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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/28/2014 11:35:46 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Headed To This Theme Park With My Girl

She Dress so nice she so jolly her name must be molly,
we headed to this theme park to ride some fantastic rides,
so enjoyable we hop onto the ferris wheel and spin around,
RollerCoaster riding a good time so freaking nasty tasteing,
everytime I tilt a whirl I dream I'm drizy watching a circus show,
now we take It slow rideing the train to see animals,
my girl knows she good knows she so hot and live action,
Headed to this theme park with my girl,
it's so hot from the wreather trying to cool down with a cold drink,
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 was the best game,
now we missing Rollercoaster tycoon 4 because they went Bankrupt,
Oh Please tell me why tell me why tell me why oh please tell why,
This theme park went abandon and it hurts me,
can't take my lady there no more to fulfill her fantasy,
Me And My Girl Rode Twisted Typhoon at Wild Adventures,
Listen to T-Pain In My earphones while I walk down theme park sidewalk,
All this talk about us going to the water park,
she just wants to be naked in her water park clothes,
close your eyes girl I brought you some things shoping in this theme park,
shoping is how a theme park gets it's money to help keep the rides going,
from dawn to dusk we out here rideing rides drinking drinks haveing fun.

Wrote On: Dec: 31/2013

Copyright @ FizTzle Aka Tommy Ray Laster (FizTzle Poetry Inc.)
Copyright @ T-Pain (Nappyboy Inc)
Copyright @ Atari (RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 & RollerCoaster Tycoon 4)
Copyright @ Wild Adventures Theme Park (Valdosta Ga)
Tommy Laster



Phobias Of Plenty

I'm aging a little got some years on me,
Being alone it's no joke but I'm single and happy,
Man I got books stack around the house,
just to grow my poetry more,
My grand daddy had cancer devil gave it to him,
these clowns messing with my head after I smoke the weed,
I'm in all these cofined spaces like a tight corner ain't enough,
Got alot of fans in alot of crowds looking for me,
on my bed lights off look how dark it is,
Ghost put these dead things images in my head,
run from house to house away from the heavy dogs,
I'll be driving real fast to get away from everybody,
scared because its a chance we all are dying,
I took the elevators to the tenth floor,
everything is always happening to me,
Failure is not a option in my life so I choose the high life,
me and my family is flying to new york city,
clean clean clean your hands clean them Germs well good,
Riding rollercoasters not worrying about the hight risk,
done been to every hospital with my mom,
me and my girlfriend had intimacy on are bed in our bedroom,
seen people with sugar problems use needles for their sugar problems,
oh my fans listen while I do a public speaking,
Rejected by a girl call it it rejection,
walking in the woods almost step on some snakes bake some cakes lol,
almost lost my social networking social situations,
In a old abandon house see spiders all around,
Strangers always coming looking for a small dang hand out,
making love while its thunderstorms out,
got so sick from being at the doctor I was vomiting,
These are phobias of plenty.
Tommy Laster



Single and I'm Crying Out

The Annoyance Of being Antisocial having apologetic of being appreciated,
Baptize in the banquet of her love bamboozle belligerent in behalf of her beginning,
capitalistic camouflage on her body centipede everything was censor from that point on,
dandelion in the fields daffodil in the vase my girl is a daredevil deceive nobody,
my eagerness was calling her favor we about to get real emotional,
feasible we left the faucet running so no one will hear us naked in the shower,
I made a gesture a little gibberish to get her attention she said I'm german,
I Paid for her hairdo hair spray she was kind of hairy girl get shave,
Identify yourself then we idol like the american idol if your a impostor make u impoverished,
lets play jeopardy I'll jerk of to your jockey girl jabber my joint with that jackhammer,
kerosene cleans away the smell of gas after you karate my body the key and kiss,
ladybug she ladylike laid on the bed of sucess I took a laxative she lavender,
magnitude she took a mammogram to check for cancer malnutrition,
Is it necessary to hurt me like you do your nephew came through,
Single And I'm Crying Out.
Tommy Laster



Why Stop Now

I wanted to trash all my work & quit,
walking through every dark halls,
looking at all my paper work,
empire state building stack,
this has been a long ride,
life ha whatever you call it,
ain't poetry like poetry king,
laying next to the windows,
sweating hot in summer,
hiding because they google me,
I love my famous poetry face,
woman be home in the morning,
like its 5'Oclock & she working,
oh no why stop now,
best is in you as it is in me,
nightmares at trying to be the best,
haunting me like its halloween,
girlfriend calling me on a broke phone,
government issued & they still owe me,
big world no railroads must turn right.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster