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Poems By Poet vijay gupta  10/24/2014 10:21:02 AM
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  Best Poems From
  VIJAY GUPTA (5-5-1950)

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River Narmada dried up

River Narmada dried up
Once it was the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.
From last three years, there is no adequate ran fall in this region,
Numerous tanks & wells have dried up.
However, river Narmada is also dries up.
It is heart breaking news.
Lacks upon lacks peoples were getting their bread from it.
Imagine about their miseries & sorrows.
Their grievances are as high as Everest Mountain.
vijay gupta



Rainbow like our life

Rainbow like our life
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow is in the sky.
Children were clapping & jumping with joy.
I also heard the roar and saw
the wonder of seven colour’s rainbow in the sky.
It was glowing & was giving coolness to our eyes.
Suddenly it was disappeared from the sky and
then I realize that the rainbow is like
the life of a human-being.
It’s colours are like the colours of our life.
Colours of life as joy, sadness,
Kindness, honesty, attraction, haterdness & love
are as the seven colours of a rainbow
And I realize that rainbow is just
like the life of a human being.
vijay gupta



Ajijan Bai the great

Ajijan Bai the great
She was a great patriot, warrior & was a freedom fighter.
She fought in Indian independence struggle 1857 under the leadership of great Nana Shahib of Bittoor (Kanpur) .
She was commanding the cavalry having bare sword in her hand &
a gun on her back.
Her dress was remarkable which was of like a man soldier.
Some historians of that time describe her as a prostitute lady.
I salute enthusiastically to that great prostitute lady
who sacrificed her life for the freedom of her mother land.
Her sacrifice was also great in comparison of the kings &
lords of that time because her act was without selfishness.
On 27the July 1857 she was arrested &
was produced before the inquiry commission
where she gave her statement which was of great significance &
of humane values.
She said “every men & women on the earth have a natural right to live free.
You Britishers have no right to make us slaves.
Now you may go to your country.
Otherwise we will kill all of you.
I accept that on 27the June 1857
I was present when the massacre of Britishers was going on at the bank of Ganga river.
I am proud on my act”.
Again I pay my tribute with humbly to Ajijan Bai the great who was the great martyr of Indian freedom struggle.
vijay gupta



Partition of India in 1947 was must.

Partition of India in 1947 was must.
Partition of India was the need of that hour in 1947.
The than leaders of India like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru did well by accepting the partition of our country.
It was good for the sake of Hindus, Muslims & for the country other wise more than ten crores of people could die in the wake of violence erupted during independence struggle before and after 1947.
It was a historic truth that most of the Indians did not like the partition and they wept on the eve of the partition. But Muslim league and its followers did not wept on that day.
They thought that the they had won the war for creating a new Islamic country in the world.
They had successfully launched the movement which was declared the jihad, a religious work they had performed which would send them to the heaven.
Their work of forming a Pakistan was the mission of millions Muslims of that era.
Partition of India was the out come of the separatist, communal and poisonous movement launched by Muslim league in Indian subcontinent mostly in Muslim masses for a century.
The than leaders of Indian national congress could not counter the movement of league and also failed to convince the Muslims that their future is bright only in a united India not in a truncated India.
Religion helped the Muslim league and mohd. Ali jinah became the mouth organ of league only for his careerism.
He was a ambitious politician and only Muslim league can fulfill his desire so he went in the lap of the league.
National leadership of India like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel did not like the partition and they tried to stop it up to the last.
But up to 1946 the situation in the country was became grave,
violence was every where, economy was cracking down & Indian masses
was divided mostly in Hindus & Muslims.
This situation could not be allowed for a long time.
Therefore, In the last the heart breaking decision of partition of India was taken.
In the last I will say that the Muslim league was wholly responsible for the partition of India and not any body.
vijay gupta

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Poems By Poet vijay gupta