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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  3/6/2015 10:22:17 PM
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Chocolate truffles and lollipops.
Chocolate bundt cakes and large cakes.
Chocolate cocoa drinks and Herman drinks.
Chocolate shavings and icing to boot.

Lemon drops and lemonade,
Lemon cough drops and lemon meringue.

Stawberry shortcake and chocolate dunked strawberries.
Chocolate dipped cherries and marachino cherries.
Strawberry icing and strawberry bundt cake.
And apple orchards and pear trees,
And sugar cane fields.

I ate and drank aaaaaalllll this today.
Vera Sidhwa



A Flower Puff was Given To Me

A flower puff was given to me,
By Heaven's hands.
It lay sweetly, not moving,
In my human hands.

I saw this puff,
As God's amazing invention,
Where he breathed his Mighty,
Breath with much intention.

I loved this flower puff you see.
It was in my hand, Heaven's glee,
To make me wonder who made it so sweet,
So to make my wondering eyes to it meet.
Vera Sidhwa



I Don't Know Who You Are

I don't know who you are,
Or why you walk by that road.
You make me look so longingly,
Your boots, gloves and coat.

If I could only find the courage,
To walk-up to you and ask,
What your name is you might,
Get mad.

So all I do in that part of the day,
Was wish you well in your walking way.
I feel a trace of blooming love,
Where it comes from is above.
Vera Sidhwa



Leaf on the Forest Floor

I looked at the trees,
Towering over me,
And I sneaked a peek,
At blue and white.

I just lay there,
Amongst the others of my type,
And wondered if they,
Wondered what I wondered.

But I was my own unique self,
One leaf on the forest floor,
Looking at the tree tops,
And the blue and white.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa