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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  1/31/2015 11:37:28 PM
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  Best Poems From
  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Michael Jackson Poetry Tribute Ft. Infinite The Poet

(Tommy Laster)
I 'Scream' Over The Fields Hope To Take Back The Life We Took From Them,
My Girlfriend is 'Bad' but a little 'Dangerous' but girl 'Remember the times',
She And I use to walk in the park and I told her I'll always be there,
now will you always be there baby in the morning and the night,
I use to be a 'smooth criminal' in a store buying everything that spent,
'Billie Jean' wasn't my daughter she was my cousin,
Given this world my poetry so 'how much more can I give',
So I can help 'heal the world' too so I can help 'change the world too',
and you me and we everyone can be happy again and not depress,
Puting words together in soup 'A B C' almost as easy as one two three,
been in here long 'working day and night'.
(Albert Carrasco)
He said he 'got to be there' in the morning,
When she wakes up to the world Me too,
That she was my momma because she's my favorite girl.
I was living 'off the wall' like a 'monster',
I was 'bad', I told 'billy jean' that kid she said was mines ain't my son.
She was searching for the wrong 'man in her mirror'.
Sorry my 'Liberian girl', aka 'dirty Diana'.
Why 'you wanna keep starting something'?
What we had was a one night 'thriller',
Your saying if it's not me 'Who is it'My reply.. Maybe your ex,
that 'stranger in Moscow'.

Infinite The Poet aka Albert Carrasco
FizTzle Aka Tommy Ray Laster
Poetry 2013
Tommy Laster



She Was Torn Between Two Men Ft. Infinite The Poet

She Walks on Green open farm land,
looking at new wind turbines,
her heart stops because her phone rings,
her boyfriend says we got to break up,
she crying tears filing the river up,
she wants a new start but she still in love,
her new boyfriend breaking the family up,
the ex which is me wants to fight,
they can't control themselves they destroying the planet,
we can cry but it don't fix the problem.
(Albert Carrasco)
She was mine,
then became his,
now I want her back again,
she fell in love as I spiraled into lust,
I yearned for her touched,
Oo how I miss her so much,
Ring ring I call after his call,
I hear the one I love bawl as if she was a baby laying in fetal on the floor,
he's leaving he doesn't want her anymore,
they arqued and conslantly was cursing,
many nights of pushing and shoving,
let me back in I need your loving.
(Tommy Laster)
As I wake up her body reminding of a solar power energy,
she has so much energy she never quits,
it's so emotional how her new boyfriend getting in the way like a headache,
now taking pain pills to clear my head,
me and her making love under the stairs,
that make up call back crap,
we on a tractor like soul survivor,
she let me hit her cookie cause snookie is christmas season,
wind turbines her body spins,
everybody welcome to 2013 poetry the comeback of poetry kings.
(Albert Carrasco)
she let me in,
In the beginning she was torn between two men,
now its all about me again,
all he did was bring problems,
he sees she flocked to me,
so he calls and harass,
baby baby please,
kissing his butt,
I never pushed or shoved her,
I just didn't know how to love her,
You know what? ,
I practiced without having her,
she's mines now and forever,
so it's time to back up my brother.

Tommy Ray Laster Aka FizTzle FizTzle Poetry Inc.
Albert Carrasco Aka Infinite The Poet Infinite The Poet Inc.

She Was Torn Between Two Men 'Dec.12 18 2012
Tommy Laster



Sweet Love Like Honey Bunch Of Oaks

I Eat her conversation like a cereal out of a breakfeast box,
so I can understand pure english from her language to mine,
I think I'm hard but she knows the difference,
she's the text book in the school room with the knowledge,
Different tough boy looking for college,
now girl where's the key to your dorm room,
we ain't talking about making love we talking about studying,
I put a box of honey bunch of oaks of the dorm room kitchen table,
Drink some of this wine while we study history of flying,
hey sweet love like honey bunch of oaks what a lovely day,
we can talk about peace out in the open on a beach while we sun tan,
what you think about the keys to the past being open back up,
no way I'm leaveing we coversation now real good,
Dorm doors lock up tight we talking under the covers,
midnight love we ain't talking about lovers,
I put your picture on the wall today,
It's been a million years since I seen your face,
so I turn real sharply smile blow a kiss and say girl I missed you,
sweet love like honey bunch of oaks.
Tommy Laster




Fizzle back in izzle,
Hello to Tommyizzle
crystal where Is he,
he your boyfriend,
but not with you,
odd how you sizzle that out,
like geting drunk at barrzie,
cause you thinking of proton,
sizzle-out your welcome,
maybe FizTzle be back tomarrow,
but same old name given,
wishing things would change,
even if it's to freezy outside,
great to hug in coat tonight,
but since you don't remember,
we call this a new day,
hug me that same way,
so FizTzle step out of the crib,
and you cheating with tommy,
so you went and told his mommy,
so hi welcome tommyizzle.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster