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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  11/1/2014 6:01:12 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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She Was Torn Between Two Men Ft. Infinite The Poet

She Walks on Green open farm land,
looking at new wind turbines,
her heart stops because her phone rings,
her boyfriend says we got to break up,
she crying tears filing the river up,
she wants a new start but she still in love,
her new boyfriend breaking the family up,
the ex which is me wants to fight,
they can't control themselves they destroying the planet,
we can cry but it don't fix the problem.
(Albert Carrasco)
She was mine,
then became his,
now I want her back again,
she fell in love as I spiraled into lust,
I yearned for her touched,
Oo how I miss her so much,
Ring ring I call after his call,
I hear the one I love bawl as if she was a baby laying in fetal on the floor,
he's leaving he doesn't want her anymore,
they arqued and conslantly was cursing,
many nights of pushing and shoving,
let me back in I need your loving.
(Tommy Laster)
As I wake up her body reminding of a solar power energy,
she has so much energy she never quits,
it's so emotional how her new boyfriend getting in the way like a headache,
now taking pain pills to clear my head,
me and her making love under the stairs,
that make up call back crap,
we on a tractor like soul survivor,
she let me hit her cookie cause snookie is christmas season,
wind turbines her body spins,
everybody welcome to 2013 poetry the comeback of poetry kings.
(Albert Carrasco)
she let me in,
In the beginning she was torn between two men,
now its all about me again,
all he did was bring problems,
he sees she flocked to me,
so he calls and harass,
baby baby please,
kissing his butt,
I never pushed or shoved her,
I just didn't know how to love her,
You know what? ,
I practiced without having her,
she's mines now and forever,
so it's time to back up my brother.

Tommy Ray Laster Aka FizTzle FizTzle Poetry Inc.
Albert Carrasco Aka Infinite The Poet Infinite The Poet Inc.

She Was Torn Between Two Men 'Dec.12 18 2012
Tommy Laster



Single and I'm Crying Out

The Annoyance Of being Antisocial having apologetic of being appreciated,
Baptize in the banquet of her love bamboozle belligerent in behalf of her beginning,
capitalistic camouflage on her body centipede everything was censor from that point on,
dandelion in the fields daffodil in the vase my girl is a daredevil deceive nobody,
my eagerness was calling her favor we about to get real emotional,
feasible we left the faucet running so no one will hear us naked in the shower,
I made a gesture a little gibberish to get her attention she said I'm german,
I Paid for her hairdo hair spray she was kind of hairy girl get shave,
Identify yourself then we idol like the american idol if your a impostor make u impoverished,
lets play jeopardy I'll jerk of to your jockey girl jabber my joint with that jackhammer,
kerosene cleans away the smell of gas after you karate my body the key and kiss,
ladybug she ladylike laid on the bed of sucess I took a laxative she lavender,
magnitude she took a mammogram to check for cancer malnutrition,
Is it necessary to hurt me like you do your nephew came through,
Single And I'm Crying Out.
Tommy Laster



Tida De Fida Intro

Tida De Fida
Only The Phase
Tida De Fida
Not Catching No Waves
Tida De Fida
Living the lifestyle
Tida de fida
worrying about no strife
tida de fida
speed boat full of gold and cash
tida de fida
thats that poetry life
tida de fida
we focus on all these things
tida de fida
instead of them things
tida de fida intro
welcome me back to poetry.
Tommy Laster



50 Million Points

See The 50 Million Points Wrote On The Wall,
Do They Know Your The One That Won't Fall,
Can Everyone See That What You Write,
Come To Life Everyday Bad & Good,
I'm A Thriller A Big Nightmare,
Go Look In The Mirror At Night Time,
See The Image That Comes To View,
Can It Be A Ghost In The Wall,
Bull's eye Everybody On That Single Target,
They Love Me Calling Out My Name,
Wheres The Monster At,
The One Who Turns Into A Animal,
Hide From The People Coming Their My Goons,
I Bet I'm A Dude So Perfect,
I'm A King Where The Queen,
That Don't Matter No More To Me,
Carry Out What Needs To Be Carryout,
Make Everybody At A Rock Concert Shout,
Yes We Can I'm Your Number One Man,
Believe In Me I Keep People Confuse,
They Want More Of Me Its Like,
A Dream An Image You Never Seen.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster