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Poems On / About POVERTY  2/8/2016 8:16:56 AM
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The Poor People

Be with the poor people Just to feel their pains and their Sufferings anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Feel their poverty greatly Just to have a generous hand to them... Be and feel those who suffer from Their poverty anytime... Those who are in need are greatly Our brothers and our sisters In humanity... If we are not with those who are in need and If we don't feel them greatly, then We are absolutely greedy... We have to be with others and To feel others just to do something good to them... We need to share others' pains and sufferings By feeling, being, and by lending a generous hand anytime... _____________________________________________________________________

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Poverty is the daughter of Jove
Which in a life is uncertain blow
Poverty is still in big mass
To great extent illiteracy is its cause
In poverty a person can do anything
During this time person's brain
doesn't have time to reason and think.

Poverty has been eradicated
to a great extent
And I pray poverty doesn't get strength
Poverty compels small children to work
when their age is to study
play and do craft work.

Poor women work all day
And receive a little pay
To get their children feed
Sometimes they work day
and night and do not get proper sleep.

Poverty can be eradicated
by making people illiterate
Promoting them to send
their children to school
So that they can learn
new morals and rules.
I want to eradicate poverty
And see this beautiful world
in peace and prosperity.
Pragya Bajpai

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Intellectual Liberty


Intellectual freedom is a deep rooted culture since ancient days. That the only way to fight for our rights without any man loosing his life is through intellectual liberty, for the sword and guns cannot positively change the world but our intelligence. Intellectual liberty has been opposed and influenced negatively by political and religious atrocities.
There are so many evidence of kings and kingdoms which raised and destroyed books, art, sculptures and so on, in other to create propaganda and manipulate the human society during their reign. This shows how intellectual freedom have been undermined by politicians and religion. For instance when Babylon conquered the kingdom of Israel they destroyed so many literally works of the Hebrews in other to manipulate the world of the time, the same happened, when Babylon was trawled down by the Persian empire, there were so many document which were destroyed and could have been useful to mankind. The brain behind this is to manipulate and to have dominion. There are so many religious groups who do not permit others to read books which do not back their religion. By this intellectual liberty is undermined and it limitations, so many people have been imprisoned, killed, prosecuted and executed just because the so called powers or rulers of the day will not accept the fact that there must be intellectual freedom. Especially when it criticizes their wrong deeds or their religion. There has been many occasion that ones view, right and freedom of expression has been undermined by religious and political leaders, simply because one will not accept defeat and will create atrocities and propaganda because of power and authority they want to enjoy. But who owns the world, no one but the world belongs to all mankind, and that every one has the right to decide his own destiny regardless of ones religious and political aims. Because of lack of intellectual liberty, humanity still finds it difficult in finding out the exact beginning of this human world and the exact reason of life. There are so many lies about the universe and the entire human race. For instance, there is a religious lies that the first man and woman on earth was Adam and Eve, who pave way for the entire human race, but humanity have not find out wither they are blacks, white, brown or what ever. Were they Indians or Africans, Chinese or Europeans, and if they were whites, how can a white man produce the race of black people, Indians or even the Chinese. because no matter the situation it can never happen, and the environment will never have influence on the natural appearance of other races. The Black man is still a Black man, so is an Arabian always an Arabian no matter where he goes. The real truth is no where to be found, for so many era, centuries, years, humanity has been living with such a lie which has become a mystery to the human world. And this is one of the greatest lies and propaganda created by religion and it people in other for them to have dominion over the souls of mankind, for they themselves do not know the beginning and the end of this world, they came to meet such perception, of course they are influence and pushed into such believes by either the society they were born into or by their parents, and they themselves do not analyze, think and research to know the truth by themselves, all these are the out come of illiteracy, thus lack of education and believes which can be described as barbaric and superstitious gotten hold of them, they proclaim a world which do not exist.
In this modern world, that is the 21st century, Christians are forbidden even to books of other religion, like Islam, Buddhism and other social and religious books which is a sign of division of mankind and prevents or deny others the right to education and to information, the human society regulates through information, and so the right to know what is going on and share your views as well is a must. Some even believes in religion than education, forgetting that all sources of intelligence is very important. And without education one can never realize the reason of his life and the destiny he has. And religion do not change mankind and his world, but as more and more intelligence one may acquire changes his life and the world. And poverty, crimes, calamities which affect the human world is illiteracy but not lack of religion. Since the existence of religion there is still poverty, crimes, violence and other evil deeds on earth but what has happened to humanity, nothing than the same evil since ancient days, because humanity lack such education and has ignore that fact and has all his heart following religious and political lies and atrocities. Hence without intellectual liberty the human world stands at risk, our past and the future will be very terrible. For this reason intellectual property, thus human integrity must be respected and taken seriously but not to be ignored by humanity because of religion and politics, what is needed mostly is the power to be free from all sort of evil, and mankind will be free from time to time, freedom from religious, political differences, racial, social and economic differences, thus the spirit of loving and curing for one another, the power to over overcome all sort of negativity and evil, and this is freedom and happiness to pursue. Wither the world will move on or not, the only thing that can positively influence the world is intellectual freedom, that every mans life and views being respected by another. With that humanity leans from all sort of situations, providing solutions to wrongs and making it right and living to perfection, this has been the natural idea of life. Not oppression and affliction, selfishness and greediness which is consuming the human society. There is the need to preserve some intelligence from generation to generation which humanity lives upon. There are all a lot of books which have been destroyed and such books could have thought humanity a great deal of lesion, they could have been a great source of intelligence to humanity. Some of this could not survive because of religious and political atrocities. When one empire want to have dominion and power they cause crimes against humanity but do not use a free and fair means in getting what they want, so has religious lies and manipulation from time to time has lost humanity in finding the real reason of life. For instance Christians in the 21st century were saying the bible is the oldest book in the world and their religion being the only way to life and that once life is seen as useless for not being a Christian, forgetting everyone has the right to decide his own destiny, human civilization started even long before the introduction of the bible, even before the Jewish state in the bible called Israel. Where are the books written in the Egyptian civilization, neo Assyrian, Persian and so on. They might contain a great source of intelligence as well and its right of mankind to no what happened, but because of religious and political atrocities, majority of it being destroyed and others hidden from mankind for selfish reason. There is the need to read and search for the truth, and only the truth will positively change the world, ignorant and illiteracy become the problem of the day, religion invading the minds of humanity. Why religion but not education, if all men in the world will understand the need to educate ones self. Then the world could have been a better place to live from generation to generation. In the modern day, if one do not quote from the bible when making a reference then he might have come from the evil world, all other source of intelligence were seen as not important, all was because of one religion claiming to be more powerful than other., so was the same situation going on in the Arab world, when the Qur'an is cherished than all other books, people were abuse in the name of Islam. This two major religion were fighting among them self each of them saying they are the way to God. But the way to God is divine intelligence, thus learning the good from the bad and the right from wrong, all source of wisdom and knowledge is very important. The writer is not trying to condemn the fact that these religious books has helped humanity but what he means is that there has been other philosophies, ideologies, books which may be useful to mankind, and humanity should not ignore all source of intelligence. And all source of information. Search the truth and it shall set you free from all forms of bondage, feel the power to be free. For no matter what religious and political lies, those so called leaders create from generation to generation, the only thing that can change and influence the world positively is intellectual freedom, and that is to peruse the truth. So not being afraid to unravel the truth, humanity will live to perfection, freedom and happiness. Then what is the reason of life, to live believing in religious superstition or live killing and destroying other people just because of who one will like to be, what sense will it make. But if we as humans will live on the bases of living positively and achieving perfection as human culture, although perfection has no end and no condition being permanent, mind you the errors that we commit and negativism that happens brings about pain and sorrow, poverty, suffering and so on, but reducing errors and living perfection is the seed we saw for reaping freedom and happiness, upon what we labor, the riches we heap, the title placed on us, we need to be couscous in all our endeavors. To learn from all source intelligence and not being afraid of political atrocities and religious lies and superstitions which do not exist but a mere illusion. To search and discover what has happened before, tells us what to do today, and what will happen in the future, although no one knows tomorrow, but we think, envision and this is life to live. This intellectual freedom must be known to every one, it is very important and we should not be ignorant, it is natural that each and everyone must live according to his own understanding but not under the pressure and commands of another man, so far as he has done nothing evil or wrong against anyone. The whole idea is to free mankind beyond imagination, thus the reformation of the human race, this approach is to unite mankind against his common enemy, which is refraining from doing evil, to live upright, facing reality and acting positively, finding possible solutions to their worries rather than relying on superstition in view of seeking God. When small group of people became lavishly rich, and has a lot to enjoy and throw the rest to their dogs, whiles the majority of the human race are forced into slavery, labor, poverty and mysterious life, this so called rich then intends to control the minds and life of other innocent souls because of poverty, mean while they are mentally and psychologically deceived by political and religious atrocities, that there is a God who controls the destiny of mankind, we will die and go to him somewhere in the skies, so in everything give thanks to God, even though people where dying, all these lies and atrocities were made in the name of God, instead of equal right and justice, free and fairness, transparency and so on, which shows that God manifest through us and that our deeds declares the ways of God or the devil, for we are cursed and bless by our own deeds. They said they have solution to human problems, but even for this long time that religion has been in-existence, it has not been able to provide solution to humankind, there is still poverty. The only solution to stop poverty is the spirit of reaching out to one another, the rich sharing what he has with the needy, this is wealth circulation, thus giving out to the needy so that he might also be feed, a divine idea which bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, thus to put a stop to poverty. The human race need a change and only mankind can create a better destiny for themselves, we do that by changing our attitudes towards situations, for we are what we think, say and do.
Matt Ancient

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You said: Poverty
there is no poverty
in this country
only slums and dilapidated children
snot nosed and education is a basic right
why its even free like the
proverbial tree, kissed by the penurious wind
Impoverished are minds
minds that take off
minds that squirm with politico rage
minds unabashed who engage in paltry fights
do social work and then rove eyes
over glossy magazines.
No poverty, smart cities
will take over, ditties,
no poverty, only underdevelopment
make, remake everything here.

There is no poverty, only paucity
of rains, and farmers suffer
Learn a lesson from them.

Kill yourself, no brain drain.
Hit it, tear it, and sign petitions..

There would have been poverty
had there been no malls
and everything branded.

Yesterterday there was a murder
No poverty.
Do you know the reason?
It was not poverty.
Ananya Guha

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