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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant  5/26/2016 9:20:00 PM
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  Best Poems From
  UDAYA PANT (21st May 1956)
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After more than six decades
I try to realise in retrospect
The plight of common man
Looking at his current prospect

The big question here is
Whither independence!
For his own welfare sake
He depended on himself
Before the independence!
Today too, I could see
He depends only on self

In spite of tall promises
Spending and more claims
By independent Government
For his small little needs
Of his meagre livelihood

In search of the of amenities
He feels betrayed, harassed
He is compelled and questions
Who says he is independent?
Udaya Pant



Maha Sati

Maha Sati*

She grew up
In a happy family
She sacrificed
All her ambitions
And every comfort
For the wellbeing
Of everyone in family

She was married
With some difficulty
For less Education
Her in-laws and spouse
Of a modest family!

She made no complaints
Tried to live happily
Whatever came her way
Destiny tested her
And her relations!

She fell chronically ill
Couldn’t afford treatment
At her husband’s place
Came to her parents
Her in-laws forgot her
Left to her fate
She did not complain!

One day we saw
She took a drastic decision
Self immolated herself
To spare every one
Trying to help her
Instead of her husband
She was Maha Sati!

*Great Sati (Sati system was earlier prevalent in Central India, in the medieval period; where women would self-immolate them after the death of their husband
Udaya Pant




She hated child labour
But did not help any
To make a living
Or to go to school
She cared for animals
But could not resist!

The temptation of
Eating animal flesh
She propagated
National and social service!
But did not do it
She preached simplicity
But lived ostentatiously
The utterances always
Spoke for down- trodden!

Her friends
Were all high society
She yelled at each one around her
But propagated
Love and compassion
She was a protagonist!
Udaya Pant



River And Ocean

The ocean said to the river
Come join august company
Of those trying to be bigger
I am happy with my being
The river replied promptly
The ocean laughed out loud
My dear river you beware
Doesn’t matter who you are
When you join me anyways
Your identity also gets lost
Your sweet water loses taste
Only I remain here for sure
I’m not sweet yet get bigger
That’s what you believe
But deep inside me around
There is a whole ecosystem
With beautiful colors of life
Together we shall nurture it
Join me and be part of it all!
Udaya Pant
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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant