When I made her friend for the first time
She was like a deer, free aiming, ready to break all barriers
When I first liked her

She was in track, trying to fix herself
When I loved her
She was targeting aim
When I proposed her
She succeeded with my support
When I married her
She became brilliant, worthy, patience
When she gave me a child

She became my guide now
When I had started to be misguided
She then made me to lead my life
When I started being restless, aimless and silence ness
She then brought me to the track and changed my goal
When I got bankrupt
She was my idol, respective
When I lifted up my life once again

That was my friend, then best friend
Then, became by girlfriend, then wife
Again became my son’s mother and then my guide
She was idol if delight for me
Sambidhan Acharya



She rules me in dreams

As the night falls,
And my eyes close,
Giving music from her bangles,
She comes and touches my hand.

Giving charismatic smile,
And consoling my tension,
She kisses me in forehead,
And I forget all my sorrow.

Her beauty is more than the Aphrodite,
Her dazzling eyes make me flatten,
The speech she delivers is like soothening wind,
And her smile makes me feel in heaven.

As the sun tries to shine,
She leaves my hand,
And also kisses farewell to my forehead,
And with musical bangles she leaves.

When I wake up,
I only have her feelings,
The lady with white gown,
Pleasant smile, consoling goddess,
Beautiful angel, and great supporter,
She is the one who rules me in dreams.
Sambidhan Acharya
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Poems By Poet Sambidhan Acharya