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Poems By Poet shameka jones  2/1/2015 2:39:54 AM
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rain, rain, rain heal my heart that is broken apart
rain, rain, rain up above from the skies
rain, rain, rain pour here and clean my soul
rain, rain, rain there will be rain here, there will be rain there
rain, rain, rain wash away my pain
rain, rain, rain wash away my debts to pay
rain, rain, rain so tired i felt wash away my guilt
rain, rain i will do anything for you to cover my tears of shame
shameka jones



16 at war

um 16 at war
16 at war with life
16 at war with destiny
16 at war with the universe
16 at war with the world
16 at war in iraq
16 at war with my soul
16 at war with my spirit
16 at war with teenage ways
16 at war with you
16 at war with whom?
shameka jones




that mystery was that mystery oh that unsolved mystery
shameka jones



As rain falls

As rain falls upon me, it hits every wound healing one by one
i lay there and rain falls whispering in my ear telling me to enjoy the eternal life it has
healing my wounds that have been tormented and rejected
It tells me don't feel pain, let it banish from your soul
Let it crumble in your head
Rain falls down and flashes an eternal light upon me
As i become the unbroken angel of rain
Discovering the wondrous powers of rain
As it tells me, you will never feel pain, you feel joy
shameka jones

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Poems By Poet shameka jones