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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott  5/25/2016 1:52:23 PM
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  Best Poems From
  VYKTOR EKOTT (14th February,)

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I Crave For Success

I dream the future without the past
Of when my success will be a blast
Intent of heart, I see the best
Hope for the future, with God I rest.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.

I see a flash, a flash of hope
I'm up the mountain, nomore the slope
Lord take me higher, Lord take me up
Mobilize the process, and do not stop.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.

Night and day, I hope in silence
The possibility of a future so dense
If I persevere, and continue hoping
Then my future will cease from joking.

I crave for success, I hope for hope
God start the process, I crave to cope.
Vyktor Ekott



Silent Night...

Silent night, our discovery night
When concentration was limited to our world
The passion was embraced by the night
And we spoke our minds without a spoken word.

Silent night, our wanton night
A night of sneaky, invisible touches
Your touch illuminated an emotional light
Especially your sweet, silent smooches.

Silent night, when we had our sweet fight
How could I forget that sweet harassment?
When your kisses took me to a greater height
And your embrace gave me a life imprisonment.

Silent night, a night so long
We interacted with just our hands
Your full-lips tickled my searching tongue
With your smooches, love confirmed my plans.

Silent night, our special night
It wasn’t by money, but by might
Crying in silence, we were drowned in delight
With silent kisses, we maximized our silent night.
Vyktor Ekott




Bonded by God, separated by law
Look close again, she’s still the one
Few years ago, she was all you saw
Conjugal bliss, where has the love gone?

She used to be your angel, she was the best
You think you’ve done all to make it work
You often complain she’s a nag and a pest
And that she’s grown plump and fleshy like pork.

Once, she was your lifeline and a queen
Suddenly she’s become a nightmare and a plague
Yesterday, she used to be your human Chloroquin
But today, she’s a counterfeit and a fake.

Because you hate her, she’s very guilty
You want her out, you’re ready to try legal force
You tell it to the world “Her lifestyle is very filthy”
That’s why you won’t stop filing for a divorce.
Vyktor Ekott



I Dream...

I dream… still
It was of you and me
I sensed an art of scheming
Not caring… so careless
I reached out, but you turned away
I wanted to be close, you wanted to run
You were acting strange
Your reach was out of range
Was it truly you or an apparition?
You once loved me, not infatuation
What’s happening, where’s my angel?
Out of frustration, I screamed
But to my joy and relief, it was a dream.
Vyktor Ekott

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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott