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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant  9/1/2014 8:48:38 PM
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  Best Poems From
  UDAYA PANT (21st May 1956)
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In the dense woods
The leaves whisper
In farm lands
Men and women sing
The songs of joy
From the icy meadows
Of the majestic Himalayas
Freezing winds come
To kiss you on face!

Beautiful people
In looks and mind
Welcome and care for you
The wildflowers invitation
Enchanting pilgrim places
The religions people
Music of devotion!

Scenic beauty of land
Water bodies and falls
Rivers in their full youth
Traditional and tribal
People and artefacts
Festivals and celebrations
Rural livelihood
Away from city civilisation
As tall as its mountains
Making moments memorable
Whenever you visit Kumaon!
Udaya Pant



Lingering Desires

The untold stories
Unfound people and
Eluding achievements
We all have them
But I seldom worry
About my very own
Unfulfilled desires
I am happy always
About achievements
My zeal to achieve
Much more in my life
In my own ethical way
Without getting hasty
Achievers too have
The unfulfilled and
The unachievable but
The lingering desires
Udaya Pant




Your accusation
Shook and shattered me

I was waiting for
The dream moments
You shocked me

I lost my sleep
For reason of your prejudice
I felt like an infant
Woken up with scare

Perhaps you also are
In dilemma and confused
About you prejudice

And yet you decide
To seek revenge from me
For reasons non-existent!
Udaya Pant




Oh! I m so anxious
To see my home and city
After those few months
I spent away and lonely!

I wait for the day
With a patient anxiety
Thousand bells are ringing
Musical notes in complicity
I think plan and visualise
My relation with my country
Sweet and sour moments
With my life and family!

Good and bad moments
I learn from all those
I value them in sundry
My mind heart and soul
Are parts of my eternity
But how wonderful it is
To be with your own family!
Udaya Pant
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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant