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Poems By Poet Tayler Bailey  10/23/2014 2:54:29 PM
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  Best Poems From
  TAYLER BAILEY (March 28)

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Im crazy
Im crazy
Im insanely crazy
Im crazy
Im crazy
I also made him crazy
He's crazy
He's crazy
He's insanely crazy
He's crazy
Im crazy
We're two crazies
Together and crazy
Foreverly crazy
Tayler Bailey



You'll Never Understand

You'll never understand
The scars on my wrists
You'll never understand
Why my hands are in fists
You'll never understand
The tears on my cheek
You'll never understand
How Im so weak
You'll never understand
The reasons for cutting
You'll never understand
Why the pills keep popping
You'll never understand
Why I keep shaking
You'll never understand
All the drugs Im taking
You'll never understand
The marks on my neck
You'll never understand
Why I'm such a wreck
You'll never understand
Why I do all of it
You'll never understand
One little bit
You'll never understand
Because your not like me
You'll never understand
'Cause you dont know me anymore... see?
Tayler Bailey



I Hope You Understand

You'll never understand,
The pain I go through
You won't be able to stand
The truth when I tell you:

I love him; get over it
You weren't there and didn't care.
I'm with him; deal with it
He won't leave me I swear.

He loves me and trusts me
He really does care
We're happy but why can't you be?
He's not leaving me.He's here

You'll never understand
Why the tears fall
You won't be able to get a hand
On how this was all you, doll

You make me cry when you say
'I don't trust him, no'
You make me mad everyday
When you say' I told you so'

He doesn't make me cry everyday
When he says' Baby, I love you'
He makes me happy, when he say
'Your my everything, I need you'

I hope you understand
What he means to me
But I don't think you could stand
If I say ' He's the one to be'
Tayler Bailey



Our Dream

The minute I wake up
My mind rushes to you
And how happy I am
I think that we're the perfect two

Buring the hot days
All day long
Your on my lonely mind
I dont think Im wrong

Wrong about how I feel
And about our happiness together
You actually care about me
And I hope its here forever

Though at times
We yell and we scream
We get through all of that
And continue our dream....
Tayler Bailey

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Poems By Poet Tayler Bailey