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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott  11/24/2014 7:40:55 AM
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  Best Poems From
  VYKTOR EKOTT (14th February,)

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He was bad to the core
He never for once, did his chore
Every night, he brought home a whore
In the morning, he’ll go out on a tour.

One day, he awoke with a decision
And requested for his share of the possession
His share was given to him without hesitation
And he went abroad with great expectation.

He made friend on the first day
Attended parties and clubs everyday
He squandered the money all the way
When the money was gone, his friends walked away.

He suffered and cried alone
He had nothing to eat, not even a bone
When he looked around, his friends were gone
And he sat back, regretting all he’d done.

He thought of going back to his father
He walked home, hoping to redress his manner
When his father saw him, he turned a dancer
And his feet was graced with sandals made from leather.

On his knees, he saw in himself a servant
He wasn’t worthy to be a son, or even a savant
He wanted to work in the fields tending food plants
But his father knew that a father’s love remains constant.
Vyktor Ekott



Corrective Spanking

You never allowed me to stray
You taught me to always kneel and pray
You were always happy, watching me play
But you wanted me to study everyday.

Whenever I strayed, I received a spank
You never gave me corrections with a rod or plank
You made sure that my li’l brain wasn’t blank
Today, I can’t help giving out a word of thanks.

Those days, I took it for parental misgiving
Today, I appreciate it with thanksgiving
I never knew it was a process of pure learning
Until I remembered your ‘Corrective Spanking’
Vyktor Ekott



Be the man

Be it right or wrong
The strong can still be strong
But the rules, if wrong
Can make a strong man weak

There's strength in weakness
If you fail to see with laziness
Forget your rules of hastiness
You are only weak, when you feel you're not strong

It's not about you...still not your fault
Don't play your creative strength to a halt
Don't be quick to startle or jolt
Play bold on your weakness, and be the man.
Vyktor Ekott



In Love With Her!

Within my lonely heart
She threw the cupid dart
On my wooden bed, I lay flat
Asking myself 'How did it all start? '.

Years ago, I knew her once
We played love, acting like dunce
Then it was war, war without guns
And she never said 'Yes', not for once.

I kissed her always, only in my mind
I knew she had flaws, but I was blind
She was mostly quiet, loving and kind
But what I liked most, was her rolling behind.

Amateur days have come and gone
With the childish mistakes we'd done
Today, all I hear is her sexy, babyish tone
I'm in love with her, the bone of my bone.
Vyktor Ekott

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Poems By Poet Vyktor Ekott