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Poems By Poet vincent armone  1/27/2015 2:21:05 AM
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  VINCENT ARMONE (1/24/70)

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Blood diamonds

Blood diamonds red not clear
stained with too many innocent tears
children plucked from there homes
to fight in a war not there own

Blood diamonds
for these mom and dad died
there sisters raped
should diamonds hold for them
such terrible fate

Blood diamonds
limbs are sliced off
but they dont kill the childern
because they would be better off

Blood diamonds
Now you know were they come from
and we let this happen
what have we become

Walking around wearing all our bling
people died getting them
does that not mean a thing

Blood diamonds
god help us all
because I will never look at my rings
the same way anymore.
vincent armone



My sad eyes

My sad eyes
blurred by tears
heart broken
by the world they now see

My sad eyes
now look down
afraid to look upon
all thats black

My sad eyes
full of aqua blue
the whitest of white
so wonderess
yet so pained

My sad eyes
the all seeing
the all feeling
the all knowing

My sad eyes
one tear holds
a hundred diffrent reasons for there saddness

My sad eyes
please someone wipe away the hurt
vincent armone



My food is your food

Grab a chair, and lets eat
feast and laugh, and enjoy gods gifts
toast and drink. to great family, and freinds
of all nationalty and color
So grab a chair at my table
who ever you are
I am hungry
And all that I have is for all to enjoy
But first you have to sit at my table
and that some times the hardest part of the meal
vincent armone



I am a New york Rangers fan

As I look at the rafters above msg
a tear rolls from my eye
the legends of the past hang with
glory and honor
need not put there names here
the numbers say it all

I have been down the roads
of horrible seasons
embarising play loses
and extreme glory

I seen dreams
and stanley cup dreams relized

Sweated through game 6 predictions
and heart stopping overtimes

Have watched banners raised
and seasons ended in the blink of an eye

Look at rivals win
cup after cup after cup after cup

Watched the devil
drive use to extiction

Yet I return season after season
carry the hopes of the fans
who bleed the same blue that I do
I am
vincent armone

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 100 136

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Poems By Poet vincent armone