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Poems By Poet shameka jones  1/25/2015 6:12:59 AM
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In my mind

I know you want me
I know you don't want to be with her
In my mind it's just not right to leave you with her
I don't care what nobody else say
You belong to me
I always be your girl
In my heart, my soul and in my mind i know it's always going to be
You with her is driving me insane
I will always be your girl
No will ever change that
Not even your girl
They say if you love some one you got to let go
But i know our love is strong and it will grow
It will always find its way home
There would be hope

In my mind I hope
shameka jones



It was a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night and what had happened was?
shameka jones





You are my journal as i write my abstract thoughts in to you.
heart broken as it dilapidates to the floor, restoring it piece by piece as it still crumble to the floor.
Isolating myself into this dimension that is disembodied. Letting my soul bleed.
Being anonymous to the anatomy of the human form.
Sketching my anatomy with a passionate desire of love.
shameka jones




Envy/ Enviable
Calm/ Tranquil

As i sit calm, tranquil and joyful envying the art of my illusion sensing it's concrete.
Imaginary to the thought but beautiful as the asphodels that is painted on.
The colors of the marigold warms the inside with this combustion feeling of illusion.
Art it is, which captivated the being of being eviable.
shameka jones
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Poems By Poet shameka jones