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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  1/30/2015 10:56:17 AM
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Animal's Luck

Bees, birds, bugs and bobcats,
Mice, rats, rabbits and wildcats,
Blossoms, bunnies and bladder pods,
Ducks, bulrushes and butterflies.

And one huge lion to eat them up.
For his relished and savory sup,
All of them down,
On their animal's luck.
Vera Sidhwa



Blossoms and Blooms

The blossoms and blooms frolicked in the breeze.
They did this dancing with so much ease.
The blossom asked the bloom, whether it could be his friend.
The bloom said yes, since friendship was the trend.

I could see that in this pretty garden.
No jealousy, nor hatred existed.
The blossom and the bloom danced together.
Since they had each other befriended.

The story of the blossom and bloom,
Will go one you see,
Because where there is no vice,
It can go on till eternity.
Vera Sidhwa



Cold Water

The water poured in my mind,
And made it cool.
It was the water in my pool,
That made my body so cool.

I thought about water.
It was a miracle.
It was in plentitude,
In ponds, lakes, oceans in cool attitude.

The healthiest drink on Earth,
Could turn everything around.
It drips almost without a sound.
Vera Sidhwa




Dew drops perched,
On top of rose petals,
In the freshly perfumed air.
Beauty so rare.

Dew drops wet on flowers,
After fresh and pretty rain showers.
Dew on different colored plants.
Beauty so rare.

Dew drops from sprinkling rain,
Washed away my longstanding pain.
Just to feel them on my hand.
Heaven so rare.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa