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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/27/2016 6:29:58 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY

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Their eyes watch us Simply because that's what The poor people, On our planet, do... Poverty breeds hate and It brings pains and sufferings To all of us... Deprivation is an ugly factor Of that ugly poverty... It's ugly for a poor man or a poor woman To go to bed while his stomach or her stomach Is entirely empty... No one accepts poverty anytime Simply because it hurts and It's painful to one's bones... Our world is the fertile land of poverty Simply because there are people Who are up and There are people who are down... Poverty is an ugly disease that That makes someone kneels down When needed... It's better to get rid of poverty With all possible means... It's not impossible to turn poverty Into another image in life... I have a lot of notes about poverty, but Who is going to hear me or to listen to me? ! ______________________________________________________________________

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The entity that is dreaded by all but ever present everywhere, a non-respecter of age,
Poverty does not have regard for race, nor nationality, as it is present in every part of the globe,
Poverty breeds diseases, it has siblings like misery, ignorance, illiteracy, dejection, rejection, degradation, agony,
Poverty means the difference between haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, the upper and the lower class,
Poverty is a quick destroyer of human as it makes people ‘sell' lots of things including conscience, and destroys self-esteem,

Poverty, what a curse that has a spectrum; from mild, relative, to abject poverty,
Poverty is a monster that destroys families, communities and societies, always a bad commodity in the market place,
Poverty determines how you get treated by the society, and you are loathed for your status,
Poverty gets written all over you once you are in the lower class, caste system in every society is a celebration and endorsement of poverty as social classification,
Some societies believe you are born into poverty and you should be in poverty for life, please ask who is a 'Dalit' in Asia,
Poverty makes people call you 'Church rat', the basics of everyday living become luxuries to the poor,
Poverty robs you of dignity, it robs you of a chance to be heard, as ‘ no good ideas come from the poor',

Poverty in father, poverty in mother, definitely rubs off on the children, poverty is a disease difficult to cure,
Poverty is a giant monster that can only be tamed by dedicated hard-work, prayers as Jabez did, and may seem un-surmountable, may be intimidating, but can be defeated,
Every mother discusses poverty with her kids, how terrible and merciless of a character is poverty,
Poverty is the character every father tells its fairy tale and the importance of using education as weapon to attack it,
Poverty an equal opportunity degrader of a person, multiple acronyms have been given to poverty in every culture and society.

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Forgotten In The The Sea Of Life

The poor are neglected and forgotten Like the old pages of an old book in
An isolated library in an old house, They were born poor because some greedy People stole their life and their bread In a bad moment and in a bad place, Poverty is the poor people's common friend Because everyone refused them completely, They are not bad, but nobody accepts the Poor people and God damn their ugly poverty, Poverty is a sin because the greedy people Considered the poor and their poverty a sin, The poor are dreaming and their poverty is Hovering like an ugly bird over their heads, The poor people did not buy poverty or did Not make it, but some bad minds and hearts, and
One day everything will be different when we Clean the whole world from this God damn this poverty.

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Man-Made Things Are Not Always Good And Not Often Bad

If some think that ugly poverty and That mean richness are not man-made things, then The other things are totally justified... Poverty is ugly, mean, and even bad Simply because all poor people feel it Anytime, anywhere, and even everywhere... Richness's superiority comes from That trodden poverty... Poverty versus richness In all of its aspects... No one wants to be poor, but There are greatly poor people Anywhere and everywhere... No one is born poor, but poverty is totally man-made... Everyone wants to be, but That not to be prevails in the absence of Of good principles anytime... When richness overcomes poverty, It means there is a huge gap Between the rich and the poor... Poor people are totally trodden By what it comes from others' rude richness... Man-made things are often ugly and mean If they mean to overcome man himself... Poverty's weighing scale never beats Richness' weighing scale Simply because that's the way with it anytime... If man-made things mean man's benefits, then They are completely welcome or Everything is not in the benefit of man at all... ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About POVERTY