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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/26/2016 7:09:11 AM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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They saying oh no he didn't,
I'm saying oh yes I did,
them over there saying oh he mean,
teacher oh bad grades again,
police oh you skip school to play drugs,
Mcdonalds oh you job hunting again,
Friends oh he's cool,
Family oh he likes black women,
Lakeland Georgia oh my bad Tommy,
Adel Georgia oh not him again,
oh oh oh oh oh,
Valdosta Georgia oh did he go to hooters,
Atlanta Georgia oh he kicking with T-Pain,
who gives a heck what you think,
It's my life I live It to the fullest,
put a oh in front of me,
I'll put a oh in front of you,
Bad woman go back to school,
catch me I don't care what I say,
you better find you a play play,
get off me shawty no news news from you.
Tommy Laster



One Night Mr Philips Forgot

I was there sitting in the classroom tomarrow come no soon,
looking in my textbook while stareing across the room,
notice that my paper for this lesson is out of room,
wondering if birds fly to get out of sight,
one night Mr philips forgot our homework asignment,
then we talking about how hard the teacher has to work,
he saids I have to do teacher conferences for an hour,
your safe inside your own soul,
then I wonder how people bring about history,
sightness is blindness to open your heart and soul,
can't stand not getting a homework asignment,
love homework so much it keeps me busy in a ever changing world,
when I'm scared to walk out my own house,
what people say if school wasn't taught today,
we hide away from the world while we destroy earth,
one night Mr philips Forgot the classroom seating,
by the names of all of you is how you are seating,
I think theres a magical ending one never expected,
only human so I'm learning in school how to be a better person,
hide me from the darkness that around me,
rise up america rise up for the future before it's too late,
if we all hold hands can we make this world a bettter place,
is our hearts so stone cold that we can't live happy again,
will there be another tomarrow,
cry out our name in history,
I know you seen a better life before,
we all in these times so reach your hand I'll be there,
one night Mr Philips forgot the names of the other teachers,
tooking to the doctor for life care,
the doctor helped help him remember the classroom kids.
Tommy Laster



Over Heated

I was outside In my garden,
look at how much my tomatoes grown,
high weed's grown through the dirt unknown,
I decided to pick the weeds out,
so my tomatoes will not die,
as I lean over towards the ground,
I forgot that my back ounce gave me trouble,
so I thought on the double,
Maybe I need my heat pad,
now without thinking the sun,
was already ninety one,
so I put my heat pad on,
to stop my back from hurting,
but it started to burn,
I was over heated,
so I took my shirt off,
to clean the sweat off my forehead,
the sun has strong effect's,
thought I seen a image,
of a cow glazeing half away from me,
now everything I ever known or done,
I don't know really If I done them,
If my phone is off,
how does a message come through,
I don't have a single clue,
do you know? ,
I guess I'm just over heated,
like the title saids,
and if you see my woman,
tell her I still love love her always.
Tommy Laster



Ruler Rumble Rumba

Trouble coming my way like I'm looseing my way,
money low cause I feel like I spent more then I took in,
big city but where are the big star's I'm a lie,
catching loose ends diging deep around me in the ground,
I lost my way trying to be not me but somebody else,
Ruler rumble rumba like I'm a ruler who rumble rumba's,
they don't really care about me wheather I'm here or not,
they destroy the planet they would destroy me,
it's like this place is too big for the both of us,
one time I was good at this poetry but I lost that talent as well,
now they telling me quit give it all up now,
never would I play in that second best game,
low on money but I still see dollar signs,
someone best to pay all the bill's,
Depression falls on a two step second bsic,
this is insane give all my money all away,
now I needed love but these days it's hard to find,
my friend's either dieing or moving what the heck,
what the mess wrong with this world,
I was a ruler by my poetry for a minute then I lost,
Rumble around at party's until my night was finished,
Rumba was a game like we play for a sport,
I can still wave around my magic sword to finish a word,
how you ever been in my spot where things are so twisted,
welcome back to the circus of this life,
government tracks me verizon phone.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster