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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant  10/21/2014 2:52:50 PM
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  Best Poems From
  UDAYA PANT (21st May 1956)
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You came to me
Now, a bit late!

Just like that moon
In the fortnight
Appearing in daylight
Instead of dark night

In my lonely life
You were not in sight
When I needed you
To brighten my life

Your appearance now
Doesn’t matter to me
Just like the moon
In the bright day light
Udaya Pant



Depressing Moments

I shall have to try and overpower
My depressing moments around
In my pitch dark and lonely nights
Instigated by baseless accusations
Of my very own and loved ones
Enhanced by deep silence around
And this huge storm in my mind
I know it might yet be temporary
Soul-mates perceiving me hate-mate
Difficult to understand in the ultimate
I console myself to my very best way
Overpowering thought remain in sway
In my moments of this lonely soul
Yet I do continue to overpower all!
Udaya Pant




Do not come my way, O Desire!
Do not come! Do not come!

I am conscious of what I say
I am happy, come what may
Do not divert my attention
Do not come! Do not come!

Whenever you came my way
Brought pain in my happiness
You try to place illusions, Desire
Stay away from me, do not come

O Desires! You leave me alone!
Udaya Pant





When I sought your help
You showed no inclination
Of any kind, whatsoever
For helping me out

Today it’s different
You have to swear by
Our good relations

Thinking that I forgot
The treatment you gave
I would still help

Because I am that way
Unlike you and others
Now you may realise
The basic difference
Between you and me!
Udaya Pant
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Poems By Poet Udaya Pant