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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  5/29/2016 4:39:11 AM
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That Society

That society that brought harm,
Didn't in any way solve problems.
It didn't weapons disarm,
And didn't unload arms.

That society I don't like.

That society that brought racist thoughts,
And evil intentions taught,
And dangerous actions brought.
It strayed from good to evil.

That society I don't like.

That society that brought family downfalls,
Coordinated destructive ways.
Brought divorce and marital strife,
And brought a poor, single wife.

That society I don't like.
Vera Sidhwa



When I Held A Cloud In My Hand

When I held a cloud,
In my hand,
It was a lovely day.
I couldn't even understand,
How it could be this way.

When I held a cloud,
In my hand,
The radiance at hand,
Spoke to me of happiness,
Across the land.

When I held a cloud,
In my hand,
I understood what it meant,
That this is the way,
Happiness went.
Vera Sidhwa




The border of this fire crackled and snapped.
It's undulating movement that moved
All over the earth's body.
It's leaping orange and red intertwined,
This fire in all it's glory made me scream.

It made me heat up, this fire of old and fire of new.
This fire's constant singing made me wonder how it had a voice.
But it did, sometimes lower and sometimes higher, and then
So high.

This fire was nature's mischief maker and he made mischief.
Of all the leaves, branches and trees around him,
And he made mischief on me.

One day I disclosed to all my friends,
This fire was not a true fire.
It didn't burn down anything,
But it so excited me that it did burn my heart.
It excited my whole body and burned through my soul.
This fire just lit up my life.

But this wildfire was no ordinary fire.

This wildfire was my lover.
For this there was no other.
For his mother had named my lover Wildfire.
Watching his antics and speeding around on the playground,
I'll always hold Wildfire tightly in my arms because he's so hot.
Vera Sidhwa



Black Rain

Black rain streaked my beige gold face.
It had nothing better to do.
Black rain streaked down through clouds above,
A sign of strange colored lover's love.

Black rain dappled the green waters of my pond,
The spread it's black upon the open sea.
Black rain went pitter-patter on my window pane,
Then it splattered through the sands of my desert.

This no color water, changed my life around,
Telling me where all Truth could be found.
Then it let the blue rain comes back,
On the pond, the sea, window pane and desert.

Then as it left, it whispered in my ear,
Black rain will show you the Way again.

I couldn't quite get the knowledge I seeked,
From black rain's ultimate leave.

I tried to find out the Truth,
That black rain had put forth to me,
Yet this remained a black mystery,
The Way it spoke about, alluded me.

Black rain, now rained torrentially,
It watered itself in tropical places.
It rained down black on the ocean faces.

And then I finally understood! ! !
All colors were camoflaouged, wherever I looked.
So the mystery of God would never be unlocked.
That's what Black Rain had definetly meant,

As never to question, whatever was Heaven sent.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa