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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant  12/21/2014 12:36:33 PM
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  Best Poems From
  UDAYA PANT (21st May 1956)
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You came to me
Now, a bit late!

Just like that moon
In the fortnight
Appearing in daylight
Instead of dark night

In my lonely life
You were not in sight
When I needed you
To brighten my life

Your appearance now
Doesn’t matter to me
Just like the moon
In the bright day light
Udaya Pant




Yes friends! I am Gandhi far out of your reach
I do not want to come down and beseech
Earlier also I never tried anything to preach
I had only wanted myself to follow and teach!

Truthfulness, Non-violence and the Humanity
Governments to be as Trustees of the Society
Brotherhood and cooperation was your duty
Religion as the same truth but found in variety
Motto of individual to be of Kindness not of pity

I wanted to improve the lots of all our women
I expected your full support and cooperation
I wanted to be with toiling masses the nations
My heart was with all wanting independence
I thought they would further improve my ideas

I wanted to have ideal model of governance
where everyone has a stake and every chance
Downtrodden of Society were my loved ones
I always worked for them with my innocence
I viewed everyone alike and as the God’s sons

My esteemed desire and wish as a whole
True religion always played an important role
To develop the sense of social responsibility
And in pursuit of the truth for the humanity
Communal minds get change to the humanity

Now I am not around there but I can see
Lot of people I find continue to talk of me
I do feel flattered but very cautiously see
Are they trying to follow my principles at all?
Or are they linking my name only to be tall?

Frustrated I am watching the power game
The politicians play by quoting me or my name
I asked Nehru why did he want such a fame
Now see! We all bend our heads in shame
I wanted to dissolve Congress for the same

I wanted a classless and casteless society
Now, how my name people talk in some party
I do not blame any one but more to myself
Why did I create such a huge political party
Which has become a bane to my own variety

Now very often I talk to friend Nehru and Patel
It was much happier when we put up in the jail
There were no traces of hypocrisy of any kind
It was like struggling in the high sea to sail
Everyone had to do his job always without fail

I am not alive now but my spirit has lived
Gone are all those days everyone I believed
Now I can understand and listen everything
You cannot hide howsoever hard you tried
Come to my memorial with the loyalty divided?

Never would I have thought of the eruption
Of such a worst and cruel kind of corruption
Everyone is in it whatever the profession is
I can see spreading this now in every direction
Is this you all think I wanted to happen!

I was so fond my prayers and the Ram-Dhun
Ha! What a tune you gave O modern musician
I went to the sea shored to break ‘salt-laws’
Not with the pop music jeans and thy fashion
You have made my prayers a song of passion!

O my countrymen! Now you listen what I said
For my sake at least you treat Gandhi as dead
I did not die to be born again anywhere else!
I was killed by my friend Godse in 1948 once
But even now by you all everyday I get killed
You have gone so far that I withdraw my lead! !
Udaya Pant



Depressing Moments

I shall have to try and overpower
My depressing moments around
In my pitch dark and lonely nights
Instigated by baseless accusations
Of my very own and loved ones
Enhanced by deep silence around
And this huge storm in my mind
I know it might yet be temporary
Soul-mates perceiving me hate-mate
Difficult to understand in the ultimate
I console myself to my very best way
Overpowering thought remain in sway
In my moments of this lonely soul
Yet I do continue to overpower all!
Udaya Pant




Do not come my way, O Desire!
Do not come! Do not come!

I am conscious of what I say
I am happy, come what may
Do not divert my attention
Do not come! Do not come!

Whenever you came my way
Brought pain in my happiness
You try to place illusions, Desire
Stay away from me, do not come

O Desires! You leave me alone!
Udaya Pant
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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant