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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....  1/30/2015 9:57:17 PM
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  SCARLET .....

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I Will Be Me

it is fighting to be set free
the real me is now fighting
clawing at my inside
pulling trying to break the chains
digging at the walls
it is slowly spreading throughout me
taking back what is hers
slowly but surely
eventually it will win
I will win
it will claim what is rightfully hers
we will not give up this fight
I will not let the depression and the pain win
I will fight to the end
fight until I can tear off my mask
and be free
be me
Scarlet .....



font color='000000'Blind Eyes of the Light and the All Seeing Eyes of the Dark

the eyes of the light are so blind
blind to reality
blind to the truth
the eyes of darkness see it all
they see the pain
the anger
the depression
the hate
they see the stories of other dark eyes
the stories that the eyes of light could never imagine
these stories are reality to the eyes of the dark
they live these stories everyday
the eyes of the light are stuck in an ignorance bliss
the eyes of the dark suffer
for they see it all
they see everything
and miss nothing
the eyes of the light
see nothing
and miss everything
they are so blind
blind to so much
Scarlet .....




it boils within
slowly poisoning all that it touches
corrupting all that is within
it has now reached a new level
a level I never thought existed
for it has boiled over everything
everything I have
everything I’ve worked to keep
for I am now totally corrupted
drowning in poison
the poison of my life
the poison you all help create
the poison that has been growing within me
anger is that poison
anger is the poison within
the thing that is eating me alive
eating me from within
corrupting every cell of me
turning me in to a corruption
for now I am just a corruption
Scarlet .....




I am but a caterpillar
surrounded by butterflies
such beautiful creatures
I have watched many like me change
change with such grace into such beauty
I often wonder why
why I am yet to find such grace
why am I yet to change into such beauty
have I done something wrong
I want to change
but yet I am stuck being such a horrid creature
a caterpillar
I want to be a butterfly
I want to have wings
so I can spread them and fly
fly in the beautiful sun light
fly and be free in the light
Scarlet .....

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Poems By Poet Scarlet .....