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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  9/2/2014 4:13:40 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Ho Ho Here Comes Santa Claus

Ho Ho She Knows Santa Coming With Her Gifts,
The Christmas Package Wrapped Ho Ho merry Christmas,
Here Comes Santa Claus With The Ho Ho,
Her Boyfriend Mo Mo Is jealous of the ho ho santa claus gift,
she makes money trying to hide me she naughty,
been bad for christmas she honey like sweet candy canes,
Ho Ho hey ho ho hey ho ho how was your day making money,
Crazy ho sayng for christmas ho ho here comes santa claus,
she making money tryng to decieved me,
bad is the saying we say at christmas,
she wants all the gifts with sparkers on it,
she fine but grab my attention does not,
she ho ho for santa claus coming,
mo Mo took the jo jo for his ho ho,
santa claus said hey ho ho welcome to my coco,
I'm standing in santa claus lane waiting for him,
mery christmas to all and all a happy new year,
2013 what a new year,
As I speed by in the rain deer ride I spot her,
she touching me because she a ho ho doing it all for money,
If she talking noise I bought it if she wasteing time I spent It,
this time its different in beast mode wit myself,
she wanna holla at me spend much time talking to me,
Hey Ho ho baby she hey maybe calll me maybe,
I stand at the corner of santa claus'es office now,
waiting to give her a bunch of sticks now,
she naughty she naughty,
and santa claus ho ho can I take your moe joe,
spend it all the time she spending mine,
hey ho ho merry christmas to all and to all a happy new year.
Tommy Laster




Tell the world I'm Homebound,
been homebound since my age now,
doing double the page now,
trying to get by in life now,
mom and dad say I'm homebound,
homebound by my friends when there around,
ain't it funny no news press let,
so much to get off my chest,
they buging me about a silver vest,
like a hip hop best,
now to that test I done many test,
why they couldn't confest merry merry mess,
Go my way I been tried cause christmas coming up,
joy in the back of a blue cup,
Been homebound when no one else could see now,
play with toys when I was a kid,
Man how much I done grown now,
they say I couldn't size my shoes with many stories,
in the years I known I have made plenty stories,
no coke in my car because I don't believe in that,
said I had many stars but I couldn't see that,
While the news never wanted to show my poetry face,
I have been given you my poetry grace,
now I feel like a rockstar,
too many keys to one dang speed car,
police chase me like I'm a crack star,
now believe in me I ain't so I act like a angel to a God,
step high off my ladder like I falling from the sky,
cause the roof was so high felt like a bird when I fly,
Best believe I'm Homebound been shockcoller and homefound.
Tommy Laster



Phobias Of Plenty

I'm aging a little got some years on me,
Being alone it's no joke but I'm single and happy,
Man I got books stack around the house,
just to grow my poetry more,
My grand daddy had cancer devil gave it to him,
these clowns messing with my head after I smoke the weed,
I'm in all these cofined spaces like a tight corner ain't enough,
Got alot of fans in alot of crowds looking for me,
on my bed lights off look how dark it is,
Ghost put these dead things images in my head,
run from house to house away from the heavy dogs,
I'll be driving real fast to get away from everybody,
scared because its a chance we all are dying,
I took the elevators to the tenth floor,
everything is always happening to me,
Failure is not a option in my life so I choose the high life,
me and my family is flying to new york city,
clean clean clean your hands clean them Germs well good,
Riding rollercoasters not worrying about the hight risk,
done been to every hospital with my mom,
me and my girlfriend had intimacy on are bed in our bedroom,
seen people with sugar problems use needles for their sugar problems,
oh my fans listen while I do a public speaking,
Rejected by a girl call it it rejection,
walking in the woods almost step on some snakes bake some cakes lol,
almost lost my social networking social situations,
In a old abandon house see spiders all around,
Strangers always coming looking for a small dang hand out,
making love while its thunderstorms out,
got so sick from being at the doctor I was vomiting,
These are phobias of plenty.
Tommy Laster



We Should Be Millionaires By Now

Older poetry artist to the newer poetry artist,
we cutting poor meat on the grill while we try to teach you,
I won more awards then money look like a fool on crack,
the business they be funny look for a new hook every time,
we should be millionaires by now shopping to get what we want,
I shouldn't have to want any more but wait it was me that put this back into motion,
single railroad track they hide their money from me,
they new poetry artist and the business taking notice,
every step is jealous of the outcome to what become me,
I wonder if this poetry game is even worth it even more,
they missing what they can't have is it worth the cry's,
we should be millionaires by now and I be a bigger person in spotlight,
this is why the world is falling apart look like a big spark,
we should be rockstar's burning up the spot like a hook that's hot,
wait stand tall Mr tommy laster the greatest at what you do,
Boy oh boy I wish I never started this poetry game it's hard to get out of,
wish we was wish we was wish we was,
we should be millionaires by now then I could have any woman.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster