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Poems By Poet Tony Berndtsson  9/21/2014 7:10:37 PM
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Ghost of Hokkaido

I have seen something
With the eyes I own
We will chase the safe lights
Count to twelve and run for your life
It is not by my side this time

Become this light of the moon
Strangers fighting for something
Jump over the fence of courage
How to manage things the right way
Without catching too many tears

Life without ghosts
Is like tears
Without emotion

I can be wrong
But please show me
What is behind the oceans

My fears within it is tears
Your eyes within it is lies
While in the north of Japan
Paddels the Ghost Of Hokkaido
In a boat of lust and darkness

http: //www.chunitana.com
Tony Berndtsson



Japanese Garden

It rests by the sea
It holds you and me
It glitters like an ocean of stars
I could stay here until Mars
It takes me up into the air
It makes it feel so easy to share
It is in the Japanese garden I belong
It is here I could stay all night long

http: //www.chunitana.com
Tony Berndtsson



Locker 89

When you try to study
It is no wonder you call me
I run to you like a buddy
Then you play tricks on me

The cat is watching you
What are you doing on the table
I am gonna paint you blue
This is turning into a fable

Turning my head to notice
My materials are all wet
I have water in this lotus
Let me take the next jet

You are no midnight lady
Neither are you the missing part
Actually, you are not a baby
But you are the princess of my heart

http: //www.chunitana.com
Tony Berndtsson



Lonely Street

There are many things I would rather do
Than yearning here all alone
Like waking up beside you
I have lost the place I call home

Inside my ribs something is about to break
You kept my only tray
I can not count the steps I take
Because they are all headed the wrong way

Not being able to tell
Weather my heart stopped to beat
Or if I experienced my own hell
Now I watch the rain drown my feet

I pray not to experience pain today
Pain that makes me cry through emotions
I wish there was a way
For the biggest fool beyond the oceans

Cannot hear anyone talking
Pouring rain quieting my lonesome heartbeat
Now I am walking
On Lonely Street...

http: //www.chunitana.com
Tony Berndtsson
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Poems By Poet Tony Berndtsson