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Poems By Poet Snehal Bhosale  7/11/2014 2:59:29 AM
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Snehal Bhosale   Best Poems From
  SNEHAL BHOSALE (05/09/1990)

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The match-stick of thy life

is indeed very small,

Which hath been ignited by hands of God;

thine match-stick, has to accomplish a lot;

Each small deed, each small thought,

thou have to light the lamp

of love, spread thy light

and contribute many a glorious mite.

You shall burneth, the incense

of deeds, with a sinless heart & humble needs.

Which shall live on forever,

live for kith and for kin,

& also for the lofty low.

the fragrance of thine deeds, shall never disappear,

the light of your love, shall last on forever,

Even if your match-stick hath burneth to ash...!
Snehal Bhosale



God-Thy friend Forever

Thou art, a true companion;

full of pure love and trust,

So soothing is thy company

so tender thy touch.

Such rejuvenating is the warmth of thy love.

Thy smile, is synonymous to the sunshine,

the laughter to the chirp of birds.

thine presence is light for my heart,

thou art wisdom, for my mind.

The flow of thy love, shalt silence all my doubts,

thou shalt calm the fears of my heart.Thine is a large heart

thou possess a great mind

Thou art a true friend, full of pure love and trust!

None is greater than thou!

For thou art the eternal companion;

of the journey called life...!
Snehal Bhosale



Life-A season of Diwali

Life's nothing...but all a season of diwali
chill at dusk and chill at dawn

All shimmer and quiver adorn the dark
when doth day-start, day-end

The childish twinkles of a sparkler
the explosion of ever-flowing youth
the agile colours of fantasy;

the serene luminiscence of diyas age-old
the message they carry, the truth they behold,

The sweet crisp of relationships
the exchange of love
the bondings that brotherhood cove.

Life's nothing...but all a season of diwali;
comes with grandeur, goes with pomp

Leaves behind sullen silence
reminiscent memories dense.
Snehal Bhosale



A mile after mile

I can’t ask thou for help oh God,
I simply can’t.
Because, I know thou blesseth only efforts
Where mine art meager?
The answer beholds eternity alone.

My heart is so strong, tough like a rock,
Are dead all its feelings
Are killed all its desires by the start of the clock.

I can’t cry out my troubles, nor console my fears;
For there are those, who by my single tear are disheartened,
Or those whose notoriety doth enfeeble my life, and my being,
And whose mirth calls it ‘compete’!

A friend that was parted long back,
Whose touch, whose presence seems like a mirage yonder hills,
Beyond the skies.
Floats over eyes, along days and twilights.
But disappear like mist,
As in myths did goddesses or as did dreams
When day lights.

If life is so, what different could death be?
May be that meant rest, may be that meant peace
Peace for now and forever
Peace for thine heart, and for thy kin
A sullen silence that healeth all pain

All’s silent, but then just one question thrives.
“Was the purpose of thy life accomplished? ” did thy givest joy to those,
Who for thou bear, so many troubles, but each time
They faced you,
They faced you with smile.”

A mile after another mile, and just will pass by life,
All in a while,

A mile after mile………….
……………just for that billion dollar smile! ! !
Snehal Bhosale

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Poems By Poet Snehal Bhosale