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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  3/5/2015 4:22:13 AM
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Jumping, Jumping, Jumping

This frog jumped and jumped,
Everywhere he went.
He jumped over a tiny flower,
In the middle of a thunder shower.

This frog jumped and jumped,
Anywhere he went,
For he jumped very fast,
So he could rest at last.

Froggy jumped over the freeway today.
It was a very small jump,
For a big price to pay.

Oops! ! ! Almost!

But then he got up on his skateboard,
To whiz across this freeway.
On this very sunny day.
Vera Sidhwa




I bought the milkshake at the drive-in,
And drank it on the spot.
The straw made a slurp sound,
Around and about.

I bought still another one,
I wanted more of it.
I almost placed it on my lap,
And then almost spilled it.

I bought a third one on the way.
I loved the chocolate in it.
I've always loved chocolate shakes,
And the sweet milk in it.
Vera Sidhwa



My Water Fountain

I drank glasses of water,
I drank water from office coolers.
Many people drank from water fountains.

I thought my thirst I could slake,
If I drank water from a cool lake.
Then I would would drink cold water,
From gushing waterfalls.

But much to my surprise,
I thirsted for all of Earth's water.

I couldn't fathom my inner self,
About slaking my thirst insatiable.
I couldn't come to grips about,
The deep waters of my life.

Was it my body? Or was it my soul?
Then I very quickly learned,
That this thirst for water that was burning in me,
Was my unending thirst for love

That everybody yearns for.
And everybody needs.
In quantities of glasses, coolers, waterfalls,
Lakes, oceans and seas.
Vera Sidhwa



Polka Dots

Oh, I danced with my pink, polka dot dress on,
It topsy turvied those who watched me.
They too wanted to become polka dots,
To be randomly dancing and oh so pretty.

My polka dot people now wanted,
Their own dress with polkas on it.
They cut fabric so lovely, so fragile.
All polka dots were being made all over.

The dance now stopped,
The polkas were all designed.
Mine was the very best.
Mine was very fine.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa