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Poems By Poet Tommy Stroller  1/28/2015 8:10:32 AM
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  TOMMY STROLLER (30.6.48)

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Winter Haiku

Haiku 1

Summer is so short

A white skirt left on the beach

Winter is so long

Haiku 2

The ice flowers on

the window pane. A flute plays

and the rising moon

Haiku 3

The seagull on its

perch pole above the water

Naked we slowly enter

Haiku 4

Porpoises leap and

breathe in the sound. The sauna

sweat on our bodies

Haiku 5

Long the shore the ice

cracks in the ferry`s wake. The

moon slides on darkness

Haiku 6

New Year - so many

rockets scream next day - old year's

rubbish fills the streets
Tommy Stroller



It Floods

It Floods

Kick the dust:
Stub-toed and obvious
The iron and the rust
Pokes me.
Black faces in the sun
Run to meet me;
Sour eyed, respectfully I turn
Away. I
see no blood
On the trees, they are green
And I am hungry.
It floods,
Sometimes, this dust, into my
Head. The people excite me,
They belong without ties;
No goodbyes
Or "hope you have a nice trip".
They simply turn away
And are gone before you've even

Maybe one day I will
Follow them.
But no,
It never floods.
Tommy Stroller



In parting

In parting we lose not only the lover

But also a part of ourselves.

When undoing that first embrace

We signal the final move;

The untying of the knot of the hands always held

Permits the final wave.

If you look in the eyes of the woman departing

They will mirror the glance from the grave.
Tommy Stroller



Little Farms

We are like strangers living here

As if from distant planets flung

Falling separately to little farms

Where contact tentatively

Is made


Cross fields & border hedges

The outstretched arms

Reach blindly for the tips

Of fingers searching back
Tommy Stroller

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Poems By Poet Tommy Stroller