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Poems By Poet Snehal Bhosale  10/21/2014 5:19:17 AM
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Snehal Bhosale   Best Poems From
  SNEHAL BHOSALE (05/09/1990)

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Life-A season of Diwali

Life's nothing...but all a season of diwali
chill at dusk and chill at dawn

All shimmer and quiver adorn the dark
when doth day-start, day-end

The childish twinkles of a sparkler
the explosion of ever-flowing youth
the agile colours of fantasy;

the serene luminiscence of diyas age-old
the message they carry, the truth they behold,

The sweet crisp of relationships
the exchange of love
the bondings that brotherhood cove.

Life's nothing...but all a season of diwali;
comes with grandeur, goes with pomp

Leaves behind sullen silence
reminiscent memories dense.
Snehal Bhosale




Doth skin maketh a poem?
or does content do true.

why do we caress macaws and flamingoes
why not crows and sparrows?

the treacherous ghazni, stole gold long old;
A thirty and four times......
still little did we realise

A street painter could paint more sense
than did pounds and guineas worth.

what did not do rand or simon
did a bare Gandhi

what couldn't do battalions of forces,
did a mere lathi

Why do the Bible and the others atop the rest?
said a local swami...........
because the Geeta maketh the rest
Snehal Bhosale




The match-stick of thy life

is indeed very small,

Which hath been ignited by hands of God;

thine match-stick, has to accomplish a lot;

Each small deed, each small thought,

thou have to light the lamp

of love, spread thy light

and contribute many a glorious mite.

You shall burneth, the incense

of deeds, with a sinless heart & humble needs.

Which shall live on forever,

live for kith and for kin,

& also for the lofty low.

the fragrance of thine deeds, shall never disappear,

the light of your love, shall last on forever,

Even if your match-stick hath burneth to ash...!
Snehal Bhosale



O mother 'o mine

Today in the morning upon the shores
I saw women of forties lazily stroll

Holding hands, walking eyes in the skies
They spoke of joy and of cheer

Together they explored fantasies anew
Bid adieu to worry, and goodbye to fears

Then flashed upon my mind
dearest mother 'o mine

How hath she waken when dawn
and hurried until dusk?

Engaged in bread winning and baking
Mother 'o mine
How did thy manage
to bake me so fine?

O' mother hast thou eight hands?
that you go performing dancer like.

Or hast thou a billion hearts
that overflowed with love and compassion.

O' mother 'o mine, in your starlit eyes
do there shine dreams only of children of thine?

Did ever thy look back upon dreams
in the past you nurtured.

In living life, thou livest for thy children
O' mother 'o mine countless of thine sacrifices
suffice in my mind, as in my heart your love thrives.

The bread thou baketh in me
the fruit of thy proficiency
shall sweeten thy life
with honey of pride.
Snehal Bhosale

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Poems By Poet Snehal Bhosale