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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/3/2016 7:35:22 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Swing Notes And Anarchist (Poverty)

Swing notes and Anarchist
Day dreams and nightmares, scream

There is no vote we an cast to stop poverty,
There's no black and white people,
Just rich and poor people,
in the world
C Jay Caputo

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The Poor People

Be with the poor people Just to feel their pains and their Sufferings anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Feel their poverty greatly Just to have a generous hand to them... Be and feel those who suffer from Their poverty anytime... Those who are in need are greatly Our brothers and our sisters In humanity... If we are not with those who are in need and If we don't feel them greatly, then We are absolutely greedy... We have to be with others and To feel others just to do something good to them... We need to share others' pains and sufferings By feeling, being, and by lending a generous hand anytime... _____________________________________________________________________

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Poverty The Curse


Is an baleful curse.
A more terrible curse than the plaque.
Poverty hits innocent lives.
Tears peoples relationships.
Brings you into a black hole.
Poverty is an elixir of depression.
Brings on fearfulness.
Like a malicious dragon.
Poverty is ones worst adversary.
Hard to prevent and slay.
Vega Destiny Star

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Poverty is the daughter of Jove
Which in a life is uncertain blow
Poverty is still in big mass
To great extent illiteracy is its cause
In poverty a person can do anything
During this time person's brain
doesn't have time to reason and think.

Poverty has been eradicated
to a great extent
And I pray poverty doesn't get strength
Poverty compels small children to work
when their age is to study
play and do craft work.

Poor women work all day
And receive a little pay
To get their children feed
Sometimes they work day
and night and do not get proper sleep.

Poverty can be eradicated
by making people illiterate
Promoting them to send
their children to school
So that they can learn
new morals and rules.
I want to eradicate poverty
And see this beautiful world
in peace and prosperity.
Pragya Bajpai

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Poems On / About POVERTY