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Poems By Poet White Tiger  7/24/2016 9:39:45 AM
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  WHITE TIGER (May 17th)

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A Black Rose

I gave you this rose, so you can see
How deep is my love, in my heart for thee

It resonates black, but it's deep colored wine
This beautiful rose, entwined on a vine

I love you so much, but make no mistake
This pretty black rose, can bend and break

For it is fragile, soft and sweet
It is caring, and heartfelt deep
It's what lovers wish they could find
a deep colored black rose, entwined on a vine

And because this black rose, is deep colored wine
It ages to perfection, with my love enchrined.

White Tiger



A Butterflys Life

A butterfly exhibits Its pretty colors
Leaving It's prints on all the flowers

It fly's free, through gardens and weeds
Sipping the liquid that It's body needs

Its veins fill up with fine red wine
And Its wings take it to a roses vine

When it finds out how short Its life will be
it returns to its flower and waits to see

It stands on a petal, patiently trying
To reach and sip what was left of the wine

And that day it died, holding on to that rose
Holding on with devotion, to the flower it chose.

White Tiger



A Leaf In Autumn

A single leaf, falling of a tree
Dancing in the wind, falling fast and free

Showing the colors of autumn fall
Covering all trees, short, fat and tall

All dried up and ready to land
On surfaces like grass, dirt or sand

Then the wind blows it, to a different place
Where it begins all over, It's descending grace.

White Tiger



A White Rose

A rose so delicate, living day to day
Giving life, through it's gentle sway

On wind blown matter, it strives to live
Struggling through the elements, trying to re-live

In a motionless wonder, it seeks to find
A new born rose of the same known kind

In opening its petals, it shows the charm
Of its poise, its beauty, its collective calm

Roses don't die, they just fade away
To blossom each other, another day

And a white roses beauty is second to none
As I forever will remember her, now that shes gone.

White Tiger

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Poems By Poet White Tiger