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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  11/1/2014 7:21:02 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Pipeline Alaskan

Travel to Alaska It's so cold out here in the degree cold,
The alyeska pipeline so dang long and big to work on,
On this artic coast will all freeze and be lost dead in the morning,
there is 16 billion barrels of gas to run these machines,
will be out here blasting caps in the cold to keep people warm,
I love canada its so big we get lost trying to find our way around,
It's my challenge to try new things everyday what's your challenge? ,
Built this on new land like I was doing construction on this site,
My crew took breaks every hour because they knew the money was good,
I dug the land like I was doing some exploration for a Book Store,
we all was mining for gold and silver like there was a gold and silver rush,
Natural gas comes so natural like we struck gas all the time baby,
america ran out of oil one day then they ran to us oh no what a oil crisis,
Struck petroleum out here so I grab a stick put some paper on the end and lit it,
working on the pipeline its taking all day hard work like they don't even know,
I'm in progress always in progress yeah I'm in progress,
I see some women in prudhoe Bay,
Remote areas is close off because its working areas what goes on in there?
yeah we got large reserves that separate the oil from the gas,
the roads that reach to the pipeline could use some construction,
we got stations out here so if you leave work early you get shot by a shotgun,
or my tankers come blow you up by my working spliting tankers son,
the tundra mountains blowing cold air out here so walking through there is a problem,
A valdez marine had to get our boat out the of the Ice with their marine boat,
then I will fly away on a terminal at an airport,
there finally the Pipeline Alaskan is finished.
Tommy Laster




premission this is the Introduction,
I'm so uncontested like this,
ain't even a contest,
I have not left anybody who like me,
I've just been resting,
to get beautiful sleep,
been away for a year,
and they over there,
chopping up Chinese sticks,
I should have decided,
to be a bum,
so the government can,
pay me and my mom,
instead of having a job,
or maybe I can grow up,
like my uncle sam,
take your tax money,
and play with Iran,
premissioon uncontested putting,
you to the mission,
watch the women go Inshane.
Tommy Laster



Receipts and Repair Orders

I bought this Island we gonna go floating in the ocean but I keep the receipt,
everytime I go to the mall keeping these receipts so I can show officials what I bought,
maybe I call you maybe shiny new truck so I can add you to my receipt,
when I bought it I had to make repair orders because the transmission was broke,
dang shame how people screw you up in a good deal,
then you have to buy and keep a reciept for a replacement Ride,
now the theme park ride broke down I had to place a repair order,
bought a ring to get married had the receipt so I can show her how much it cost,
we shopping mall shopping under the moon light under the glass roof top,
you a singer so I had to repair order your microphone,
it's so special what we make this night into,
all receipts and repair orders go inside my lock box to look at later,
then my swimning pool my homeboys piss in so I had to clean it,
so there is another bill that relocates a receipt,
bought a cat then a dog because a dog is mans best friend,
Receipts and repair orders that what you find in every corner of the house,
don't you want to buy till your money won't spent,
La La La Oh No No La La La Oh No No No,
she my queen so I keep all receipts incase she wants to return something,
no love never went miss.
Tommy Laster



Ruler Rumble Rumba

Trouble coming my way like I'm looseing my way,
money low cause I feel like I spent more then I took in,
big city but where are the big star's I'm a lie,
catching loose ends diging deep around me in the ground,
I lost my way trying to be not me but somebody else,
Ruler rumble rumba like I'm a ruler who rumble rumba's,
they don't really care about me wheather I'm here or not,
they destroy the planet they would destroy me,
it's like this place is too big for the both of us,
one time I was good at this poetry but I lost that talent as well,
now they telling me quit give it all up now,
never would I play in that second best game,
low on money but I still see dollar signs,
someone best to pay all the bill's,
Depression falls on a two step second bsic,
this is insane give all my money all away,
now I needed love but these days it's hard to find,
my friend's either dieing or moving what the heck,
what the mess wrong with this world,
I was a ruler by my poetry for a minute then I lost,
Rumble around at party's until my night was finished,
Rumba was a game like we play for a sport,
I can still wave around my magic sword to finish a word,
how you ever been in my spot where things are so twisted,
welcome back to the circus of this life,
government tracks me verizon phone.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster