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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  8/20/2014 3:27:05 PM
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Cafe Latte

The aroma in this cafe, that wafted out the door,
Enticed it's customers to smell it some more,
To tatse it's delicacies, to eat it's pastries
Food so delicately constructed, flavores creatively adjusted,
Music played soft and loud
But delicate stirrings inside demanded,
That local and world peace be blended,
But that coffee house newspaper tight in my clutch,
Did not agree so much, so I left the Cafe Latte place
Vera Sidhwa



California Sun Scatter

Caliornia sun doesn’t slant.
It scatters,
Into a trillion shreds.
It knows no moods of negativity,
Only of ebullience.
I could walk on this California sun scatter,
And dance and skip and zig-zag hop on it.
I could make ice-cream sun floats out of it.
I could concoct sunshine-ade to drink it.
I could design a sun scatter dress you just have to surround
yourself with,
And not wear it.
Well, I couldn’t skate on the sun
But I could breathe it in.
And I could release it back out.
And feel better for it,
Because it’s California Sun Scatter
Of the California sun.

Vera Sidhwa



Candy Apple Pie

My baby 'Candy Apple Pie, '
You're my baby and don't even cry.
You're my 'Candy Apple Pie.'

And the mommy sat in the sandbox,
With her baby.

My baby 'Candy Apple Pie, '
I want to kiss your face,
And fingers and toes.

You're an angel dropped down,
From heaven so close.

The next day the baby and mommy,
Went down the grocery aisle,
With the baby's smile.

The baby pointed to red apples,
And said, 'candy apple pie is Mommy! ! ! '
Vera Sidhwa



Fingerpads and Keypads

Fingerpads and keypads,
In rapid fluttering motion,
Moved the story along,
As if they knew it's way.

This story's direction was clear from the start,
This story's angle was sharp from the begin.
It made the plot convincing,
As the fingerpads and keypads touched each other.

This story wrote itself,
While the brain assimilated it,
And the keypads received it.
It was a fast moving story.

A story of mankind and computerkind,
Working in proper rhythm and rhyme,
I good story form,
A combination of fingerpads and keypads,

Enhancing all the work.
All stories wanting to be written in this way.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa