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Poems By Poet Tommy Stroller  8/30/2014 5:26:17 PM
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  Best Poems From
  TOMMY STROLLER (30.6.48)

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Winter Haiku

Haiku 1

Summer is so short

A white skirt left on the beach

Winter is so long

Haiku 2

The ice flowers on

the window pane. A flute plays

and the rising moon

Haiku 3

The seagull on its

perch pole above the water

Naked we slowly enter

Haiku 4

The small whales leap and

dive in the sound. The sauna

sweat on our bodies

Haiku 5

Long the shore the ice

cracks in the ferry`s wake. The

moon slides on darkness

Haiku 6

New Year - so many

rockets scream next day - old year΄s

rubbish fills the streets
Tommy Stroller



A Very Personal History

Bodies have histories

Eyes lie to one another

Even in mirrors

But history remains dug

Deep into every cell

Bodies strain to forget themselves

To join in dances too young for them

But the music of the song

Is in the piano notes of the genes

And we endlessly respond

Endlessly play the game,

And dance the dance,

Biology and memory conspiring

To deny themselves

Through each other
Tommy Stroller



I Had A Dreamman

I had a dreamman
From the other side of this screen
And he was hidden from me
Like screens can do
Under a blanket of words
But this man and I
Could travel anywhere
Touch worlds
Kiss in cyberspace
Rocket into regions
Never explored
By bed-ridden lovers

We were
Virtual lovers
Of infinite space
Vampire suckers
Of wire-lessed blood
Hopeless cases
On the airline
of long distance love

Waiting in the Hall
Of Non-Arrivals
For Love to finally come
Taking him home
To the Museum of Surprises
Hoping this time
He`ll be the one
Tommy Stroller



Life Vessel

When will my little life vessel
Enter upon your sea of dreams again?
For I am becalmed on a foreign sea
With only the cry of the seagulls
For comfort, haunted
By the spectres in the mist.
My heart drifts rudderless
Circling the foghorn's warning,
Turning this inner compass
To where the wind blows fresh
With the siren's message - is it
A voice or just a memory
That calls me back to the storm
The beginning and end of which is you.
Tommy Stroller

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Poems By Poet Tommy Stroller