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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  12/18/2014 2:11:30 PM
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Tell me Why

Tell me why you do the things you do?
Do you really want to see me blue?
Instead you look the other way,
You don't like me asking in the sunny day.

But you persist in your harmful ways.
I don't really have that many days,
For you to never to care for me.
I am leaving you see.

But wait, what do I see?
You're coming racing towards me,
With three daisies in you hands,
That you on my dress do land.

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I Grew
I Cried for You

I Am a Child

I bought apples and oranges,
And rolled them down the sidewalk.
All the kids did the same.
We made apple juice
And orange juice,
With the fruits,
And our skateboards.

Tomorrow is another day.
With fruits and sidewalks we will play.
With money that our parents had to pay.
We yelled and screamed, what else can I say? >
Vera Sidhwa




Lackadaisical I thought was a daisy,
That lacked prettiness you know?
This daisy was not white or yellow.

I questioned this daisy,
In front of me.
It was actually so absolutely lovely.

But alas, it was in my mind you see.
Lackadaisical meant without energy,
And it wasn't a daisy.
Vera Sidhwa




He took a whirling,
Spaceship ride swirling,
Into a galaxy there.

He took the spaceship,
Through the galaxy,
And went awhere where.

He turned around the spaceship,
Backing out of the galaxy,
And in the black horizon he didn't see.

The oncoming spaceship,
Of the other galaxy.
Vera Sidhwa



Swaying in the Breeze

Flower blossoms dropped from above,
My symbols of springtime love.
The tree swaying in the breeze,
Spoke of all it had with ease.

The tree's soft message was now sent,
About how it's life was meant,
To protect and nurture others,
In a lifetime of now and the future.

This message wasn't mediocre,
This message wasn't mean.
It was not about a well meant scheme.
It was about how this tree was made,
To help those sitting in it's shade.

I looked up at it's branch,
And trunk and leaf.
The tree educated me in brief,
That life's branches were numerous.

That life's roads were never ending.
And life's adventures were everlasting,
When embarking upon these branching roads.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa