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Poems By Poet shameka jones  3/2/2015 8:59:28 AM
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Envy/ Enviable
Calm/ Tranquil

As i sit calm, tranquil and joyful envying the art of my illusion sensing it's concrete.
Imaginary to the thought but beautiful as the asphodels that is painted on.
The colors of the marigold warms the inside with this combustion feeling of illusion.
Art it is, which captivated the being of being eviable.
shameka jones




Knowing is beautiful
Imagination/ Imagery

Knowing the soul is beautiful. My emotions soaring through my imagination, the imgery saying picture this.
Az'ure revealing the true colors of the heart, the mind, the soul and the sense of seeing is amnesia.
As my emotions takes me on a joy ride through my heart seeing the imagination that it has was compassionate thinking to myself i wish this ride would never end.
The imagery was revealing it's ture self to the flesh or was it my imagination.
As the sun crept across az'ure putting me in a trans giving me amnesia forgetting the night before.
shameka jones




My mama um so proud you
Giving me life to breathe, feel, and see
Taking care of me when um in need

Promise you I will never dropp out of school
I will be so good to you, mama
I will try not to act a fool

I love what you did for me and I want you to be so proud of me, mama
I want to tell the whole world about this wonderful mom of mine
I want to buy that mansion we couldn't afford

You always tell me go to school and get your lesson
When I got sick you are always there
You fixed me your famous chicken noodle soup, can I have another bowl

You would work late nights with 2 different jobs
You always supporting 5 kids as a single mom, mama
You always get me anything that I want

You never put no man over us
I love you for that can't you see, mama
7 years old caught a tear in your eyes

Mama umma love you until it don't hurt no more
When I get older you don't have to work no more
Mama you my hero, you are my legend and i am just thanking you

You remembered when I road down the hill with my skates on and ran into a stop sign and fell unconscious
You told me not to do no more and I did it again and I made
You inspire me, mama

You are so beautiful to me
I know I have to prove to you that um go make it mama
I thank god for sending me a angel

You are like a poetry book of Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Edgar Allen Poe turn the other page there is my mommy
You are like this little light of mine and um going to let it shine
Forest Gump mama said life is like a box of chocolate enjoy every moment that you got with it

Come on mama just dance with me let the whole world see your dancing feet

I love my mama! ! !
shameka jones




that mystery was that mystery oh that unsolved mystery
shameka jones
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Poems By Poet shameka jones