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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa  10/2/2014 1:23:24 AM
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Red Flowers on White Sky

On my morning walk,
I saw red flowers,
On white sky!

And I was full of wonderment,
As to all this meant,
For I saw red flowers on white sky.

On pondering further I guessed,
They may be decorations from heaven sent,
With the white sky against a garland of red.
Vera Sidhwa



Swaying in the Breeze

Flower blossoms dropped from above,
My symbols of springtime love.
The tree swaying in the breeze,
Spoke of all it had with ease.

The tree's soft message was now sent,
About how it's life was meant,
To protect and nurture others,
In a lifetime of now and the future.

This message wasn't mediocre,
This message wasn't mean.
It was not about a well meant scheme.
It was about how this tree was made,
To help those sitting in it's shade.

I looked up at it's branch,
And trunk and leaf.
The tree educated me in brief,
That life's branches were numerous.

That life's roads were never ending.
And life's adventures were everlasting,
When embarking upon these branching roads.
Vera Sidhwa



Sweet Pea

You run around the floor.
You knock on the nursery door.
Your rattle being dragged from a dirty mouth.
Your baby garments dragged on the floor.

You're the baby I asked to be born.
You hold your milk bottle at a slant.
Your drool is the most innocent,
You do.

Baby, sweet pea,
You are near and dear to me.
You are a love's epitomy.
But baby from my arms,
Don't flee.
Vera Sidhwa



Tall Buildings of York City

Buildings of York City,
You scare me,
Your world is virtually,
Crowded with buildings.

Yet just still build and built, buildings! ! !

We're letting this happen,
In the name of progress.
We can't drive cars from right to left,
Cars and buildings in form of regress.

Children don't play in lush green,
Their playground a tragic cement scene.
They hop and skip around,
But not on swings, slides or playground.

They play on sheets of cement,
For mothers to keep them safe,
From parking lot cars,
A torment.

To keep up with their childrens' safety,
And possibly some other mother's liability.

Buildings of York City,
Built in sci-fi age,
Violations of nature,
And it's natural grace.

Violations of humans,
Violations of land,
Violations of the Red Race,
Are now violations of the Human Race.

It doesn't matter.
Our children will face,
A failure of the Earth's
Blue, green and white environment.

When the satellites provide a photo,
Our sights won't believe,
Nobody will hear, our too late sigh.
The colors of planet Earth,

Grey, brown in sky.
The oceans of the Earth,
The green of the leaves,
And the pure white of the cloud ridden sky,
Laid down to rest forever.

Now it's time for your scientific plans.
But those plans won't matter,
With the pollution's earthly scatter
Spreading globally around,
Without a human protest found.

No other planet will be able to nuture,
To save us from Earth's emergency ending future.
This upcoming trend, causing messages,
To each other to send.

Too late to stop the red Apocalyptic End.
Vera Sidhwa
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Poems By Poet Vera Sidhwa