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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/6/2016 1:48:30 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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The Laborer

In the sizzling heat of the afternoon
Clothes drenched and shoes filled with sweat
Last nights long shift makes the body ache
In growing age when the muscle is the only strength
The will like faith growing stronger with each passing day
A disease knocking at the visceral parts of the body
Joints now like the hinges in the machine need oil
Moved in hundreds and like all others
Away from the family and the little ones memory
A letter from the home in need of money
For the doctor’s fee as education is forlorn desire
Minimum wage half robbed by the supervisor
And like a true competition in economics
Out on the metal gates a replacement is waiting
Alienated from the production of the product
Creating surplus for the consumption of the rich
His toils are in the shine of the markets in goods glittering
Unaware of the political upheaval
No care for his welfare
He has no future; his children will also work like him
The power of the muscle, will and faith
He is a laborer who if not given the job
Will go for a daily wage and sleep on the road side
Poverty is his bread, poverty his butter
Poverty that alienates
Poverty the missing link
Poverty the slogan
Poverty it said is loved by the prophets
Poverty it said is gods chosen creed
Poverty the banner
Poverty the tears
Poverty the helplessness
Poverty the consciousness
Break it free
The ordained writing on the book of fate
To bring it down
Open its pages
Remove the names
Of all the people poor
Break it free
The pages they call divine
For divinity is me
Divinity is you
For I shall write
My own destiny
On the book of fate
Up from the skies
Down to the earth
In poverty I will live
But on my own choosing
Break the bond
Of eternal slavery
Thou art the bitterest vice
Sadiqullah Khan

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Poverty. He wants me.
He infects me like HIV.
Like a cancer of the soul,
Of which I can't let go.

Poverty. He rapes me.
He comes into my heart.
He thrusts at me so hard,
That my frail body falls apart.

Poverty. He chains me.
He locks me in a bedsit.
He forces me to suck it
And throws up in my bucket.

Poverty. He fines me,
'Cause I haven't got enough
And he thinks I like it rough,
And he doesn't give a f*ck.

Poverty...Assaults me.
He's mugged me for my body,
And my mind he's taken from me
And he leaves his seed upon me.

Poverty. He kills me.
I couldn't eat the pain.
I couldn't feast away
The shadow of that name:

Sydney La Roche

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Poverty, A State Of Mind

The monster in my brain
Holding my thoughts captive
Imprisoning my thoughtless brain
In a careless state of useless thoughts
My thoughts lacking any hope to escape
The long claws of poverty reaching deep in my psyche

Poverty is a disease of thoughts
Puncturing the inflated balloon of ideas
Decimating the healthy chain of thoughts
The thought process paralyzed by the ravaging illness
The contagious disease can afflict whole families
And it is even passed on from generation to generation

The roots of poverty are immersed in the mud of a lazy brain
Overpowering the psychic defense systems
The anti-poverty mechanisms destroyed
Allowing poverty to roam free
Relentlessly attacking the roof of my mental capabilities
Erasing any embedded dreams
Erecting a wall of hopelessness
Along my mental frame

I refuse to be defeated
I reject the kingdom of poverty
I shall forever fight an eternal war against poverty
I shall fortify my fortress with fresh ideas
And build a wall of dreams along the highways of my brain
Kenneth Maswabi

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We Are Not Alone Rhapsody

We are not alone
When it comes to poverty
Because we live in the streets
Among poverty
Aldo Kraas

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