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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  7/29/2014 11:59:42 PM
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Opened My Door

I opened the door,
And took a sneak peak
At this morning's world
What it would bring me.

So I shut the door now,
Walking around in my house,
To challenge my room with an inquiry,
About the state of this world in front of me.

I opened my door wide again,
Watching the sun in it's entry way.
A magic struck start of another day,
Flavoring my moment with the sun's ray.

Which caused me to write lyrics to my song.
A bird kept flying around me,
Reading my happy musical notes,
Chirping them into a birdsong.

My writer's hand kept writing lyrics,
My composer's heart kept writing notes.
My chirpy, airy Muse of the day,
That bird and my Muse,

Had nothing left to lose,
It became our song,
So we then created a World Song.

As I opened the door to my living room,
I lay down on my sofa,
And thought about that bird,
As I heard him chirping our World Song,
In a way that never was.
Vera Sidhwa



Paper, Paper

Paper, we scribble on you,
And you give us so much info,
Don't you?

Paper, you become a crumply lunch bag,
And you hold my delicious lunch for me,
Don't you?

Paper, we make flying shapes out of you,
You glide at hyper speed for us,
Don't you?

Paper, we sign contracts on you,
We make money from what we sign,
Don't we?

Paper, we put you in banks,
Signing amounts of currency,
Don't we?

Paper, you do everything for us.
I'll sign my name on you,
For I have a contract with you.
You're so beautiful.
Vera Sidhwa



Parking Lot

Meandering through a parking lot,
I wove through it's cars a lot.
The spaces in between seemed full,
With doors swinging open.

There were no nuances here,
There were cars in motion,
There were cars sitting there.
I thought they resembled,
Our life by sight.

My life was spent,
In a gigantic flow,
Of cars,
Where I could come and go.

I spent a moment,
Just sitting in my torment,
Of cars not moving,
The meters paying.

My life was spent,
Mostly meandering,
Driving through my day,
Mostly reaching,

Here and there.
And even nowhere.
Then also going somewhere,
And coming back,
Into this parking lot of my life,
That was jammed packed today.
Vera Sidhwa




I ran away as fast as I could,
Negotiating every corner of the street.
I ran away even faster,
After my friend I did meet.

I really ran away,
In the pages of a book.
I ran away from you,
As fast as it too.

I ran away from myself,
Uh oh! But did.
It didn't matter how fast I ran,
It didn't matter how fast I did.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa