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Poems By Poet Timothy Venard  7/25/2016 9:32:45 PM
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  Best Poems From
  TIMOTHY VENARD (November 29th 1995)

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A Hero?

Her hero is pretty and thin
Her hero is a hero to many
A hero of fame and a hero of fortune
A role model, a hero of glamour
Her hero is a hero to many

His hero is fit and fast
His hero is a hero to many
A hero of sport, a hero of games
A role model, a hero of victory
His hero is a hero to many

Her hero is clever yet plane
Her hero is a hero to few
A hero of science, a hero of logic
A role model, a hero of knowledge
Her hero is a hero to few

His hero is a hero of art but he is poor
His hero is a hero to few
A hero of word a hero of writings
A role model, a hero of language
His hero is a hero to few

But that’s the thing with your heros....
Hero worship is only skin deep.
Timothy Venard



(a Poem Of My Island) 1- My Island (Intro)

There is a field far away
Where neither moon nor sun is seen
Amongst the grass, and the straw, and the hey
Is a pool where an island has been.

This was my island and it was mine,
And its inhabitants are my friends
They’re strange and weird, but I think they’re fine
And they were until they’re ends.

But who are they who live there
What kind of lives did they choose to lead?
If you want their lives in front of you bare,
Then I’ve got some poems you should read.
Timothy Venard



Lewes: A Curious Little Town

The sun is burning the sky orange
along gorgeous green enclosing hills,
and as the sky gives way to the stars,
the street lights begin to glow.

Turn left, then right, down here, and along this!

As a I pant down the steep slope of Keere Street,
you see the stars burning bright,
OH! there's southover Primary!
Remember going there when we were young?

right, quickly, to the side, just up her!

There are still lights on at the station as we pas,
and here we see the high-street,
the curiousness of it all, , with all the hidden gems,
we've got time, is suppose, shall we go for a walk there?

so we do, we walk.
the high-street is lit in a warm orange glow
eliminating the empty shops,
which but an hour ago were full.

down the path, across this road, down this alley!

AH! the Needle Makers! Only Lewes could have
a place with such unique eccentricity in it's walls,
as this, our Lewesian Bazar.
embodying the spirit of the town!

Up this, and down this hill, over this bridge!

here's the old grammar school!
it's hard to believe, it's been around near 500 years,
with it's famously mad teachers, and students to match.
It's been at the heart of Lewes this whole time.

cross the road here, along this new path!

You see that church, here at the top of the High-street?
That is St. Anne's! The oldest in Lewes,
isn't it just beautiful? the idea that here,
people have been worshiping for over a thousand years!

Down his slope, over this fence, and through this gate!

And here at the Paddock, with it's ancient green trees,
it looks beautiful at night, with the stars shining though the trees,
and trees whispering in the dark!
in the shadows of the great old castle in the background

Lewes is perfect! a quant little town,
with many-a quant and curious place.
a strange town, full of strange people,
Never still, for that would be dull!
Timothy Venard



Why Carpediem

It means seize the day;
Try and enjoy life
The sky’s not that grey.

Easy for them to say
They have Don’t have it bad
They don’t know how you feel
And it drive you mad

They can seize the day
If they bloody want it
But in this day and age
The day ain’t worth my spit

Your life maybe be hell
And it turns you insane
A phrase for the mundane

So why should I Carpediem
Should I conform and live life for them
I take my dignity
That’s my Carpediem
Timothy Venard

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Poems By Poet Timothy Venard