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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/27/2016 6:27:17 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Big People

Big People
Love To Step
On Small People
These People
Believe They Are
Rich People.
A Non-Understanding
God Un-Loving
Hate Against American
Government People.
They Will Stand
On Lie's
And Defeating Us.
They Don't Care
As Long As They
Can Spend
Tax Paying Money
On Things That
Hate Us.
And We Continue
To Take It.
Tommy Laster



Filing Purchase Orders

Filing out this form so I purchase orders,
they say put down your first and last name,
please apply your company name so we can send it,
freezeing in the after effects of spending money for purchaseing items for this store,
hard work standing infront of a crew buying their outfit like fast food,
employee to be the best filing purchase orders,
whats your number they ask like its a jail bar jailed,
then your address so we know where you live,
have you heard of ever getting free stuff for a store business,
it should be because you got to pay taxes,
elevater to the top floor 25 ft high look at how high up I am Lol,
Filing purchase orders like I'm in a parade full of people looking back,
hey mario did I step in your mario kart race too soon,
we know the company got to purchase the labeling for the game,
like stealing my poetry stuff all dang day,
cause i'm in this race going slow while I'm leaning,
step the company up and we all greening through dollars,
are you scared of the purchase orders you have to do by filing,
these paper's filing for purchase orders is like filing for divorce,
just bought a new space ship so I can take you to pluto,
filing Purchase orders just to buy new things like a honky tonker truck,
are you breathing I have to fil purchase orders for that too,
blow the fire alarm like filing for new fire alarms.
Tommy Laster



Ho Ho Here Comes Santa Claus

Ho Ho She Knows Santa Coming With Her Gifts,
The Christmas Package Wrapped Ho Ho merry Christmas,
Here Comes Santa Claus With The Ho Ho,
Her Boyfriend Mo Mo Is jealous of the ho ho santa claus gift,
she makes money trying to hide me she naughty,
been bad for christmas she honey like sweet candy canes,
Ho Ho hey ho ho hey ho ho how was your day making money,
Crazy ho sayng for christmas ho ho here comes santa claus,
she making money tryng to decieved me,
bad is the saying we say at christmas,
she wants all the gifts with sparkers on it,
she fine but grab my attention does not,
she ho ho for santa claus coming,
mo Mo took the jo jo for his ho ho,
santa claus said hey ho ho welcome to my coco,
I'm standing in santa claus lane waiting for him,
mery christmas to all and all a happy new year,
2013 what a new year,
As I speed by in the rain deer ride I spot her,
she touching me because she a ho ho doing it all for money,
If she talking noise I bought it if she wasteing time I spent It,
this time its different in beast mode wit myself,
she wanna holla at me spend much time talking to me,
Hey Ho ho baby she hey maybe calll me maybe,
I stand at the corner of santa claus'es office now,
waiting to give her a bunch of sticks now,
she naughty she naughty,
and santa claus ho ho can I take your moe joe,
spend it all the time she spending mine,
hey ho ho merry christmas to all and to all a happy new year.
Tommy Laster



Jackpot Pt.1

Penny's turns Into Quarter's,

Quarter's Turns Into Dollar's,

I broke my lost collar to make no million's,

Trying to save my life like a lifesaver from this company,

while they spinning my head around with this madness,

Jackpot came close but no score and now they teaching me,

to be a no body with a score of looseing but I done lost,

Game time they making fun of me them and of us,

I'm tired of being second best having to sit around,

even P clearing house did me wrong so beef I have with them,

so it doesn't really matter I give it to God,

You better be standing here with a hot rod,

I been the bigest comedy person of all time just check out my ryhme,

If that don't get you my time will,

because evrybody believes I'm standing still,

made a story hot even when it wasn't,

spend hundreds when it was dozens,

doves fly I brought a whole flock of them,

I believe in high spirit's maybe that's why I have low spirit's,

feeling like I'm looseing touch with everything,

so my poetry ain't even the same anymore,

because they thought I had it in me I keep going,

Jackpot is just entertainment went wrong,

the picture in the room is wrong so I should,

just change it back then and get back on track,

people say that would be so wrack like me on crack,

wouldn't happen the best way I guest,

like me wearing a vest,

Didn't really talk about the Gameing jackpots did I.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster