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Poems By Poet shameka jones  7/27/2016 4:02:37 PM
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It's my home
It's my thorn
Oh G-E-O-R-G-I-A
Oh um not from the M-I-A
Oh that sweet georgia peach
Oh who thats me
Country names, country slang
Home of the Atlanta braves
Home of the dirty dirty
Oh um not dirty
but Michael Vick was caught dirty dirty
shameka jones



I Am

I am a marching band
I wonder if people could actually hear me think
I hear concrete sounds
I see the world upside down sometimes
I want a wish that make my wishes come true
I am a marching band

I pretend to be in some ones eles's shoes
I feel actually good today because it's friday
I touch the cries of others
I worry when something hurts me bad
I am a marching band

I understan that everything is not bogus
I say conceited things at times
I dream that my dreams should be realityr
I try so hard that i can't try anymore
I hope that things will be alright
I am a marching band
shameka jones



I Wonder

I wonder if life would never be the same without me
I wonder how would the world be without hatred
I wonder how would the world be without war

I wonder what would the world be like with peace
I wonder what is life about
I wonder if i would ever find myself in life before life found me

I wonder things that i can't explain
I wonder why things are the way they are
I wonder if being curious is a good thing or a bad thing

I wonder if people wonder if wondering can change the world
I wonder if life is a game or do i just live it
I wonder do people think life is game or do they live life
I wonder do you live life or let life get you

I wonder things but most of the time i don't want to wonder myself into something i can't wonder out of
shameka jones



In My Mind

I know you want me
I know you don't want to be with her
In my mind it's just not right to leave you with her
I don't care what nobody else say
You belong to me
I always be your girl
In my heart, my soul and in my mind i know it's always going to be
You with her is driving me insane
I will always be your girl
No will ever change that
Not even your girl
They say if you love some one you got to let go
But i know our love is strong and it will grow
It will always find its way home
There would be hope

In my mind I hope
shameka jones
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Poems By Poet shameka jones