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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  9/23/2014 1:23:59 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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They Praying To Human Beings Instead Of Praying To God

They Praying to human being's instead of praying to God,
Missing Items That Was earn or giving,
My prayers and love go to Newtown Connecticut victims,
weird to me how both horrible events is name sandy
enough that my girlfriend mandy left me,
Sandy hook Elementary school we still praying for you,
Wish I could bring back life in every horrible event but I'm not God,
It's so sad and everyone in every nation crying tears,
why won't the devil and his demons let us be alone with God? ,
Why do they hate God so much what did he do to you? ,
This is hard to bare messing up our lives like we don't care,
And its gonna pay us back like riding on a yak,
Do you miss the pictures are they destruction to you? ,
Like we knocking down a building because we ain't about gun control,
dang Congress what is wrong with you?
they want us all to die by no climate control and no Gun control,
we destroying ourselves and no one out their to care,
you let the devil come in here and now we all dieing it's sadness,
madness controls everyone of us now what are we doing,
no poetry game this is realness I'm on no media side with this,
you all missing us and we are angels looking down,
on lost souls on a lost soul land now,
bottle water try to wash away tears in the midnight,
cops never around eating out while people give guns out,
where was you when michael jackson stood by you but you all kill him too,
now this world so unglued nobody working on it but the president,
congress where are you did you step out the blue,
they talking about christmas break when they havn't clean the slack,
we all bringing evil back while we break our backs,
To destroy the world this ain't our human nature,
we all destroying everything and now we geting where we don't even care,
they backstabing us just to see if we could still stand,
and its all in human nature mankind man.

Author 'FizTzle' Aka Tommy Laster (Dec.16,2012)
Tommy Laster



We Should Be Millionaires By Now

Older poetry artist to the newer poetry artist,
we cutting poor meat on the grill while we try to teach you,
I won more awards then money look like a fool on crack,
the business they be funny look for a new hook every time,
we should be millionaires by now shopping to get what we want,
I shouldn't have to want any more but wait it was me that put this back into motion,
single railroad track they hide their money from me,
they new poetry artist and the business taking notice,
every step is jealous of the outcome to what become me,
I wonder if this poetry game is even worth it even more,
they missing what they can't have is it worth the cry's,
we should be millionaires by now and I be a bigger person in spotlight,
this is why the world is falling apart look like a big spark,
we should be rockstar's burning up the spot like a hook that's hot,
wait stand tall Mr tommy laster the greatest at what you do,
Boy oh boy I wish I never started this poetry game it's hard to get out of,
wish we was wish we was wish we was,
we should be millionaires by now then I could have any woman.
Tommy Laster



Your Kindness My Lovingness

Your kindness is felt,
through my heart,
my lovingness is not as strong,
as your smile,
you can break me down,
by telling me,
how you really feel,
but I'm always around,
when you need someone,
you can depend,
on me fighting for you,
because I'm trying to be with you,
your kindness my lovingness put together.
Tommy Laster



50 Million Points

See The 50 Million Points Wrote On The Wall,
Do They Know Your The One That Won't Fall,
Can Everyone See That What You Write,
Come To Life Everyday Bad & Good,
I'm A Thriller A Big Nightmare,
Go Look In The Mirror At Night Time,
See The Image That Comes To View,
Can It Be A Ghost In The Wall,
Bull's eye Everybody On That Single Target,
They Love Me Calling Out My Name,
Wheres The Monster At,
The One Who Turns Into A Animal,
Hide From The People Coming Their My Goons,
I Bet I'm A Dude So Perfect,
I'm A King Where The Queen,
That Don't Matter No More To Me,
Carry Out What Needs To Be Carryout,
Make Everybody At A Rock Concert Shout,
Yes We Can I'm Your Number One Man,
Believe In Me I Keep People Confuse,
They Want More Of Me Its Like,
A Dream An Image You Never Seen.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster