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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott  7/10/2014 8:00:08 AM
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  Best Poems From
  VYKTOR EKOTT (14th February,)

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Be the man

Be it right or wrong
The strong can still be strong
But the rules, if wrong
Can make a strong man weak

There's strength in weakness
If you fail to see with laziness
Forget your rules of hastiness
You are only weak, when you feel you're not strong

It's not about you...still not your fault
Don't play your creative strength to a halt
Don't be quick to startle or jolt
Play bold on your weakness, and be the man.
Vyktor Ekott



It's Just Poverty, Fight On!

Though my growing up days weren’t easy
I kept my little hands and mind always busy
I went around with shoes without laces
Doing odd jobs that took me to odd places
I never had a sliced bread pasted with jam
All we had was boiled or roast cocoyam
We had an empty room in the day and crowdy at night
But yet we smiled around as if our life was glowing bright

I had a father who worked more than his pay
And a mother who had enough sighing to replay
Poverty was the story, but it wasn’t our destiny
Because we daily hosted mosquitoes picking on our bodies
Though we stayed content and devoid of worries
We had poverty restricting us to our lowly class
While others were born with silver spoons, our was brass

My story was bad and rusty yesterday
Thank God, I have a success story to tell today
Don’t give up on your dreams, hold on
Because there’s always a reason why one was born.
Vyktor Ekott



I Crave For Success

I dream the future without the past
Of when my success will be a blast
Intent of heart, I see the best
Hope for the future, with God I rest.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.

I see a flash, a flash of hope
I'm up the mountain, nomore the slope
Lord take me higher, Lord take me up
Mobilize the process, and do not stop.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.

Night and day, I hope in silence
The possibility of a future so dense
If I persevere, and continue hoping
Then my future will cease from joking.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.
Vyktor Ekott



MOTHERS' DAY: Celebrate Motherhood.

For nine months, she bore the pains
Expecting nothing, but a mother’s gain
You designed her clothes with infancy stains
Now, will you make her sufferings go down in vain?

She gave you a name befitting her belief
Yopu were her joy, a solace for her grief
She had none, but to you, everything she’d give
And when you’re sick, she prays, hoping you’d live.

She’s more than a woman, she’s a mother indeed
Denying herself luxuries, she provided all your needs
Sometimes she stayed hungry, so you’d have all to feed
Don’t forget the labour pains, become a perfect seed.

That’s your mother, though she’d wrinkled out
You are why her youthfulness is still not out
Mother’s day, that’s what March 14th is all about
Celebrate your mother, you’re why she’s proud.
Vyktor Ekott

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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott