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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....  7/13/2014 12:58:58 AM
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  Best Poems From
  SCARLET .....

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Broken Window

I am a broken soul
I live in a broken home
I am the broken window in that house
I sit and watch the world around me break
as I myself break
break away into pieces
falling into this broken world
my house is filled with broken dreams
broken past
broken promise
broken futures
my life has been broken
it has fallen to pieces
glass pieces
sharp pieces
it broke into so many tiny pieces
I do not know if I can be put back together
for I am a puzzle
without a map
with missing pieces
pieces lost so long ago
pieces I don't know if I can find
for I don't know if I will ever be whole again
I don't know if that is possible
for I might just be broken beyond repair
I may have finally reached that time
the time when it is too late
for my life has fallen into too many pieces
tiny pieces
tiny pieces of glass
I try to put them together
but it hurts
for they make me bleed
they cut me into pieces
as I try putting other pieces back together
damn these pieces
for they are to sharp
to tiny to hold
the more I try to put my life back together
the more it cuts me into tiny pieces
such tiny pieces
and they keep getting smaller
Scarlet .....



never satisfied

I am who I am
I will be who I will be
and it is all up to me
I will no longer
pretend to be someone
that suits you
for I could care less if you like me
for you have hurt me to much
for me to care what you think
I tried to be the number on daughter
but hell I was never good enough
and never will be
for you can never be satisfied
so why should i continue to try
I worked so hard to be the smart one
but a 95% average wasn’t good enough
for you to notice
I tried being the mature one
like you ever cared
I tried being the one that helps out at home
and all you did was complain I didn’t do enough
so screw it
I’m through trying to please the un-pleaseable
I will no longer do things for your approval
I will do things for me
and me alone
you are suppose to lead by example
so i will do what you do
i will put myself first
maybe that way
i will be able to survive
Scarlet .....



Breaking Down the Walls

I found it
the thing I’ve been searching for
searching for for so long
I found the lost ray of light
in this state total darkness
I can’t remember
ever seeing the light
I lost it all so long ago
when I was bruised and broken
I lost my trust
I lost my hope for happiness
I lost everything
but now I found something
and I find myself walking toward the light
the light I didn’t know I had
I’m walking
away from the darkness
away from the pain
I feel happy
I don’t remember ever feeling happy
I think
to myself is this real?
Or is it a just cruel joke?
If it’s a joke I don’t think I will survive
the downfall
I tell myself it is real
I just have to try to trust
I have to break down my walls
the walls I put up
to block the pain
to feel safe
but they left me trapped
and all alone
for they blocked out the happiness with the pain
and surprise surprise
just as I start to wonder how to break the walks down
they start to crumble around me
freeing me
telling me to trust
so I try it
I try to trust
and its not as hard as I though
I’ve never trusted someone
so soon
so quickly
is that a good thing?
Or am I setting myself up tp me broken and busied all over again
if I become broken and bruised again
I don’t think I can heal
but I want to try
I want to fight
fight the urge to build my walls back up
as they say there is no joy with out pain
I just hope the pain is in the past
and the future is filled with joy
Scarlet .....




it boils within
slowly poisoning all that it touches
corrupting all that is within
it has now reached a new level
a level I never thought existed
for it has boiled over everything
everything I have
everything I’ve worked to keep
for I am now totally corrupted
drowning in poison
the poison of my life
the poison you all help create
the poison that has been growing within me
anger is that poison
anger is the poison within
the thing that is eating me alive
eating me from within
corrupting every cell of me
turning me in to a corruption
for now I am just a corruption
Scarlet .....

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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....