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Poems By Poet shannon wright  11/27/2014 4:28:33 AM
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happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts

I have to keep reminding myself to forget you.
Forget you and me.
(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.)
You wanted me to promise to never say it again
Those three words
(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts)
Which is laughably easy to do right now because
We are so far out of touch I couldn’t reach you if I tried
(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts)
So I plod through grey days and inky dark nights
Heavy laden with regret
(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think happy thoughts)
Tomorrow I will remind myself to forget you.
Forget you and me.
shannon wright



one man's cult is another man's religion

One man’s cult is another man’s religion.

You do know that don’t you?

you with your narcissistic personality,
a disorder which allows you to prey
on the circumstantially weak
and still be able to sleep at night.

you wake up each day
and fall in love with your reflection all over again.

demanding excessive praise from everyone
striking down the ones who dare
try to counterbalance with reality.

Whoever doesn’t feed into your grandiose
sense of self-importance
or has the audacity to question
your ultimate authority
will be immediately excommunicated
and vigorously forgotten.

for dan mccluskey
shannon wright



self fulfilling prophecy vs. fate

Is self-fulfilling prophecy really just fate in disguise?
Is our all important free-will just a front for destiny?
Maybe the agonized decisions I’ve thought I made
Were all planned out ahead of time.
And I wasted my time thinking I actually had a choice
shannon wright



a soldier comes home, home from the war

a soldier coming home
he gets off the bus and looks around
families are being reunited
and lovers are kissing
all are unfamiliar faces.
he grabs his bag
and goes to the nearest payphone.
soon a cab pulls up and takes
him to a motel.
he has no one to welcome him
and no place to call home.
as he lays his head down to sleep
a tear slides from his cheek to a pillow
he feels so alone.
he doesn’t realize
that a thousand miles away
there’s a girl crying.
wishing she had been there
to welcome him home.
Home from the war.
by shannon flanders
shannon wright

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Poems By Poet shannon wright