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Poems On / About POVERTY  10/23/2014 5:08:02 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Poverty And Due To Poverty

My poverty
And it is my poverty
That is making me
Weaker and weaker
O my dear, it is
My hunger that is
Making me weaker
And weaker and weaker.

I am struggling for food
All days all nights
I have no potency to fight
Being poverty-stricken
I am unable to perform
Any activities including
Those that are harmful and envious
O my dear, believe me, I am always
Staying here without fear.

See me
My poverty is
Mocking at me
With so many diseases
And I am not in a position
To advance towards Truth
Though truth is here
In front of me at this time.

But my dear, as I am poor
I am in an advantage of hearing You
I am fortunate to receive Your blessing
I have no other engagement other than
Calling You day and nights
Due to my poverty I have got the real
Saintly persons as my guide and associate
And here I enjoy the purified form of life.
gajanan mishra

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Poverty is not a great shame, but It's a shame upon those who're behind it, There are poor people everywhere because Of the greedy people who steal everything, Poor people are the products of failed Regimes that steal everything and everyone, Poverty talks loudly because it's huge Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, When there people steal other people It means poverty will prevail and rule, Poverty is a bitter enemy that must be Fought with all might and with all weapons, The poor people suffer too much in life Because there are thieves who are stealing Them everyday, everywhere, and anywhere, The poor people's fault is the greedy people Who are not replenished with everything they take, and Poverty is a deadly poison that spreads everywhere.

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21st century cries.

21st century cries.

World has advanced in many ways, yet poverty still cries.
Looking at this old man with tears in his eyes.
Desperately searching for food love and clothes.
We all know what it clearly indicates and shows.

I see poverty in a rich man trying to break the law.
I see poverty in a well-educated man who thinks the subject is a bore.
I see poverty in a literate man who lacks respect for poor.
I see poverty in you yes you who wants more and more.

Written by salma torrez.
salma. torrez

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Peace or Poverty

Their skin soaks up the heat
Leaving it as black as the midnight sky,
Their eyes wide, white, pleading
Begging to the passersby.
They litter the street
Half naked bodies,
Red and colouring their feet
Searching for a entrance
A door out of the circle of poverty.

Poverty means destruction
Destruction means fear
Behind locked doors we sit in early evening
Too scared to see a black face
Terrified of black feet crossing the threshold.
But why be fearful of your slaves,
Those you whip and beat
Treating like the dirt from the doormat
Where you wipe your feet.

Role diversity causes poverty
Poverty destroys peace
But peace minus poverty
Means Equality should increase.
Sonali Shah

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Poems On / About POVERTY