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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  7/10/2014 8:09:29 PM
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The Music that Meant Nothing

The bird song,
The water's fall,
Broke my heart today.
For it did not ride on the sun's ray.

The music of the tree,
That felled in the forest.
The music of the air,
Didn't do for me anything fair.

No music pleased me today.
For today music meant nothing.
Vera Sidhwa



Tickety Tock

Clickety rickety tickety tock,
The mouse got stuck in the cuckoo-clock.

Hi ho wo lo,
We got him out with our feather pillow.

Lease dease hease wease,
We ticked his nose until he had to sneeze.

Skin shun shon shan,
He fell right into our frying pan.

Clickety, rickety, tickety tock,
We witches cooked him on the stove so hot.
Vera Sidhwa




The border of this fire crackled and snapped.
It's undulating movement that moved
All over the earth's body.
It's leaping orange and red intertwined,
This fire in all it's glory made me scream.

It made me heat up, this fire of old and fire of new.
This fire's constant singing made me wonder how it had a voice.
But it did, sometimes lower and sometimes higher, and then
So high.

This fire was nature's mischief maker and he made mischief.
Of all the leaves, branches and trees around him,
And he made mischief on me.

One day I disclosed to all my friends,
This fire was not a true fire.
It didn't burn down anything,
But it so excited me that it did burn my heart.
It excited my whole body and burned through my soul.
This fire just lit up my life.

But this wildfire was no ordinary fire.

This wildfire was my lover.
For this there was no other.
For his mother had named my lover Wildfire.
Watching his antics and speeding around on the playground,
I'll always hold Wildfire tightly in my arms because he's so hot.
Vera Sidhwa



A Man Named Dream

There was a man named Dream,
Who couldn't sleep it seemed,
For when he laid down,
The entire town,
Had parties and loud sounds,
It seems.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa