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Poems On / About POVERTY  2/12/2016 8:01:56 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Poverty The Curse


Is an baleful curse.
A more terrible curse than the plaque.
Poverty hits innocent lives.
Tears peoples relationships.
Brings you into a black hole.
Poverty is an elixir of depression.
Brings on fearfulness.
Like a malicious dragon.
Poverty is ones worst adversary.
Hard to prevent and slay.
Vega Destiny Star

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Swing Notes And Anarchist (Poverty)

Swing notes and Anarchist
Day dreams and nightmares, scream

There is no vote we an cast to stop poverty,
There's no black and white people,
Just rich and poor people,
in the world
C Jay Caputo

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We're the poor people, O dad! How did we become poor people? We don't know, O dad! We're poor people, By God, Our cares accompany us Everywhere, but We haven't forgotten our friends, We got exhausted and we got tired, We got up and we got slept, but We're still poor people, Even if days change, but We keep as we're, We're amid a toiling life, We're always far from pretty things, We fly like a passing cloud, Our hearts got broke from Our friends' oppression, Our breakfast, Our lunch, and Our dinner are consisting of Kushari, beans (Foul) , Flafel, watercress, and................. We're all poor people (GHALABA) In the time being, In its taste, In its song, In its love, Everyone tells that we're Ghalaba (poor people) , We die and we live in poverty, We live and we die in poverty, No other words! No other words too! Even in USA, There are a lot of poor people (Ghalaba) , In the poor's book, Only we see the poor people, We never sleep By day and by night, We're tired, We never feel pretty, but A little bit happy, The poor people's happiness, but We remain Ghalaba (poor people) , O dad!

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We'Re Surrounded With Everyone And With Everything

From all directions and on all levels of life, We're greatly surrounded with care and with distress Simply because this life is hard and is so difficult To resist anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, We're surrounded with bad people that Prey on like beasts Simply because they don't know the real meaning of life, We're surrounded with that ugly poverty That makes the needed in abject poverty, Nature, with its hard times, makes Us suffering badly, Our life is hard and may be harder than the real rocks themselves Simply because it keeps hitting us with its hard stones everyday, Patience sometimes fails to control all that is going on around us, We keep suffering even we're in bedtime simply because Our dreams turn into nightmares, It's a hard life that tests us with its arrogance to make us Kneel down, Everything goes dark around us because That everything lacks logic in dealing with us, We're only victims of our surroundings and our circumstances Simply because life presses on us, We're broke till the last step Because we can not walk to our destination, then We don't think tomorrow is going to be better than today.

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Poems On / About POVERTY