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Poems By Poet Tayler Bailey  8/20/2014 7:21:27 PM
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  Best Poems From
  TAYLER BAILEY (March 28)

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Im crazy
Im crazy
Im insanely crazy
Im crazy
Im crazy
I also made him crazy
He's crazy
He's crazy
He's insanely crazy
He's crazy
Im crazy
We're two crazies
Together and crazy
Foreverly crazy
Tayler Bailey



You're The One For Me

I want to be the one
That you've always needed
I want to be loved a ton
And though its not repeated

You're the one for me
Someone like you
You're the one I want to be
Here forever; in bad times too

You make me so happy
You can make me so sad
You get me mushy and sappy
You make me calm when I'm mad

You don't even bother
To make me angry
And around my little brother
You keep me calm and not angry

Cause I know your here
To save me and make me
Safe, loved, cared for and no fears
I think I know your the one to be

Be here for awhile
Through sad and happy times
Through tears and smiles
I love you.... but I don't know if that rhymes?
Tayler Bailey



Your Perfect To Me

I lose myself
In your star-filled eyes
My mind twists and turns
My heart almost dies

Your angel-like voice
So perfect and sweet
Your soft brown hair
Always so silky and neat

My thoughts are erased
By the sight of you
My face is so pleased
By your lips against mine too

Oh your soft lips
So purky and pink
And your gorgeous eyes
Are showing me a wink

Again, Im losing myself
In your playful smile
Im trying to catch my breath
But I wont for a while

Everything about you
Is so perfect to me
Your my entire world
And I hope your the one to be
Tayler Bailey



You Made Me Smile

You held me in the rain
When there I lie
You kept me sane
When I wanted to die

You wipped the tears
From my soft cheek
You scared away my fears
When I was so weak

You made me smile
Even on a bad day
You stayed for awhile
Though I really wish you could've stayed

Now that you're gone
I've cried every waking day
I've wished for you, but you're gone
Maybe gone for good, they say

I need you back
To wipe theses tears
It was an attack
When I got caught up in fears

Today's a bad day
Why can't I be fake?
And they all say
'I think you need to awake'

I don't need you
You're no use to me
I dislike you
And what you've said to me

But then I hear you
Calling for me back
And to talk to you too
'I need you back

I think it could be
That silly thing called love'
Is what he said to me
Hunnie, I think it is love

But I'm sorry hun,
You're just a tad too late.
You did this and now it's done,
But maybe just one more date?

No, I can't. Think of him and
How he would be hurt;
Knowing your here, hand and hand
With the other, who hurt you.
Tayler Bailey

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Poems By Poet Tayler Bailey