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Poems By Poet vijay gupta  11/20/2014 10:07:38 PM
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  Best Poems From
  VIJAY GUPTA (5-5-1950)

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River Narmada dried up

River Narmada dried up
Once it was the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.
From last three years, there is no adequate ran fall in this region,
Numerous tanks & wells have dried up.
However, river Narmada is also dries up.
It is heart breaking news.
Lacks upon lacks peoples were getting their bread from it.
Imagine about their miseries & sorrows.
Their grievances are as high as Everest Mountain.
vijay gupta



Street children

Street children
Ask from such a person
Who has no roof over his head?
Ask from such a person
Who has no employment?
Not one two or three there are five laces in our capital Delhi.
We can say them
The street children
Most of them are beggars.
Some of them are drug an addict.
They sleep beneath the flyover & empty public places.
Anti nationals can easily use them for antinational activities.
These children are the part of our next generation.
We must work to bring them in the main
stream of the nation.
For the bright future
of not only for them for whole of the nation.
vijay gupta



Moon’s lady

Moon’s lady
Moon’s lady is weaving yarn
like my mother’s mother.
I’ve seen her in my childhood & to
the moon’s lady every day in nights.
Moon’s lady is an imaginary photo
which I have seen so many times
when moon lits in full swing.
Moon’s lady recalls
Memories of my childhood
Passed in the lap of my mother’s mother.
vijay gupta



Rainbow like our life

Rainbow like our life
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow is in the sky.
Children were clapping & jumping with joy.
I also heard the roar and saw
the wonder of seven colour’s rainbow in the sky.
It was glowing & was giving coolness to our eyes.
Suddenly it was disappeared from the sky and
then I realize that the rainbow is like
the life of a human-being.
It’s colours are like the colours of our life.
Colours of life as joy, sadness,
Kindness, honesty, attraction, haterdness & love
are as the seven colours of a rainbow
And I realize that rainbow is just
like the life of a human being.
vijay gupta

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 79

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Poems By Poet vijay gupta