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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster  7/23/2014 9:18:38 PM
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  TOMMY LASTER (Feb 7 1988)
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Almost Got You By Me

It Took Year's
Of Talking As Friends
And Studying To Know
What You Like
Or How You Like It.
To Learn Your
Favorite Movies
And Even Your
Special Restaurants
I Have To
Take Time To
Figure You Out.
Almost By Now
We Are Closer
Then Ever
But Without
Doing For You
On Holidays
Would Be Wrong
Almost Got You By Me.
Tommy Laster



And we kissing through It

In a depression recession tribulation
Me & her hurting for money
And we kissing through It
Watching money watch online
She said do you think
We will survive
I say baby it's up to god
I'm just a maker of this relationship
And we kissing through It
Don't hurt baby don't cry
Buy you a napkin whip your tears away
Tomorrow that new day
Why oh do they think
That we can survive
The way government hurt us
People joke now I got her
This is my planet we run things
Mine & her airplane
Got five G's so fast see
And we kissing through It
Look how happy we are.
Tommy Laster




Put me on the wall like she always do,
never been dusted off know she cheatin too,
beenin on the wall see everything like mini doll,
can't believe she keep blowing me off,
nothing but a antique put on a wall,
hear every sound see every fall,
see you cryin can't stand that you doing me wrong,
but its ok I forgive every winter,
when you tryin to auction me off,
can't stand that wall so dusted up there,
if I fall I'm going to break nobody cares,
Imagine me as a antique,
know it bugs you because it bugs me,
like bugs cause the glass has holes,
feeling so lonely up on a board walkway,
see you tomarrow girl in the same place,
I know she got gace but I don't see it,
when she cook bacon I have to smell it,
antique antique antique,
now lookin for change don't know if I find it,
nothing but a antique seeing & hearing everything.
Tommy Laster



At The Bookstore

I can be a bestseller at the show all these books get sold,
I listen to God Listen to the Bible But not to the Illuminati,
when my time ends then thats when my Book ends,
I'm Book marked not and never will be devil marked,
I bows to my fans and to my crowds of peoples,
eating at my cafe where I always eat at,
the city map shows my book or pages every where in it,
my clipboard saids I'm over due to do some new poems,
these comics making fun of me because I'm so famous,
she been in my diary this whole time and yet havn't come to life,
Dictionary taught me so much stuff like how to sound off words,
these displays I use are so colorful it will catch you off gaurd,
never ever use my eraser because I'm that good,
they making a game off of my poetry watch it God said so,
when I do get the money one day hardcover books you get,
I need no how to link on no internet screen to tell me how to create,
useing India Ink the darkest kind of ink so it can be seen,
where you think most music artist get their songs from come on? ,
print you up a paperback so you can see my talent all night long,
Got alot of pencils in my pencil box to see which one I will use first,
Poetry who star the first man to ever write a two person poem,
who stock shelves being high off the rose he gave to her,
they even got stickers after me,
I have to tape they mouth shut when they mention me in a bad way,
I travel to much so I need a travel Guide.
Tommy Laster
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Poems By Poet Tommy Laster