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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  10/30/2014 10:59:30 PM
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Parking Lot

Meandering through a parking lot,
I wove through it's cars a lot.
The spaces in between seemed full,
With doors swinging open.

There were no nuances here,
There were cars in motion,
There were cars sitting there.
I thought they resembled,
Our life by sight.

My life was spent,
In a gigantic flow,
Of cars,
Where I could come and go.

I spent a moment,
Just sitting in my torment,
Of cars not moving,
The meters paying.

My life was spent,
Mostly meandering,
Driving through my day,
Mostly reaching,

Here and there.
And even nowhere.
Then also going somewhere,
And coming back,
Into this parking lot of my life,
That was jammed packed today.
Vera Sidhwa



Tangerines and Tangelos

The flushed orange of the sun,
Made me think of tangerines and tangelos.
Just think, the colors so temptingly bright.
The color predominating before the night.

I thought I could eat the sun so sweet,
But merrily my imagination was out of reach.
I thought of tangerines and tangelos,
At the zenith of the horizon.

I'll show you what I mean,
If you come with me.
I'll walk you through some sweat.
I'll walk you through the sun.

The sun as sweet as tangelo and tangerines.
Vera Sidhwa



That Door

That door I opened showed no scenery,
Only that elusive, vacuous kind.
The second door,
The same of a kind.

I opened many a door.
They reached from the heavens to the floor.
But out there it was elusive.
It alluded me.

I opened and slammed so many of them.
They revealed scenery all the same.
I couldn't by me, figure this out.
I was never in. I was always out.

The action I took was of a defeated kind,
Till I one day just gave up.
And that is when I started to see,
One huge door opening for me.
Vera Sidhwa



Black Rain

Black rain streaked my beige gold face.
It had nothing better to do.
Black rain streaked down through clouds above,
A sign of strange colored lover's love.

Black rain dappled the green waters of my pond,
The spread it's black upon the open sea.
Black rain went pitter-patter on my window pane,
Then it splattered through the sands of my desert.

This no color water, changed my life around,
Telling me where all Truth could be found.
Then it let the blue rain comes back,
On the pond, the sea, window pane and desert.

Then as it left, it whispered in my ear,
Black rain will show you the Way again.

I couldn't quite get the knowledge I seeked,
From black rain's ultimate leave.

I tried to find out the Truth,
That black rain had put forth to me,
Yet this remained a black mystery,
The Way it spoke about, alluded me.

Black rain, now rained torrentially,
It watered itself in tropical places.
It rained down black on the ocean faces.

And then I finally understood! ! !
All colors were camoflaouged, wherever I looked.
So the mystery of God would never be unlocked.
That's what Black Rain had definetly meant,

As never to question, whatever was Heaven sent.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa