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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  1/31/2015 8:37:17 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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50 Million Points

See The 50 Million Points Wrote On The Wall,
Do They Know Your The One That Won't Fall,
Can Everyone See That What You Write,
Come To Life Everyday Bad & Good,
I'm A Thriller A Big Nightmare,
Go Look In The Mirror At Night Time,
See The Image That Comes To View,
Can It Be A Ghost In The Wall,
Bull's eye Everybody On That Single Target,
They Love Me Calling Out My Name,
Wheres The Monster At,
The One Who Turns Into A Animal,
Hide From The People Coming Their My Goons,
I Bet I'm A Dude So Perfect,
I'm A King Where The Queen,
That Don't Matter No More To Me,
Carry Out What Needs To Be Carryout,
Make Everybody At A Rock Concert Shout,
Yes We Can I'm Your Number One Man,
Believe In Me I Keep People Confuse,
They Want More Of Me Its Like,
A Dream An Image You Never Seen.
Tommy Laster




A Person Told Me That A Drink Was On A Kitchen Table,
A Relative Gave me time a two to check a table for eating out,
A Cat told a dog not to mess with a mouse,
A Notebook took a pen with a writer that wrote a book,
A Noise big as a elephant noise to smell a regular noise,
A school to teach a fool because we all slow until we learn at school,
A Fake Happy Face to erase the pain,
A Smile Is A Happy Place,
A Horse it craps don't it like life it's a bunch of crap,
A Donkey Looks like a can't say that lol,
A Tree is new life like oxgen we breathe,
A Mother's touch is your mother's bread to your soul,
you recieve as you wish,
A Farther if he's around is the gound you stand,
A Touch of snow is wonderful if you don't recieve to much,
A Family is peaceful around when we all geting along,
A Hospital when they work fast can save people when they don't well,
A Person won't survive the weather.
Tommy Laster




Drive My car into the ditch because I was so drunk out my mind,
What a sight to see when your so far out of control,
that everything seems to extist its all put on,
thats when you pray out to God get help and Rehab a little,
Aback to the streets that gave me this problem,
everyhing spining around me like I was drizy,
the cops arrested e for speeding going 95 in a 60 zone,
everybody know where I come from trust me being drunk ain't fun,
I had to stop at a gas station had to take a leak at the pit stop,
now aback back to the streets to smoke some,
they busting my doors down stoping me from flying high,
old rusty Ice cream truck made me want some ice cream,
It's my facebook page that was lit up with new poems of the day,
everyday she calling my house phone warming up the plug in,
oh God help me to improved this new year,
everybody got Ak 47 runing after me because I'm so famous,
this was my dream is my dream and is my goal,
Aback to my game like this ain't even nothing,
ain't worried about nothing,
I got more spray paint to paint your face with my mark,
baby woman of mine I'm about to cum to your house,
Aback I'm about to aback going to aback,
this is a rough ride cause everybody sick without a flu shot,
excuse me I been here for years where you been?
Tommy Laster




Emotional Is the Description to her Conclusion on her Controversy,
Heartbroken Because she Abandon two kids In Car After She Forgot,
One Hundred Degreds And The Sun Points In That Direction Ohhhhh,
Miscellaneous was the gift the police office gave to help out then kids was out,
I Forgot And Abandon My girlfriend at the mall by leaving in the car,
she called head boiling was totaly mad at me so I had to return after paying bills,
We Abandon these times like we abandon our lives stars in the sky they are mad,
Coordinate these times pick back up your girlfriend apologize for abandoning them,
Appreciate all the small things don't Be Disappointed in the bigger things,
Remember That The Poetry King Tommy Ray Laster Aka FizTzle Can Always Do His Thing,
She Dress in a Black Top shirt With Black Jeans She A Black Girl And You Forgot Her,
By Abandon her at a mall instead of taking her home and striping her down the right way,
Dishoner to have a Disillusion of Abandoning with everybody everyone want's you to find them,
Her Feminine side said I'm going stop from curseing you out,
What if being abandoning is a hoax use to get money from a game show and we all play on it,
Her Hormone said slap him in the face for being crazy a stupid fool,
This was never a dream that we wake up and we would all be abandon.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster