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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....  11/1/2014 5:59:20 AM
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  SCARLET .....

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i will no longer just stand by
and always be the escape goat
i will no longer take all the blame
for you problems aren't my fault
as my problems are not your fault
for you must realize as i did long ago
that for every problem you have
you are the only one you have to blame
it is your choice to leave it as a problem
or create a solution
just like you created the problem
i dwelled in my problems and yours for years
but now i have started to look
look for solutions
so that everything doesn't stay a problem
for every problem can be solved
if you are will to work on it
Scarlet .....



Breaking Down the Walls

I found it
the thing I’ve been searching for
searching for for so long
I found the lost ray of light
in this state total darkness
I can’t remember
ever seeing the light
I lost it all so long ago
when I was bruised and broken
I lost my trust
I lost my hope for happiness
I lost everything
but now I found something
and I find myself walking toward the light
the light I didn’t know I had
I’m walking
away from the darkness
away from the pain
I feel happy
I don’t remember ever feeling happy
I think
to myself is this real?
Or is it a just cruel joke?
If it’s a joke I don’t think I will survive
the downfall
I tell myself it is real
I just have to try to trust
I have to break down my walls
the walls I put up
to block the pain
to feel safe
but they left me trapped
and all alone
for they blocked out the happiness with the pain
and surprise surprise
just as I start to wonder how to break the walks down
they start to crumble around me
freeing me
telling me to trust
so I try it
I try to trust
and its not as hard as I though
I’ve never trusted someone
so soon
so quickly
is that a good thing?
Or am I setting myself up tp me broken and busied all over again
if I become broken and bruised again
I don’t think I can heal
but I want to try
I want to fight
fight the urge to build my walls back up
as they say there is no joy with out pain
I just hope the pain is in the past
and the future is filled with joy
Scarlet .....



font color=redSCREAM

if it makes you happy
does it make you feel good
does that really bring you pleasure
to see the hurt within me
do you enjoy your one sided agreements?
Or have you not noticed yet that I no longer fight
I no longer even bother with it
why fight a battle that will never end
Scarlet .....



Afraid, So afraid

I’m so afraid
I’ve finally found something
something good in my life
I’m afraid to enjoy it
afraid to trust it
afraid to open up all the way
afraid to be bruised and broken again
afraid that I won’t be able to heal
most of all I’m afraid to screw this up
afraid to I’ll build my walls up again
the thing that scares me the most
is I’m afraid to bruise and break him
for I’ve been bruised and broken
more than once
and I know how it feels
I know if I screw it up its will be my fault
I will have earned the bruises and beatings
but he wouldn't have
I can’t imagine causing someone else that pain
all that pain I’ve felt
the bruises and beatings
I’m so scared to cause that pain
because I know will never forgive myself
if I bruise and break him
for he would never had deserved it
only I would have
and for this
I would never forgive myself
Scarlet .....

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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....