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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/11/2014 3:40:19 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Before I Make Love To Her Mother

We Move our bodies around like snakes in the bed,
I paid and she paid our bills like it's christmas time,
Before I make love to her mother I spend more time with a striper,
It's a ghost gym and we spending time in it like it's ghost play,
I play with her hole like it's a wedding cake happy marriage day,
the bed all wet from her tight wet thigh's and it's time she spend the night,
met her mom and dad they was straight like apple juice,
we booming in the car speakers so loud kissing in the backseat,
sometimes I feel like we wasteing time geting no where,
this time it's different we hanging chilling and grooveing,
Say what you like and will pop some popcorn together,
she can cook real good no lie I can't cook at all place be burnt down,
laying on the sofa we touching like it's a touch party,
All the time I think about Is you oh baby,
still got alot of pain of when we fell apart last summer dang,
Can I see you later I beat them tough spots clean out them spider webs,
Turn back the hands of time to start all over again Poetry statemeant,
Me and her loveing doveing on the front sofa so my friends can see,
my brother takes deebs on that woman because she so hot,
Before I make love to her mother we be at the mall looking for a meal,
better yet at mcdonalds trying to get that dollar menu holla make yolla love.
Tommy Laster



Big People

Big People
Love To Step
On Small People
These People
Believe They Are
Rich People.
A Non-Understanding
God Un-Loving
Hate Against American
Government People.
They Will Stand
On Lie's
And Defeating Us.
They Don't Care
As Long As They
Can Spend
Tax Paying Money
On Things That
Hate Us.
And We Continue
To Take It.
Tommy Laster



Blue Poetry Christmas Without You

Egg nogg on the table for just one
Christmas tree lighted only one to see it
Bought all these presents no one to open them
Halls empty with christmas lights all hung
Missing your hand when we use to touch
This christmas is so empty inside to me
Got my family but no woman beside me
Drinking hot coca by the snow out front
All by myself thinking if rain deer could really fly
Santa claus on the roof top
Its lonely wearing this santa claus hat
All by myself all over again
I have a blue poetry christmas without you
It won't be the true real christmas
Missing you looking at presents under the tree
Poetry christmas while talking with family
No you by my side so I hide my feelings
Christmas tree so lighted with christmas lights
Missing you inside my heart
Santa claus asked me what do you want for christmas
To only be next to her drinking coca when christmas shows are on
Under the mistletoe we kissing together
Ding ding ding dong ding ding dong
I will have a blue poetry christmas without you.
Tommy Laster



Conquerors Expansion

campaign to go to exotic lands,
make guns in archery range,
blacksmith making swords,
cutting boards in lumber camp,
if their is a fight-game on,
buy out the whole market,
mining cause gold my thing,
grind food for you at the mill,
so I set up the barracks,
I'm the aztecs of this world,
experience the real world,
no new heroes,
cause I'm one,
eleven new units for you,
civilizations can't compare to me,
I'm zeus to the god,
make a evolution with me,
from the dark age,
to the imperial age,
so you flourishing by me.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster