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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/12/2014 3:41:53 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Back Forever

Postmarked from my heart and soul,

I shared my time playing hip hop women,

Disappeared by a magic which was shared,

Unopened my heart like I was missing something,

New merchandise now they want me on Tv now,

People say where is Tommy?

I exchanged no refunds cause I got to eat,

I'm Back Forever Don't poke your lips out,

I use to be trackable now they shuting me down,

New systems they puting me into so they get their money,

I'm A part of a brunch of accessories that they buy,

So everyday I'm stress trying to make new poetry for them,

Reserve the right to refuse any return,

I become put back in my original condition when it comes to women,

Contact me I'll be your poetry friend so we can change the world,

I'm wanted by the world by the fans so the cops can't touch me,

more money makes new songs,

I'm Back Forever the new poem,

I pay my dews where is the strong ladys,

when I look at these high costing book making companys I smell stinking feet,

I am who I am some make love after dark,

chapter 1 I made It so whats the talk about,

Back Forever.
Tommy Laster



Baggy Skit 1 Poetry 2013

I walk to the store and the women look me down because I'm Baggy,
when I walk out the store pants be baggy and food in baggy,
Lol I Got a yellow baggy.
Tommy Laster



Barrel Of A Gun

Click snap bang boom,
range gun shot in zoom lens,
don't step on my toes,
I'll step on your toes too,
you at the barrel of a gun I say boom,
love your looks so,
I shot your ex to get to you,
remember when you spoke,
it was music to my ears,
your dad came in,
lock his jock in his gun,
so I took my barrel,
pointed it to his forehead,
like blood that's blood red,
barrel of a gun like your ex,
small small head,
she spoke to me,
told me to have love with my hand,
all bets off no kiss & tell stand,
watch my hand stance jack my hand,
caught me in rated R moment,
barrel of a gun i shoot to kill,
so to her ex stand still so i target you,
youtube has your answers too,
ms. China a'china,
caught your woman on x factory,
think Ill bring love after you,
inside barrel of a gun,
catch me catch me run,
ex on x factory shot him x factory,
everybody zoom lens range on Interstate,
because I care less of what you think,
see blood red lines on airport board,
cause blood is what you see when I shoot at you.
Tommy Laster



Because I Love You

I Will Fight
For You
Do For You
Care For You
Be There For You
Shop For You
Go Out And
Get Something
To Eat For You
Talk To You
Watch A Movie
With You
Drink From The
same Cup
As You
Pray Beside You
Lay My Head
By You
I Love You.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster