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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  11/26/2014 3:22:53 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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One Night Mr Philips Forgot

I was there sitting in the classroom tomarrow come no soon,
looking in my textbook while stareing across the room,
notice that my paper for this lesson is out of room,
wondering if birds fly to get out of sight,
one night Mr philips forgot our homework asignment,
then we talking about how hard the teacher has to work,
he saids I have to do teacher conferences for an hour,
your safe inside your own soul,
then I wonder how people bring about history,
sightness is blindness to open your heart and soul,
can't stand not getting a homework asignment,
love homework so much it keeps me busy in a ever changing world,
when I'm scared to walk out my own house,
what people say if school wasn't taught today,
we hide away from the world while we destroy earth,
one night Mr philips Forgot the classroom seating,
by the names of all of you is how you are seating,
I think theres a magical ending one never expected,
only human so I'm learning in school how to be a better person,
hide me from the darkness that around me,
rise up america rise up for the future before it's too late,
if we all hold hands can we make this world a bettter place,
is our hearts so stone cold that we can't live happy again,
will there be another tomarrow,
cry out our name in history,
I know you seen a better life before,
we all in these times so reach your hand I'll be there,
one night Mr Philips forgot the names of the other teachers,
tooking to the doctor for life care,
the doctor helped help him remember the classroom kids.
Tommy Laster



Ruler Rumble Rumba

Trouble coming my way like I'm looseing my way,
money low cause I feel like I spent more then I took in,
big city but where are the big star's I'm a lie,
catching loose ends diging deep around me in the ground,
I lost my way trying to be not me but somebody else,
Ruler rumble rumba like I'm a ruler who rumble rumba's,
they don't really care about me wheather I'm here or not,
they destroy the planet they would destroy me,
it's like this place is too big for the both of us,
one time I was good at this poetry but I lost that talent as well,
now they telling me quit give it all up now,
never would I play in that second best game,
low on money but I still see dollar signs,
someone best to pay all the bill's,
Depression falls on a two step second bsic,
this is insane give all my money all away,
now I needed love but these days it's hard to find,
my friend's either dieing or moving what the heck,
what the mess wrong with this world,
I was a ruler by my poetry for a minute then I lost,
Rumble around at party's until my night was finished,
Rumba was a game like we play for a sport,
I can still wave around my magic sword to finish a word,
how you ever been in my spot where things are so twisted,
welcome back to the circus of this life,
government tracks me verizon phone.
Tommy Laster



She Was Torn Between Two Men Ft. Infinite The Poet

She Walks on Green open farm land,
looking at new wind turbines,
her heart stops because her phone rings,
her boyfriend says we got to break up,
she crying tears filing the river up,
she wants a new start but she still in love,
her new boyfriend breaking the family up,
the ex which is me wants to fight,
they can't control themselves they destroying the planet,
we can cry but it don't fix the problem.
(Albert Carrasco)
She was mine,
then became his,
now I want her back again,
she fell in love as I spiraled into lust,
I yearned for her touched,
Oo how I miss her so much,
Ring ring I call after his call,
I hear the one I love bawl as if she was a baby laying in fetal on the floor,
he's leaving he doesn't want her anymore,
they arqued and conslantly was cursing,
many nights of pushing and shoving,
let me back in I need your loving.
(Tommy Laster)
As I wake up her body reminding of a solar power energy,
she has so much energy she never quits,
it's so emotional how her new boyfriend getting in the way like a headache,
now taking pain pills to clear my head,
me and her making love under the stairs,
that make up call back crap,
we on a tractor like soul survivor,
she let me hit her cookie cause snookie is christmas season,
wind turbines her body spins,
everybody welcome to 2013 poetry the comeback of poetry kings.
(Albert Carrasco)
she let me in,
In the beginning she was torn between two men,
now its all about me again,
all he did was bring problems,
he sees she flocked to me,
so he calls and harass,
baby baby please,
kissing his butt,
I never pushed or shoved her,
I just didn't know how to love her,
You know what? ,
I practiced without having her,
she's mines now and forever,
so it's time to back up my brother.

Tommy Ray Laster Aka FizTzle FizTzle Poetry Inc.
Albert Carrasco Aka Infinite The Poet Infinite The Poet Inc.

She Was Torn Between Two Men 'Dec.12 18 2012
Tommy Laster



Tuby Fuby

Everybody in the party like Tuby Fuby,
She got my wallet like Hubby Hubby,
Playing In the mud like Muby Muby,
Calling me her turby Burby,
Danceing in the club like she don't know me,
In Line like Hokey pokey,
Drinking hot coffee like sweet motion,
Picking up friends Locomotion,
playing with her golf hole holy polor,
Everybody in grand stands u didn't know me,
We be drinking in here like sweet sensation,
Me and her conversation,
Big Potato in microwave cookie pookie,
Need new kitchen sink sookie sookie,
Tuby Fuby we party like its 1990 to the nine,
Everybody on their own time,
Calling me still like ghetto phone line,
We drinking up a storm windows busting,
Tornado hit the sun (snowing outside) ,
Tuby Fuby I undress her she my homie,
She taught me how to cook some cookies,
early in the morning we talking she be mocking,
like a mocking bird siting in the window(u can't hide that sun light) ,
Everybody playing piano looking like three peas in a bod,
You cooking for me we talking convo,
Its been centuries since you heard it this good,
why I can't stop u got non stoping,
while you playing with me we talking,
Vermicelli noodles in my hair,
Peanut butter sandwhiches rolling dice at the table,
drinking moonshine hopeing the cops ain't called,
play hicky ticky on the pin of the horse on the wall,
while I eat Taco bell dogs,
Got plenty of hogs she loves my mobs,
Money falls of my fally walls,
Small animals love these nuts,
Konuts for her kobutt,
Her body looks like a robot,
So I twist her hair in the midnight,
Catch her boobs so up tight,
Tuby Fuby-Fuby Tuby.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster