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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant  9/2/2014 1:54:18 PM
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  Best Poems From
  UDAYA PANT (21st May 1956)
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We all want
What we think
Peace in war
War in peace
Piece in whole
Whole in piece
Static in momentum
Dynamism in static

Hatred in love
Love in hatred
Charity in possession
Possession in charity
Male in female
Female in male

Prosperity in poverty
Poverty in prosperity
Solitude in groups
Groups in solitude
Child in man
Man in child
Wild in civic
Civic in wild!

Friends in spouse
Spouse in friends
Old in new
New in old
What we always look
Is for a paradox!
Udaya Pant



Call it A day

Oh my mother!
Why you married me off?

I had tried to live
Every moment of life
I thought always
I lived like a good wife
A good woman and
A good family person

To my best of ability
I made the sacrificed
My time, desire and comfort
I am still misunderstood

I have had enough
I wanted to continue
But now, call it a day!
Udaya Pant





To make life
I lost my comfort
Now I think
It all was
Not at least
For my comfort!
Udaya Pant





She sounded intelligent
Smart in looks and talk
Pleasant to converse with
Fast like modern generation

Had certainly no inhibition
In proposing for a date
I was just flabbergasted
With the direct invitation

I pretended to and said
I was an older generation
She tried sensing my motive
And said to me, always!
When alone with a woman
There are no barriers
For men of my generation

She accused me of
Being hypocrite generation
Who always pretends
Being the good ones
But are always willing to
Outrage modesty of women
Udaya Pant
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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant