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Poems On / About POVERTY  3/2/2015 9:09:38 PM
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poverty is a gift

Father - poverty is a gift
Ask any bird taking a rain bath
Son, don't make me laugh
There's nothing but rain
Poverty isn't a gift
There's nothing but pain
So, fasten your reigns
Ride for them riches today
Don't live by wages daily
Paid only monthly
Father - poverty is a gift
Son, nothing is ever enough
Just ask your mum.
Mark Heathcote

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And what is poverty

And what is poverty
In which we are busy
in discussing so much?
Is not poverty lacking of faith?
Has it some friend and
if yes who are they?

We are fully aware
poverty is nothing
But a mental status
So long as we are telling
we have brain,
Let the brain in its way.

And we are in our world
With every richness with us.
gajanan mishra

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The problematic child

Necessity is the mother of invention,
People say. Then we can say like that:
Wealth is the mother of comforts,
And poverty, of meanness.
Wealth is the mother of indolence too.
So is poverty, of viciousness.
Wealth and poverty near by
Deliver discontent,
Which is a problematic child.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poverty looks like
bare feet; skin and bones
a silent sob, and one too many loans.

Poverty looks like
cupped hands; nickels and dimes
a stifled shiver; and multiple fines.

Poverty looks like
sadness, whimpers and tears
a quiet escape; because we let it become
too late.
Mallory Martin

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Poems On / About POVERTY